Kill the Mocking Bill!
by George Augustine on 08 Jun 2011 32 Comments
The gross violence that unfolded on the night of June 4/5th at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi speaks volumes of the general intent of the UPA government where Hindus are concerned. Obviously, Hindus do not have the right to protest against corruption and black money, or perhaps against anything. They are only permitted to do yoga!


If one were to scroll back archive pages of recent months, one would easily see that Baba Ramdev had initiated a campaign against corruption nationwide, well before Anna Hazare sprang a surprise on the nation along with his colleagues with dubious reputations. Therefore, one actually wouldn’t get any prize for guessing what went behind the façade of the UPA government to unleash such aggression against unarmed and non-violent Hindus, including women and children who were sleeping and dreaming of a better India. The difference here was that Anna Hazare had a pseudo-secularist cloud around him that appealed to the dynasty, while Baba Ramdev was a Hindu who threatened the dynasty’s loot!


Baba Ramdev is not an unknown Indian. He is a dynamic guru who wants to instil something of the spiritual essence of ancient India that has been lost to ordinary Indians. He has lakhs of followers throughout the country who respect him and have benefitted through him and consider him a genuine leader worthy to be considered a guru. However our central government under dynasty rule, which in fact is a continuation of colonial rule, have scant respect for such a figure.


Doesn’t the UPA worry about the Hindu votes that would be lost by this event? The ruling party’s actions show this is the last thing on its mind. For the UPA under Sonia Gandhi, Hindus, even the likes of Baba Ramdev and followers, seem to be the least of their worries. They think they can buy the Hindus, like they always did. Is it really so?


Not exactly, if we bring Narendra Modi into the picture. He is the one leader who can unite not only Hindus, but Muslims as well, as we have seen in Gujarat. And once he is on a roll all over India, as in Gujarat, they know they cannot stop the juggernaut. Modi is today perceived by the anti-Hindu brigade across the nation and the world as their nemesis. With the human rights industry under its armpit, the UPA has shown what it can do to a poor sadhu and his innocent followers. They can swat a hundred Baba Ramdevs with iron fists. But they can’t mess with Modi. Of course, they would if they could, but they can’t yet. And, take it from me, they are biding their time.


In the chronicles of Indian history of the present time written in future, the shadow of Narendra Modi would loom large across the nation, not only for the exemplary trend he set in polity and political ethics in 21st century India. For his enemies, Narendra Modi is an icon of the Hindus who has to be destroyed first, if Hindu civilisation is to be totally destroyed. Modi is an exception among Hindus and stands out for being politically successful and also in repelling from time to time the full-court press employed by his powerful enemies, who have been terribly vanquished each time they tried, but have never taken it lightly or gracefully.


It is a strange syllogism, for the BJP is not all Modi and Modi is not all BJP, but the BJP sans Modi is no BJP, if BJP were to be an opposition. Without Modi’s track record, the BJP is actually nothing but an also-ran. If one didn’t know better, the top leadership could be accused of mimicking the Congress party and bowing down to the dynasty. There is no BJP leader other than Narendra Modi who has proved himself or herself either as a worthy ruler, or as an opposition leader and created a curriculum vitae he could show around proudly. What stands between the total subjugation of Hindus and the anti-Hindu brigade under dynasty rule is Narendra Modi. The enemies know it and so should we all!


Enter The National Advisory Council


After scheming for years, Modi’s enemies, comprising his political opponents, chiefly the Congress and the Marxists, and the mighty anti-Hindu brigade from across the world (including the influential US Commission on International Religious Freedom), have been relentlessly drawing and re-drawing battlelines against Modi, which as I pointed out earlier, are ultimately aimed at the Hindus. When it became obvious that twisting the due processes of Indian law was not working for the annihilation of Modi, special agents were hand-picked and congregated in the so-called National Advisory Council with Sonia Gandhi at the helm.


The sole brief given to the working committee seems to concern only with clipping Hindu aspirations and hence, the subjugation of Modi. It would seem the only advice the current government considers worth having is how to thrash the Hindus best. The machinations of the advisory council under the Grey Eminence is slightly reminiscent of the Catholic power peddling in medieval France that ultimately led to a revolution.


Given the money and political backing of the enemies, it was a foregone conclusion that it was only a matter of time before the next serious charge against Modi and the Hindus appeared on the horizon. The draft of a bill they cooked up after spending vast public money and probably thousands of man-hours and ironically named “The Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011” is the latest in the series. But the whole enterprise smacks of hate and virulent animosity towards the majority community and envy of their success. Visit to read the draft, if you must. Not recommended, however.


