India at a crossroad
by Ma. Sudarshan ji on 06 Oct 2008 1 Comment

[Excerpts from the annual Vijayadashami speech of RSS Sarsanghachalak]




Today our country is standing at the crossroads unable to decide as to which path it should tread. On one hand there is the hangover of the western developmental path which we had been treading for last 61 years. Today when the West itself is very much concerned about its negative fallout, how can our country get anything different? Everybody is witnessing that the poor have become poorer and the rich richer. On one side there is rejoicing that some of our rich persons have acquired place among the top ten in the world, on the other the stark reality staring us in our faces is that more than one and a half lakh people have, according to government’s own confession, committed suicides and the wave has not ebbed yet. It is also becoming more and more evident that the so called most affluent country of the world United States of America is on the verge of insolvency. The million dollar question is how this has come to pass? …


More than two thirds of the global forex reserves of 5.7 trillion dollars (Rs. 256.5 lakh crores) are today invested in dollar securities. An International Monitory Fund (IMF) was floated and all nations were asked to deposit their share of gold in the fund. The second world-war had just ended and many of the European countries because of their empty coffers could not deposit their share. Then America took the responsibility of giving gold when demanded in exchange for dollars. On 14August 1971 Britain sent a cheque for $ 121 million and demanded from the USA to offer gold from the Federal Reserve. 


However on 15 August 1971, America backed out of its commitment to offer gold when demanded and dissociated itself from the US Dollar Gold Standard. This deceit sent shock waves to all those who had invested in dollars, they included many princely states and also corrupt political leaders from Bharat and other countries. They were then pressurized by US to keep the value of the dollar intact in their own interest. At that point of time Japan had a trade surplus against USA. Therefore, the value of the Japanese currency ‘Yen’ was sought to be curbed. This came to light after the Lockheed Scandal was exposed and Japanese Premier Kakuei Tanaka and his ministers had to resign.


Today it has become quite evident that the American financial system is collapsing. There are two types of banks in all the countries - one, the commercial banks and two, investment banks. The commercial banks are controlled by the Central Bank of respective countries, but the investment banks collect the money from all sources available and invest them in share-markets, housing societies and insurance companies etc. Big investment bank Lehman Brothers has declared insolvency. The largest insurance company of the world in US too has been nationalized. The US President has warned the American people of serious crisis ahead. The US Congress is being asked to divert tax-payers money of over 800 billion dollars (34 lakh crore rupees). Initially there was resistance but subsequently it was won over. 


More than two thirds of the total forex reserves of 5.7 trillion dollars (Rs. 256.5 lakh crores) are invested in American securities. This represents the part of the borrowings from the rest of the world. The total US borrowings from rest of the world held in dollars stands at 12.5 trillion USD, equivalent to Rs. 566.5 lakh crores. Over and above that America is borrowing from rest of the world at the rate of 2 billion dollars (Rs. 10,000 crores) everyday. In fact an American magazine mockingly wrote that American Government is borrowing from the rest of the world to pay salary for its President also.


Liquidity Adjustment Facility 


Our soft-hearted Prime Minister went to USA to discuss the Nuclear Deal with President George Bush. But witnessing the dire straits into which the US economy had fallen, he was moved so much that along with the Reserve Bank Governor Shri D. Subbarao, he immediately worked out and announced a package for injection of Rs. 56,000 crores (approx. $ 12.5 billion) under the Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF). 


On the other hand to keep prices under control, the RBI will issue the Market Stabilization Scheme (MSS) Bonds of the same value as the amount injected under the LAF. Thus the proceeds from the sale of the bonds will deposit the same amount of Rs 56,000 in the till of the RBI. The RBI must invest this amount somewhere, and since the Prime Minister is disposed to help the American economy in its hour of crisis, the RBI following the current practice will invest this amount in US Treasury Bills.


Indo-US nuclear deal 


The Indo-Nuclear Deal got the approval of both the houses of America only when the US Secretary of the State Condoleezza Rice wrote a letter to Senate majority leader Harry Reid saying that the Indian Government intends to uphold the continuation of the Nuclear testing moratorium in 2005 and reiterated it to the broader international community as recently as 5 September 2008. In case India goes for nuclear test it would result in “most serious consequences,” including immediate cut off of nuclear-fuel, its technology and the supply of atomic reactors.


In spite of all this, if the Prime Minister thinks that Bharat has got a waiver for atomic test then it means that he considers the people of Bharat as fools. The logical conclusion is that Bharat has mortgaged its right to conduct nuclear tests and bound itself with Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).


Our Prime Minister has sent a Letter of Intent to America that Bharat will buy 10 atomic-reactors, each costing 6 to 10 billion Dollars (Rs. 3050 to 4700 crores) thus sending $ 60 to 100 billion into its kitty. No normal procedure of inviting tenders was followed and what about the cost of electricity per unit from the reactors? 


