Is the ghost of Theocracy making a comeback: the Kerala experience?
by C I Issac on 05 Oct 2010 5 Comments

Abrahamic religions world over are getting ready to abdicate or dilute secular values. Islam has already flagged off the revival of the medieval stratagem of religious expedition: Koran in one hand and sword in the other.


The Church and Islam are in a compromising mood. Recent news from USA justifies this contention. The Ground Zero Mosque proposal and its general American response and US President’s response are irreducible. Pope Benedict XVI’s call for redefining the concept of secularism, the backbone of the modern West, is an indication of the changing scenario. All these shifts are not accidental. The millennium mission of pontiff is no secret. His target is planting the cross in Asia during the third millennium as was done in Europe, Africa and the Americas in previous millenniums. But the same pontiff is ready to avoid the Jews from the purview of proselytism.


Jerusalem Post of 12 May 2009 reported ‘Vatican to stop missionizing Jews [by Abe Selig]. During his historic journey to Jerusalem, Pope Benedict XVI met the chief Sephardic and Ashkenazi rabbis at Heichal Shlomo and agreed that the Catholic Church would cease all missionary activity among Jews. Whatever it is, both are the birds of the same feather.


But he is not ready to address Hindus in the same way. His mission is the restoration theocracy in the West. That is why Pope Pius XII justified Hitler’s invasion of Russia as a ‘gallant action in the defense of foundation of Christian culture’. After the Napoleonic wars, the Pontiff was entitled to administer a kingdom of 425 acres with the generosity of Hitler. But Pontiff Benedict XVI is a bit ambitious and strives for the restoration of theocracy and the Holy Roman Empire.    


The Kerala situation is a simple reverberation of the Abrahamic religious attempt to reestablish the Holy Roman Empire. The majority of Islamic countries are under monstrous pressure to give way for restoration of the Caliphate. The centre of the discussion is the newly evolving Muslim-Christian-Maoist nexus in Kerala.


On 4 July 2010, the right hand of a 53-year-old Christian college professor [T.J. Joseph] was chopped off by Muslim fundamentalists at Thodupuzha, Iduki district, Kerala, for alleged blasphemy. Police found this happened as part of the implementation of the verdict of a Shariah court run by fundamentalist elements in Kerala. They discovered that 14 such parallel courts have been running in Kerala for the last twenty years. State Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan confessed that since 1993, 22 murders have taken place under the direction of the Shariah courts in Kerala [Mangalam Daily, Kottayam, 21 July 2010].


Ninety five percent of the victims of the ongoing Islamisation [process of making Kerala Dar-ul-Islam] of Kerala were Hindu youths. The professor whose hand was recently chopped off is a Christian. Had the victim been Hindu, the destiny of the case may have been a long-drawn affair. All Talibanism in the state has uninterruptedly grown under the unseen patronage and open policy of minority appeasement by the Marxist Party and Congress.


In the wake of chopping off the hand of T.J. Joseph by jihadists, A.K. Antony remarked that the ‘secular fabric of Kerala’ is changing [The Hindu, Trivandrum, 12 Sept. 2010]. In 2004, such an observation was made by him as Chief Minister of Kerala while inaugurating the annual conference of Brahmins organization. He expressed the view that the reason behind incidents like Marad Hindu genocide was the result of the ‘acquired’ collective bargaining power [votebank] of the religious minorities.My personal feeling is that such bargaining power may lead to an imbalance in the economic status of majority and minority communities. There is already a feeling among the majority communities that minority communities are securing most of what is due to them through collective bargaining. This should not be allowed.” Whatever the insight behind this acknowledgment, it undoubtedly attested to the burning realties of the time. On the very day of the above statement, the leadership of the Abrahamic religions as well as the pseudo-secularists began attacking him tooth and nail. The polemic ended with the dethroning of the chief minister by a most favoured Christian, Oommen Chandy. Hence the present observation by A.K. Antony is right. But what will now be the political destiny of Antony? Will history repeat itself?  


