Thank you Ms Radia
by Amitabh Thakur on 16 Dec 2010 4 Comments
They are trying to paint you,
as  the ultimate villain,
Oh, Ms Radia, a brave woman of sorts,
they are calling you by different names,
portraying you as the root-cause,
of all that possibly happened wrong,
in so many areas of policy making,
including the infamous Spectrum scams,
releasing your tapes every now and then,
presenting your talks personal and official,
to one and all around the world,
as if you have been officially declared,
being some kind of some State property.

We are listening to your calls,
we are making bad faces,
we are feeling perturbed,
disturbed and angry.
The possible level of extraneous,
unwarranted and undue influence,
being exerted by you,
is not making most of us happy,
we all want cleansing of the system,
we want a governance that is above-board,
we want openness in policies,
and we treat you as being,
the Enemy No. One in the way to purity,
Oh, Ms Radia, they curse you,
and condemn you by showing disgust.

I somehow feel to disagree,
I find them incorrect,
I think they are being partial,
I believe they are away from truth,
in a way they are trying to make,
a scapegoat out of you,
as if by exorcising you
all our evils and all our ill-deeds,
all our mistakes and all our weaknesses,
get to be washed away
and the country can heave,
a sigh of relief,
for now and ever
These people tend to forget,
who really is at fault,
who shall be really blamed,
if there needs to be one at all
They ignore the fact,
you were only doing what suited you,
your were known as being a PR agent,
and were conducting your job,
with needed efficiency and effectiveness,
great dedication and style,
a soothing and endearing voice.
You were a professional,
and took your profession seriously,
you were assigned a job,
and went all after it,
you talked with grit,
you had all the determination,
even when the personal chips were down,
you refused to quit,
and went all out,
to win over the world
and to forge your ground,
in the world so unknown,
tough, deadly and dark

There were people all around,
swarming here and there,
in different shapes and shades,
Dr Jekyll and Mr (or Ms Hyde),
If there needs to be someone,
who shall be really blamed,
it was that officer of Rajasthan,
calling grandiosely as that of IAS,
from the tapes that we hear,
he seems so servile,
as if serving you utterly docile,
was his bread and butter,
as if the Government was paying him,
to be sweet to Your Highness,
and reporting the developments around,
was the primary job to him assigned

If there shall be persons to be named,
they are the big names of morality,
who lived by the buzz-word,
of high ethics, being holier than thou,
but when it came to be stooping,
they were seen crawling,
naked, dark and bare-footed,
worse than one could imagine,
they talked of corruption,
had been fighting the great shadow-war,
to weed out everything that is corrupt,
had a high nose around them,
always sniffing for things fishy,
which they would bring out in open,
and would cry and yell,
and make hell out of it,
condemning and cursing,
and dictating and directing,
pouring out homilies,
and delivering instant justice.

Yes, we need to understand,
that the two-sided mouth,
one for self, one for sky,
is more dangerous and horrid,
than the girl who tried to fly,
making no bone out of it,
never hiding her true entity,
never indulging in bye-lines,
and yet was successful,
by letting those toe her line,
who were rich, famous and powerful,
who were the who’s who of purity,
in business, corporate, politics and what not,
but this gutsy lady of yore,
helped expose them all,
well, she is a whistle-blower of sorts.

Hang her if you find her guilty,
don’t spare her of her crimes,
but be thankful to her,
for the service she has done,
bringing out the murky figures,
hiding themselves in the dazzling image,
of light and sound and fury,
while being as bleeding and fungal,
as the rest of us all,
whom they pooh-poohed and mocked,
through their supercilious skins,
and an undeserving superiority complex,
the double faces of moralities,
much more dangerous than a PR girl.


The author is an IPS officer currently on study leave at IIM, Lucknow

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