Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories
by Zahir Ebrahim on 19 Feb 2010 1 Comment

“We run from Jew to Jew, they create the problem, and also argue the solution, they control the full spectrum of our discourse as well as our existence.”



It is not the place of a plebeian living comfortably in California in the United States of America – where no one is shooting at his family, nor demolishing his home, nor subjecting him to suffer Jews-only roads nor the dehumanizing checkpoints on every mile – to critique the monumental struggle of a mighty people barely surviving a genocidal conquest of their ancestral lands, where, just to exist daily in dignity after burying one’s children shot in the head is to resist; where, just to not forget without going insane is to resist; where, to fight the tanks with only stones despite the label of ‘terrorist’ is to resist.


And far be it for any mortal to critique the gentle Jew among a population of 20-60 million world Jewry who dares to courageously stand up for what is decent and moral, who bears witness for crimes against humanity against one’s own tribe, who resolves to bring to her people the news of what she saw with her own two eyes in Palestine.


But to also not point out the palpably obvious is a travesty of both thought and justice. For, in order for the monumental struggle of the Palestinians to result in anything other than glossy book publishing, and Peace Prizes, one perhaps will have to incur the wrath of both the moralist as well as the tyrant. And so be it. I ain’t writing this to win a popularity contest, to make a living from narrating other people’s misery, to win elections by seeking representation, or to ingratiate myself with the victims or their moral champions. Effort is great – but on a treadmill it is wasting precious time on endless trail of red herrings.


Anna Baltzer, a wonderful human being, and Mustafa Barghouti, a courageous leader of a beleaguered people, are both riding high on platitudes. It is unfortunate that they exhibit little forensic understanding of the facts of the matter beyond the Israeli military occupation which they have lived and witnessed daily. The unvarnished and hidden only in plain-sight reality which begets the golem, at least in my view, is this, this, this, and this. [1] A thorough due diligence of the cited material and some un-emotional reflection makes the endless trail of red herrings apparent. [2] Power only respects power. Not platitudes, not appeals to morality, and not narratives.


Please keep making shocking presentations showing the brutality of the golem, keep appearing on comedy shows amidst the applause of the partisans and the curse of the zealots, it sure looks good in America. It also looks good for the Jews – one of their own angels once again boldly speaks the authentic moral voice in favour of a beleaguered humanity as “it’s in line with the tradition of social justice that has been the pride of Jewish people”. Yes indeed, and as my irreverent Palestinian friend also says “We run from Jew to Jew, they create the problem, and also argue the solution, they control the full spectrum of our discourse as well as our existence.”


Dismissing the Palestinian voice as being merely cynical or irrational, and requiring the Jewish authentication to have legitimacy, it’s just wonderful to make colorful presentations to universities and to appear on mainstream television in America to attempt to project Palestine’s misery on the American psyche. The purpose, one of course presumes, is to inform the ignorant Americans of what’s happening in Palestine so that, one logically ventures to presume again, the newly informed public with their mighty democratic vote will finally rush to alter the destiny of the Palestinian People. [3]


Sadly so, and contrary to what most people have been led to believe, lack of knowledge isn’t the chain that is anchoring the superbly conscionable American public down from bringing justice to Palestine, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Lebanon, to Pakistan, and to the Grand Chessboard being played for the winner-takes-all high stakes gambit of one-world government. [4]


This truth should be self-evident and is easily demonstrable. Simply examine what the United States has done to Iraq in the past 8 years before its own public’s eyes. That isn’t at all a state-secret, nor an open secret. We have Abu Ghraib for instance, whose pictures were splashed even in the mainstream news – far more than Jenin or Gaza ever were. We have the New York Times exposé which gallantly revealed how the Pentagon Generals created the message machine to fool the American public into supporting the invasion of Iraq on fabricated pretexts. [5] With all that knowledge before their eyes, one of course sees Main Street USA filled with American protesters demanding the hanging of their leaders after the disclosures of missing WMD, the horrendous torture of civilians, and the complete devastation of even the DNA of Mesopotamia for eons to come, right? [6]


But wait, why bother to go that far overseas searching for sympathy among the conscionable peoples of the United States of America for those untermensch ‘unworthy victims’ who share the same cultural baggage with the Palestinians, thus automatically extending that ‘unworthiness’ to each other. How about their own-selves? The American protesters surely choked their nation’s thoroughfares bringing business as usual to a grinding halt when the American banksters plundered their own nation through their own elected representatives before their very eyes last October, right? [7]


None of that is particularly secret as perhaps some feel that the plight of the Palestinians is from the American public. Those among them who want to know about the reality of “imperial mobilization” can easily learn so, it’s not a state secret. And those who do already know, as in the aforementioned instances, well, they still continue to live on in their own dream states not only unfazed by the desecrated ‘untermensch’ humanity, but the theft of their own nation in plain sight hasn’t motivated them a heck of a lot. Can any sensible analysis deny this grotesque reality?