Once Kerala was applauded for its secular life, but now its rhythm is totally in discord. The Hindu worldview of secularism is much more beyond the modern secularism of the Western style. Hindu society from time immemorial has functioned as a role model to harmonious coexistence of all types of spiritual, material and social ideologies and practices. In Kerala, such a tradition was rejuvenated in the early decades of the last century by its renaissance leaderships. Unfortunately the socio-political bridle of Kerala secular life gradually and steadily slipped into the hands of power-mongering politicians since the 1960s, and the political framework of Kerala were reduced to the level of votebank creation. And unfortunately the main constituent element of votebank generation condensed to the equation to minority religious appeasement.  


Before the polarized Hindu society of Kerala, the votebank of Abrahamic religions is decisive. Their common enemy is Hindu. In contemporary India, a Christ-Islam-Maoist nexus is getting momentum. Swami Laxmanananda’s assassination evolved out of this unholy nexus. Jihadist Islam and the Catholic Church of Kerala are in secret understanding to uphold minority religious interests through the Congress-commanded UDF [United Democratic Front] framework.


When the 125-year-old Kerala Catholic-Church-run vernacular news paper Deepika was on the verge of bankruptcy, fundamentalist Islamic forces came to its rescue. When Prof. T.J. Joseph was subjected to Shariah justice, he was terminated from service by the Church to strengthen the newly-sprouting understanding between the Church and Jihadists to destabilize Hindu society. With this new turn, the Church has introduced a new precedent to justify the spirit of Mosaic [Moses is prophet to both Islam and Christianity] administration of justice by leaving the destiny of the victim-professor at the mercy of Islamic Jihadists. The dismissal order contained a provision as precondition to revoke the penal steps of the college management – ‘pardoning’ the professor by Muslim jihadists. That means professor should ask the Indian judiciary to allow the accused jihadist to go scot-free.


One feels that prima facie the Church’s penal steps are part of Christian righteousness. An anatomical enquiry will highlight that the Church’s ulterior motives are behind this drastic step. For instance, the accused [priests and nuns] in the Sr. Abhaya murder case are still discharging religious and educational duties assigned by the Church. What sort of Christian righteousness is this? One bishop kept a lady under the guise of adoption. The New Indian Express reports: Bishop Thattunkal met the woman during a pilgrimage abroad and was impressed by her ‘spirituality,’ a divine experience. The bishop, who holds a doctorate in Canon law and civil law, cleared the adoption formalities at the sub-registrar office in Mattancheri [Cochin]. Sub-registrar Sudhakaran told the newspaper that the adoption deed was registered in the second week of September. Two priests from the diocese had signed as witnesses and in the deed, the woman was stated to be adopted as a daughter of the bishop, he said. [Oct. 15, 2008, The New Indian Express, Kochi]. This is against convention, precedent and canonical law. But so far he is harm-proof.


The Church world over is leading a scandalous life. Let us see the confession of a pontiff. The Pope says, the Catholic Church has not been vigilant enough on the issue of paedophiliac priests. It is disingenuous to say church officials have been slow and insufficiently vigilant in dealing with clergy sex crimes and cover-ups. On the contrary, they have been prompt and vigilant, but in concealing, not preventing, these horrors [The New Indian Express, Kochi, 17 Sept. 2010]


Yet the political will of Kerala is searching for ways to appease minorities at the expense of the majority population. Such is the power of the votebank. The government decided to start Islamic banking in Kerala with a share capital of Rs. 10 billion. The Government share in the proposed bank was limited to 20%; the remaining open to the jihadists. Dr. Subramanian Swamy brought the matter before the High Court, which stayed the functioning of the proposed bank.


Later, the Reserve Bank intervened in the matter and made it clear that according to existing rules such banks could not be started. Anne Besant once observed: ‘If Hindus do not maintain Hinduism, who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it? India alone can save India, and India and Hinduism are one.’ So be vigilant Hindus; the minority-appeasing political setup at the Centre may clear all hurdles to Islamic banking in the near future.


Minority-appeasing political setup of Kerala never lets up. It recently decided to contribute relief of Rs. 50/- million to flood-affected Pakistanis. Even though Pakistanis are unwilling to acknowledge the Indian relief even from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the jihadist-appeasing mechanism of Kerala is well ahead. Perhaps this would be the first time that the State Government is providing financial assistance to a foreign country [The New Indian Express, Kochi, 14 Sept. 2010].   


The author is a retired Professor of History, and lives in Trivandrum 

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