Multiculturalism is for the birds – I
by Radha Rajan on 10 Aug 2011 24 Comments
Moving towards Armageddon

Anders Behring Breivik’s bomb, besides killing 76 people in Norway, besides exploding several popular, motivated myths about terrorism and the war on terror, also exposed the hollowness of so-called liberal Christian political theories dominating international political discourse.


The concept of ‘universal human rights’ was crafted in the wake of public pronouncement by the Generic Church of the end of colonialism, slavery and World War I and II; the Generic Church conceived the idea with great far-sightedness and had it legitimised internationally by its pan national constituent, the United Nations, with no real challenge from any member country to the purpose of the law or its content.


Human Rights, the Church’s offspring, is expected to be the pervasive universal virtue for all times, of all actions of all governments of the world, in domestic and international affairs. In reality, it is the Generic Church’s bloodless weapon in the war-by-other-means.


Even as ‘Human Rights’ became (if only in theory) the centripetal force drawing towards it all other dominant so-called ‘liberal’ Christian political theories like democracy, freedom of religion, multiculturalism, and individual rights, the centrifugal force which determined the actual conduct of Abrahamic countries, propelling it in the exact opposite direction to human rights, was the hard-headed political objective lying at the core of all three Abrahamic religions.


The tragedy of Iraq and Afghanistan, the continuing tragedy of Libya, the very creation and continued existence of Pakistan, and the persistent bleeding of India attest to the fact. Read this together with the economic melt-down in America and Europe and we know that all three Abrahamic religions are determined to do each other in and drag the rest of the non-Abrahamic world towards their Armageddon.


Islam and the Generic Church continue to pursue world conquest and domination through control of territory and people as their ultimate goal; while Judaism continues to pursue (very successfully) its goal of dominating world affairs by directly or indirectly controlling all world capital.


It bears mention that the money flow with the power to move and direct world affairs originates in the drug trade and western financial corporate, including the most powerful banks, and quite possibly controlled by the same forces. Which would explain the suddenness with which large banks collapse and then recover with Abrahamic miracle; economic crises, market melt-downs and banks collapse unfailingly whenever the Generic Church has made a major move, unacceptable to Israeli interests, to resolve the Israel-Palestine crisis.


With all three Abrahamic religions pursuing a historically mandated predatory global agenda, the Generic Church is beginning to talk of post nation-state amorphous entities which will facilitate yet again, the free movement of Abrahamic religions into non-Abrahamic territories; only this time the Generic Church would ideally like the conquest to be bloodless, legitimised by its pan-national structures and ‘liberal’ Christian political idiom.


Freedom of Religion, which the Generic Church claims is a fundamental human right, and deriving from that the two bloodless territory-conquering rights – religious conversion and rights of religious minorities, open markets, free (one-way) flow of capital, self-determination, borderless states and humanitarian intervention are the new calling cards specifically designed within this political idiom for what the Abrahamic religions think will be the second and decisive Abrahamic conquest of the world culminating in Abrahamic Apocalypse.


The third and final war will be fought bloodily among themselves in what will be an All-Abrahamic Armageddon with one victor emerging, while the other two may be exterminated or subjugated in slavery. The world, as Hindus continue to sleep unconcerned, is moving inch by determined inch only in this direction. Norway was an unwitting give-away of the Generic Church’s movement towards this two-stage Apocalypse-Armageddon.


The motivated and thundering propaganda that Islam was the fertile womb for terror and the Generic Church was the Universal Soldier fighting the War against Terror came to a totally unforeseen and abrupt end on July 22 in Norway. Norway proved conclusively what Hindu nationalists have always been maintaining - that ‘liberal Christian’ is as much an oxymoron as ‘liberal Muslim’ and that multiculturalism, popularly known as pluralism in India, is only for the birds; for the Hindu twit.


Norway revealed to the world the ugly face of Christian terrorism, which Hindus and non-Christian tribal peoples have known and suffered in Orissa’s Maoist-infested districts, in Nagaland, Manipur and other states of India’s North-East. India’s Hindus will pick blindfold Generic Church/Christian Terrorism as accurately as they will pick Jihadi terrorism in any police parade of Crimes against Humanity.


Considering that contrary to initial hysterical outbursts from western media and politicians in the first 24 hours about Islamic terror in idyllic Norway, neither the perpetrator of the outrage nor its victims were Muslim; the Christian world should look deep within itself, its religion and the methods it has used historically over centuries to expand and conquer the world, if it wants answers to explain Anders Behring and Timothy McVeigh. The self-righteous Christian world must confront the ugly truth that the fundamentals of their religion, like its younger sibling Islam, makes monsters of ordinary people.


The forces which handpicked Behring to do what he did find themselves in exactly the same unenviable position that P Chidambaram and his goons in the Maharashtra ATS, NIA and CBI find themselves in today after they invented Hindu terror. And the driving force in all their twisted minds is the fear of Hindu nationalism.


One idea that has taken a beating since 9/11 and Norway July 22, is multiculturalism. Multiculturalism, as it is known and experienced today, the defining political virtue holding sway since the last quarter of the twentieth century was a bogus virtue born of necessity – the necessity called the Great Depression. Britain’s fond hope that the sun would never set on the British Empire ended when Tilak, Aurobindo and Savarkar blew the bugle for India’s total political independence from colonial rule.


Details about why after the end of World War II the Generic Church could not make a villain of Nazism without ending colonialism and without simultaneously ending slavery and all its manifestations in America, is not the subject of this column but suffice to say - if the end of colonialism put paid to the rape and plunder of the natural resources of Asia and Africa by the Jews and White Christians, ending colonialism and slavery denied them two important sources of slave labour for their slave-labour-intensive economy.


The Generic Church had to think on its feet to quickly regain what it had lost; in 1944, even as World War II was coming to a close, it created the Bretton Woods Bandits to attain the objective. The Bandits first delivered the idea that all world trade would now be pegged to the American Dollar; in one fell stroke all national currencies were devalued and their worth was judged in comparison to the Dollar with the balance tilted artificially in the Bandits’ favour.


The Bretton Woods Bandits created the IMF and the World Bank and the Generic Church kept both pirate banks firmly in its control. Not surprising, considering that the BWB comprised in the main all arms-manufacturing countries whose economic might in 1944, besides the plunder from the colonised countries of Asia, America and Africa rested only on the war industry. The war industry was about the only indigenous industry of the Generic Church in those times, not to say the most profitable. While America kept the reins of the World Bank in its hands, the IMF reins were controlled by Europe.


There was just so much that the Bretton Woods Bandits could do to control world trade and commerce through control of international monetary structures and capital flows without commensurate access to manpower, natural resources and markets for their manufactured goods. The Generic Church also realized that extraordinary intelligence and genius besides hard work and industry was the basis of India’s pre-colonial fabled wealth.


The time was right for new methods to access the riches of other countries and new slave labour to be moved into their continents to power their war-torn economy; the Generic Church prodded the BWB to invent immigration even as it began to lay the foundation for the formidable structure of globalization. Immigration to BWB countries, both temporary and permanent, came in three waves, pre-globalization, during globalization and at the height of the Information Technology pandemic. Multiculturalism became a necessary official political virtue.


(To be continued …)


[Radha Rajan’s series is particularly relevant in the context of the on-going race riots in Britain, where the political economy created by the old-new colonial state is now subjected to the rage of the subjugated – Editor]

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