The entire premise of if Americans only knew then they’d surely bring justice to the world and all will live happily ever after, has now empirically been proven to be entirely specious. [8] An absurdity. For Americans are no more or less moral than the rest of the spectating world. Including the 8 million Palestinians living in Diaspora. That is easily demonstrable by how many set sail with the courageous, courageous, former American Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney to attempt to break the blockade of Gaza with basic medicines and supplies. [9]


Imagine, instead of the lonely Dignity, there were one million Dignities? In a world’s population of almost 7 billion, and West’s own 2 billion comfort seeking zombies and plethora of philosophers and activists, one couldn’t mobilize a civilian force of conscience of 2-10 million human beings willing to risk their discomfort in sailing to Gaza to stop the genocide going on before our very eyes? Administering a medicine below its recommended dosage for the disease at hand only makes the body immune to it, having no impact on the malady in much the same way as not applying sufficient imploding force to create critical mass also does not trigger the chain reaction necessary to set off a nuclear bomb. Symbolic expression no more initiates a nuclear chain reaction than gives pause for concern to the hectoring hegemons.


The shoah of the Palestinians isn’t something in the yesteryear for which the “never again” vows are repeatedly taken in the halls of the Holocaust Museum. Nor is it the indescribable genocide of centuries past which colonized the land of the Native Americans before one living today was ever born. It is happening right here, right now, in our own time, and so what of it? High minded people can’t be bothered with other people’s existential problems other than, at best, some weekend show of bravado of the conscionable and some whispered prayers of the pious! If there was efficacy in such acts, then wishes would be horses and beggars would surely be riding. But we see that this does not happen. People continue to suffer under the jackboots of the Nazis, old and new.


What worthy moralists penning narratives and/or walking the beleaguered victims safely past checkpoints don’t appear to comprehend is the notion of efficacy: the difference between applying band-aids to symptoms vs. curing the systemic illness by accurately diagnosing, and then efficaciously antidoting the root cause. Perhaps deliberately. Perhaps thoughtlessly. Perhaps the flock is calculatingly misled by the multitude of priestdoms who lead them in the feel-good dissipation of their energies into red herrings and “focus groups” while fait accompli is seeded in its backdrop. [10] That should be self-evident. But apparently, it isn’t to many.


So, in my view, when offering narratives to the public thinking that morality, or knowledge equates to action, never mind efficacy, one is either creating or chasing endless red herrings. [11]


It has certainly worked wonders for “arguably the most important intellectual alive” in selling his narratives. [12] And so too for the two hundred other Jewish voices of dissent, or perhaps the number is two thousand? Or is it twenty thousand? How many have created tax-exempt foundations, like the nemesis does, to donate all those proceeds to the Palestinian cause; used it for purchasing a news-media or a mainstream newspaper; set up an AIPAC, a JINSA, and one hundred think-tanks to create competing policy proposals to counter AEI’s craftsmanship? And it also works great for everyone who cheers them on – for it’s soothing to the conscience to run safely on the treadmill.


When peace prizes are awarded to the victims for the superlative narratives of their own, or to their exponents among their oppressor’s civilization, it’s covetously appreciated and becomes their badge of honor. [13] The fact that they are sharing it with bloody murders doesn’t seem to cross their mind, nor the fact that the Whiteman is in fact mocking the ‘Negro’. [14] Victims trip over themselves to welcome the new Whiteman as heroes. Talk show circuits naturally follow, with more narratives to boot. And the annual Nakba commemoration is of course an event to look forward to. All the great speeches that get made there, all the slogans that are raised, and all the lofty assertions that are made.


Amidst all this energized symbolic weekend run on the treadmill for most people, and perhaps a lifestyle for a handful of others of courageously putting band-aids on visible wounds while doing little for curing the systemic disease, the only people all this wonderful dissent doesn’t work for, and hasn’t work for, are the bleeding Palestinians exhausting themselves out at ground Zero.


The enemy is simply far superior and far more cunning in waging a full spectrum overwhelming war by way of deception. Those on the ground see only the most overt of its instruments – the guns, the walls, but not the forces which drive them.


With no hope for any of the armed to the teeth standing armies from around the world coming to their rescue, they clutch at straws. And the Internationals, as courageous as they are in putting their own lives on the line with some like Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall, and so many others, paying for their personal quest for justice with their own lives, provide that bale of straw to the Palestinians. But no solutions.