Only once the reader realises that all that have been said in the draft exempt the Hindus from its purview, does the real motives of the Advisory Council appear through the dreary haze. According to this bill, victim can be anybody but a Hindu. For the purpose of splitting Hindu votes in parliament, they have also de-Hinduised the so-called scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. The bill aims solely to silence and stifle a government such as Modi’s and to take away the democratic rights of a majority community such as the Hindus. With this bill in force, the Abrahamists (synonym for pseudo-secularists) will figuratively be at the peak of Mount Everest, Narendra Modi’s government will be fired automatically by remote control, and the Hindu majority disempowered absolutely and completely.


For those who don’t want to waste their time reading silly literature in the bill draft, I am quoting Clause 8 of the said bill: “Hate propaganda.– Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force, whoever publishes, communicates or disseminates by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representation or otherwise acts inciting hatred causing clear and present danger of violence against a group or persons belonging to that group, in general or specifically, or disseminates or broadcasts any information, or publishes or displays any advertisement or notice, that could reasonably be construed to demonstrate an intention to promote or incite hatred or expose or is likely to expose the group or persons belonging to that group to such hatred, is said to be guilty of hate propaganda.”


The article 153A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, covers this aspect but is deficient for the purpose of the Advisory Council, because it also includes Hindus in its purview. This new bill however is absolutely necessary for the anti-Hindu brigade, so that the right to justice of the Hindu majority is denied, because the “group” specified in this bill is exclusively confined to any group other than Hindu, which excludes all those who have not been converted into Abrahamists or bracketed as scheduled castes or scheduled tribes. It means if the anti-Hindu brigade were to have their way in India, Hindus would be punished for every riot in India, no matter who instigated it.


Who actually engineers riots in India?


According to Ms. Zenab Banu’s “POLITICS OF COMMUNALISM: a politico-historical analysis of communal riots in post-independence India with special reference to the Gujarat and Rajasthan riots” (1989), there had been 74 communal riots between 1953 and 1977, of which 75% were instigated by Muslims. For those who are apologetic about the demolition of the Babri Masjid and blame the act for Muslim aggression, these figures will elucidate and make clear who were in reality responsible for communal riots ever since they were born – the Abrahamists!


If the proposed bill were to include Hindus in its purview, the original hate literature and propaganda which have been instigating and inciting human beings to kill each other for scores of centuries, such as the Bible and the Koran, would be banned and the comically attired perpetrators put behind bars. On the other hand, by excluding Hindus from the purview of the proposed bill, the pseudo-secularists in the Advisory Council are striving to chop off the defending Hindu arms, thus blaming the victims for all the communal riots to come!


This mockery of a bill is the main component of a conspiracy to thwart the “Narendra Modi phenomenon” that would soon engulf the whole of India like a storm, unless the Abrahamists do something soon and something effective to get the conspiracy smoothly implemented. The rational fear of Rahul Gandhi for the Hindus is reflected in a Wikileak report, according to which he confessed to an American diplomat his angst for them, whom he termed as “extremists”.


The dynasty of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi is holding on to power not because they are genuinely democratic rulers (as Ramlila Ground on June 4 would testify) or that they sincerely want to rule for the sake of a nation, but because the loss of power would bring about their certain ruin and destruction, like Gaddafi, like Mubarak, a fate that can only be postponed but not avoided, just like death. When Sonia and Rahul refer to India that is Bharat, they are not talking about the physical land or its civilisation or the billion odd people who inhabit this land, but their loot that has been stashed away in Europe. Moreover there is tacit support (and I suspect even pressure) from the Christian West for the transformed Catholic dynasty to rule Hindu India until the imaginary doomsday.


Seen from another angle, the conspiracy has entered a crucial stage, when several Hindu activists are already languishing in jails for years now on fabricated charges that have never been proved or would ever be resolved or even come to court, at least as long as the UPA is in power. The recent attempts to implicate people belonging to nationalist organisations like the RSS in terror plots should also be seen as part of a bigger game involving those who want to perpetuate the dynasty rule and save private loot deposited illegally in overseas banks.


Most of the names in the advisory council, particularly in the working committee and the bill drafting committee, would bring a sense of déjà vu to those who followed the aftermath of the 2002 Gujarat riots, when human vultures flew hither and thither to exploit the bloody tragedy. Scheming behind closed doors of the obnoxious council are the notorious battle-scarred front-line veterans in the war against Modi and the Hindus – Teesta Testalvad, Harsh Mander, Syed Shahabuddin, John Dayal and co. The dynasty has also engaged professional claques led by the inimitable duo Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal, who are adept at tackling poor unarmed folks roughly and faithfully cook rice for the thief (old Malayalam saying).


Kill the mocking bill before it is born and a great impediment placed before Hindus by the enemy would be removed and it would mark a new beginning, sounding the death knells for dynasty rule, corruption, adharma, all in one sweep.


The author is a professional translator

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