…Reliance Company is installing a mega-power-plant in Madhya Pradesh which will supply electricity at the rate of Rs. 1.19 per unit. Whether nuclear electricity is cheaper than this? The reply given in the Rajya Sabha was it will cost Rs. 2.70 to 2.80 per unit i.e. more than two and half times that of Reliance. But immediately it was countered by Dr. Kastoorirangan, the renowned atomic scientist. He said that the rate quoted is the subsidized rate; the actual rate will be Rs. 9 per unit. This rate however does not include the cost of storage of nuclear-waste. America is still in the process of constructing a store house for nuclear spent fuel even after 25 years at a mountain called Yucca. If we take into account that also, will not the rate per unit of nuclear energy be exorbitant?


Military purchases


Apart from the nuclear reactors, a proposal to call tenders for the purchase of 126 fighter planes is also in the offing. According to an expert this will entail an expenditure of 40 to 50 thousand crores, which will replenish the American kitty.


Apart from this, three more letters of Intent have been drafted and awaiting signature from both the countries. They are:


1] Logistic Support Agreement: Under this agreement both countries will be entitled to use airport, seaport and other facilities. Who will be the real beneficiary? We are not going to invade Mexico and other countries. But if the US thinks of invading Iran, then the Americans can use our facilities of air-strips, harbours, naval bases etc. Will that not endanger our relations with Iran? We shall all be placed in the same category as that of Pakistan.


2] Communications Inter Operability Agreement: Whatever facility like naval ships, fighter aircrafts, commercial ships etc. we buy from America, it will have to fit with equipments that are compatible with those of USA, to the extent that the Americans can have access to whatever we buy.


3] End Use Monitoring Agreement: Under this agreement whatever aircrafts, ships, spare parts etc. whether for war purposes or commercial use, we shall purchase, they even after becoming our property will remain open to inspection. They will be able to come to our airports and shipyards and inspect any of our equipments any time, any day. Is this not an encroachment on our sovereignty? These documents have not been signed yet by our Defense Minister, A.K. Antony only because he is apprehensive of its negative fall out in his home state Kerala, ruled by the Left Coalition. I earnestly beseech the Prime Minister to altogether cancel these letters and protect the sovereignty of our Nation.




It will be better if the Prime Minister, instead of making such controversial decisions, concentrates on curbing the bane of terrorism which will be backed by the whole Nation. What is the message he is sending by not executing the perpetrator of terror blasts, Afzal Guru, even after his mercy petitions were rejected by the superior courts? 


Is it not an encouragement to terrorists, especially when he has supporters in his cabinet who speak of giving legal protection to the suspected terrorists and advocate lifting of the ban on the dreaded terrorist organization ‘SIMI’? Our Home Minister is of and on repeating that there is no need of any stringent law and the present laws are sufficient. Here he makes such statements and before long metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bombay, Jaipur etc. are rocked by serial blasts. 


The people want results. They are not interested whether there were more incidents during the NDA tenure or during the NDF regime, whether the number of casualties then was more or now, whether the laws should be stringent or the present ones are enough. The head Mufti, Mohammad Sherkhan, has boldly declared in a public meeting at Jaipur: “A terrorist is the offspring of a bitch. Shoot him or hang him or according to tenets of Islam sever his hands and feet and terrorism will vanish. There is no other way.” Only such toughness can rid the country from the scourge of terrorism. If the Government exhibits such toughness, it will get full public support.


Anti-conversion episodes 


Coming to Kandhamal in Orissa and Mangalore and Udipi in Karnataka, incidences there have been hitting headlines for the past nearly one and half months. Revered Vedanta Kesari Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati along with two other sanyasis, a sadhvi and a devotee were brutally killed at midnight in his Jalespata ashram by church goondas armed with AK 47 rifles. 


In Mangalore and Udipi one group of Christian published derogatory literature about Hindu gods and goddesses and distributed it. This incensed the public and in retaliation a few so-called prayer halls were burnt. Today Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal are being blamed for this. But to know the truth, instead of entering into arguments it will be better to read the contents of a nine-page letter written by Congress Secular Hindu Forum addressed to president of the Congress Party. Some excerpts from the long letter tell the whole story:-


 “Everyone in our country is very much aware that the huge amounts of foreign funds coming from certain countries, received by the Christian groups are being diverted only for religious conversion of Hindu followers to Christian faith all over the country. After the British period, Christian missionaries have been in the country’s backyard with the help of American funding and political support.”


“In Orissa State, there is Freedom of Religion Act, 1967, that is clearly against any religious conversion by use of ‘force and by means of inducement or allurement.’ Each conversion needs a compulsory prior sanction from the District Magistrate. After the 1967 act became a part of the law, till today only a few people have obtained legal sanction for getting converted to Christianity. The Congress Secular Hindu Forum finds out that thousands of families have been converted through illegal means….”


 “The Congress Secular Hindu Forum is totally concerned about the current situation. The time has come to stop the policy of appeasement towards the Christians and blaming Hindu community for every communal tension. The missionaries and NGO’s armed with abundant foreign resources are converting the gullible Dalits and tribals. They are not interested in the unity of our society but they want the disintegration of our great nation. The violence in Orissa state is a launching pad for their crooked designs. The brutal murder of Swami Laxamanananda Saraswati and four of his disciples on the midnight of 23 August… Hindu community in Orissa and other parts of our country believe that the emerging Christian militancy is the real culprit behind the murder.”