Those in Diaspora are already settled someplace while admittedly still holding onto the keys to their demolished homes now left behind. And those at ground Zero in Palestine continue to suffer the privilege of great loquaciousness of their brethren in Diaspora who do indeed try to serve their former family members well from the relative safety of their new homes in the West. Their weekend protest marches, the shouting and venting anger at the Caligula, the symbolic pins, T-shirts, posters, and colourful flag-waving, etceteras, and back to the pursuit of their ‘American Dream’ on Monday morning, 8 am.


If this depiction offends the pious, well, the reflection in the mirror is more grotesque than the reality outside. It is our silence, our apathy, our un-courage, our co-option, our lack of skill to appreciate the diabolicalness of the enemy, to understand its sources of power, to fathom its limitless deep pockets and the fount which replenishes it, to appreciate its long range Machiavellian planning with red herrings being an integral part of its vast arsenal of waging wars by way of deception, and finally, the paucity of a superior intellect to pursue the efficacious instead of the ‘glamourous’, all of which entirely enables and emboldens that evil among mankind.


The “pastrami sandwich” example acutely illustrates just one instance of being out-classed in all dimensions by a far more cunning and sophisticated foe. Ariel Sharon noted to Winston Churchill III in 1973, six years into Israel’s military occupation of remaining Palestine: “We’ll make a pastrami sandwich of them. We’ll insert a strip of Jewish settlement, right across the West Bank, so that in 25 years time, neither the United Nations, nor the United States, nobody, will be able to tear it apart.” [15]


And the truth of those diabolical words is visible in the maps reproduced below. It is still on-going. But there is no evidence of that comprehension in anything the Palestinian leadership, or their moral supporters have proffered up since, neither at the Oslo Accord, nor at the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the ‘Negro’ by the Whiteman for his dutiful compliance with their discourse, and nor in the wonderful rehash of narratives of Anna Baltzer and Mustafa Barghouti in 2009, 36 years later. They vacuously talk of peace-peace, justice-justice, rights-rights, security-security, without betraying, at least in that appearance on American television, any understanding of the forces which drive their nemesis.


This is once again unequivocally demonstrated in these saintly closing remarks of Mustafa Barghouti, interrupting the very passionate moral voice of Anna Baltzer, making the pair a fantastic must-see nourishment for the soul on American television’s finest moral hour: “If I may say so, Israel has tried for sixty years the language of power, to achieve security. The only road that was not tried fully, is to have peace with Palestinians. And I am sure, this is the best guarantee for security.”


Is security what Israel wants? Yes, surely, but only after all the natives have been dispatched to their reservations or transferred out of the Holy Lands. But before then? For the past 60 years, has security been the successive Israeli governments’ primary quest as the learned Dr. Mustafa Barghouti played to the American audience? Or has it all along been the conquest of Palestine that every Palestinian on the ground knows as unarguable fact, just as surely as the picture of their beautiful child now shot dead right through the eyes and burned alive by phosphorous bombs that puts all the Jews’ hypocritical laments of Shoah to shame? [16]


While Jon Stewart may be forgiven his inbred American wisdom of conveniently forgetting the parallels of how America was settled by the Whiteman, all others not peering down the rabbit hole or bleating their own victimizers’ mantras already know that by continually fueling conflict, taking 10 under the guise of fighting the ‘barbarians’ in purported self-defense, and returning 1 if the ‘terrorists’ behave, has been the primal modus operandi of the golem for similarly re-settling another paradise lost. [17]


The veracity of that observation too, based on the profound wisdom of David Ben Gurion: “what is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”, and the nonsensicalness of the premise uttered by the respected Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, are all self-evident in the maps below.


These maps depict the real unvarnished reality on the ground: “However the different party maps have nothing to do with reality, a fact well known to the people who drafted them. The maps were produced to feed addiction (a) of the populace. This is virtual reality. The actual reality on the ground has been created continuously, consistently and deliberately, since 1967, by all Israeli governments, Labor, Likud and Kadima.” [18]


That is precisely why Palestinians have continually lost their struggle to wonderful narratives, to chest beating, chest thumping, and intellectualizing their moral struggle in poetry and songs, photographs and theatre, to Peace processes and Accords, to maps handed them by their victimizers, and ultimately, to even using the vocabulary and constructs of the occupiers themselves to describe their own victimhood, all of which is dutifully rewarded with more land loss, and more peace prizes for playing the fool.


One ventures to predict that Anna Baltzer’s poignant book is slated for a Pulitzer Prize for sure, or at least the Orwell Prize like native Palestinian Raja Shehadeh’s acute narrative ‘Palestinian Walks’ in 2008. [19] If this chap, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti keeps up this charade before the West, keeps selling out his own long suffering people by spewing red herrings crafted for him by the Whiteman, there is surely a peace prize in it for him as well. Perhaps these accolades have already been issued, just awaiting public announcement – as the map of Israel in Palestine rapidly reaches its final completion while Eretz Yisrael continues to be worked on in parallel.


To put some real efficacy to the resistance before fait accompli entirely seals the Palestinians’ fate, and it’s almost there, genuinely concerned people are gonna have to bite the bullet even at this late stage of conquest and go where neither the Palestinians, nor their moral exponents have shown any inclination to go. To the very DNA of Der Judenstat’s strength.


Because, as with the secret of Samson’s indomitable strength, this golem’s hidden source of power lies deceptively elsewhere! [20] Not in Israel. Not in the White House, and not in the US Congress. We have already seen them all bow together before another higher power with our very own eyes.


And that is the real Samson Option! Want to get rid of the golem? You gonna have to pay in spades by seeking and cutting off its locks. To do so requires skills, expertise, and resources often un-possessed by the ordinary plebeians rising to support the beleaguered victims. All we can do is make speeches, write books, and appear on talk shows. All the victims can do is to exist to resist. And all their leadership can do is to find new ways to be co-opted. That’s how they live longer, more willing they are to become the ‘Negro’ of Martin Luther King’s scorn. [21] Without taking on the DNA with resources to back up the effort in a full spectrum assault to overwhelm their senses and their resources just as they do ours, all this dissent is a wonderful waste of precious time. It only helps the victimizers.


Time once seeded to fait accompli, simply becomes impractical to reverse. Time is Zionism’s best friend. Just look at the map and one can see it. All the while one is wasting it in not effectively addressing the root of the matter, newer generations of Zionists are born on that soil claiming birth-right. And newer victims are fed to the golem, but not just in Palestine. The world has brazenly and complicitly witnessed Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, the emerging arc of crisis in the Global Zone of Percolating Violence as annotated by Zbigniew Brzezinski before any crisis had materialized way back in 1996. The People of the United States themselves are the newest victims to behold. They all share the same common enemy.


Next time you make your outstanding presentations Anna, Mustafa, go there – show How Zionistan is the banksters’ private baby for which they diabolically harness both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ from amongst the Jews. Show how the name to which the Balfour Declaration is addressed controls the world through their full spectrum control of world’s finance and resources, and what its remaining agenda is.


Show in whose palace the Treaty of Versailles was signed, which spelled the real beginning of end of Palestine for its indigenous peoples. Show why and how it has not been an idle boast of the godfathers: “give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws”. Unmask their secret role in being the real financiers of Der Judenstat, and by virtue of their full spectrum control of the West’s politicians, including those in the United States, of being the real prime-movers behind the primacy of Zionism and the criminal dispossession and systematic eradication of the Palestinian populations from their own ancestral lands.


If fair punishments are ever to be awarded for their crimes against humanity for just the past 100 years in any Just court of law, Adolph Eichmann would have to be retroactively let go by resurrecting his soul from his grave with high honors and awarded multiple peace prizes plus compensation, in order to administer hanging and extraction of restitution as the graduated scale of ultimate punishment for the ultimate prime-movers of all wars and pestilence before which their errand boys’ and patsies’ crimes against humanity pale in comparison. [22]


Go for the jugular of the Zionists’ hidden only in plain sight source of strength today by seeking the billions, or even the paltry millions from your wealthy kin and funding multi-spectrum legal assault across the world and across the board upon the first harbingers of world’s misery – just as the Zionists won Der Judenstat by legal means, even if only by a sovereign’s word.


And watch your own world crumble around you for taking on the real source of Samson’s power, far quicker than what Israel has done to the Palestinian people.


That’s why no one of any prominence with anything to lose treads there. That’s why even the heavily protected past American Presidents have had their brains blown out, or attempted to be blown out, when they tread too close to that forbidden path. But if enough people of means and worldly wherewithal go there together with wit, courage, and play like grandmasters in a team rather than shocked idealists on a moral mission chasing 1000 red herrings, then, and only then, an effective battle will finally be waged against the real power source which fuels the golem. When such an effective struggle is genuinely waged, the final outcome will surely not be scripted as it entirely is at the present time.


The battle goes to those who can best out-manoeuvre their opponent, as in Jujitsu, as in Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope against George Forman, rather than always to the stronger. As Patrick Henry put it: “Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.” [23]


That only works for battles with real teeth in them, and before fait accompli cements the outcome. Today, no native American can do anything except live on in memory.


Thank you.



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