 “The Christian Missionaries are publicly threatening that they have already formed a militant organization named ‘Suraksha Vahini’ for the protection of their cadres indulging in Christian conversion activities... After committing the heinous crime against Swami Laxamanananda Saraswati and others, the Christian leaders were in Delhi and met the Indian Union President and the Prime Minister and presented their grievances...”


“Every citizen of our country is aware that the daylight murder of Smt. Indira Gandhi was planned and executed by the progress of American imperialism. Indiraji is still remaining light and hope of poor and downtrodden classes throughout the country... Ironically now our party leadership is overwhelmingly working and searching to collude new avenues of friendship with the murderers of our great leader Indiraji. All over India, Congress workers are completely shattered and are in utter disbelief about the newly found friendship and cooperation with the American colonialism….”


“Wearing the mask of ‘Maoist’ organizations, the Christian extremists organizations meticulously planned and executed the murder of Swami Laxamanananda Saraswati and his followers... The Naxalite organisation ‘Maoist Liberation Front’, which formally raised slogan of class-war, have been converted to be the real protectors of American missionaries and American colonialism. They have already declared that many more actions will be followed in the lines of Kandhamal district in Orissa to protect the activities of the Christian missionaries actively engaged in the conversation work…”


“In the last four years we have sent several letters to Soniaji and other important Congress leaders to discuss the issues facing the Hindu workers of the Congress Party… There is no reply… This is an example of callousness and arrogance the Hindu party workers are facing from our party. There are no restrictions for Christian missionary workers, Bishops, Pastors and Muslim religious leaders to visit Smt. Sonia Gandhi and discuss their matters within hours of their intimation letter or message…” This admittance on the part of the general secretary of the Congress Secular Hindu Forum reveals many things and for that he deserves congratulations.


Jammu & Kashmir


Today the utmost need for Hindu society is to stand up against any injustice perpetrated against it in the same way as the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board Andolan had done in Jammu-Kashmir recently. The struggle they launched by rising above the consideration of caste, creed, religious denominations, language etc. has set a new example in the history of our country. The political leaders run after votebanks. So long as they find that Hindus are divided they run after Muslim and Christian votebanks and care hoots for Hindu sentiments and injustices perpetrated against them. But Jammu has changed all this. If we just take cognizance of the ‘jail bharo andolan’ of three days – 18, 19 and 20 August – we shall be able to gauge the uniqueness of this movement.


Jammu has a population of 56 lakhs of which 16 lakhs are Muslims. From the rest of the Hindu society, 221,000 men came on foot and voluntarily courted arrest. On the 19th, 174,000 women came out of their homes and got arrested. When asked for their names, every one of them replied ‘Parvati’; husband’s name – ‘Shiva’; address – Baltal, Kashmir. Perhaps this was the biggest turn up of our ‘matri-shakti’ in the history of world. 


The third day was for children. 112,000 children between the age of 5 to 15 years courted arrest. No mother or grandmother expressed any concern about what will happen to the children in case of any stampede. None of the children thought what would happen to their future career. In jail when asked for their name, the reply was ‘Ganapati’; mother’s name –‘Parvati’; father’s name – ‘Shiva’; residence – Baltal, Kashmir.


….The movement was in its ninth day. Seeing that there was no positive outcome, one Shri Kuldeep Dogra came to the venue, recited a poem there, and in his three minutes address said – “This movement now needs sacrifice and I shall sacrifice my life.” Saying this he sat down and immediately fell down with a bang. Seeing froth coming out of his mouth, it was revealed that he had taken ‘sulfaz’ and before he could be admitted in the hospital, he had already become a martyr on the way.


Before that six martyrs had already fallen to the bullets of the police force and one to that of security personnel. Now this new series of people seeking martyrdom had started. Had this not been checked, the number could have risen to 50-100. Is this not a grand example of martyrdom for a noble cause?


Don’t hesitate to resist 


Time has come for the awakened Hindu Society should to shed its image of being docile, always prone to be bullied and attacked by others. We never go to attack anybody but if anybody attacks, in self-defense we should never hesitate to resist. The resistance should be such that the attackers get a lesson that we have authority of law to retaliate in self-defense. The self-defense should be such that the attackers get a lesson for their life that the attack on Hindu society will only be counter-productive.


Today, shedding its centuries-old torpor, our country is rising. When we use the term Hindu, it encompasses all those who accept Bharat Mata as our mother, all the great personalities of the nation as our ancestors, and subscribe to the main ingredients of our ‘sanskriti’ i.e., ethos that says that Truth is one and wise men describe it in various ways, as also the principle that there are many paths leading to the Ultimate goal and all those paths are true. 


Those who say that only our way is the true one, all others are false, cannot be part of Hindu society. Those who indulge in proselytisation by force, allurements and inducements have no place in this nation’s life.


(Translated from Hindi)

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