Anna Hazare and Co. – Coloured Revolution in the Making
by Radha Rajan on 19 Aug 2011 32 Comments

Kapil Sibal chose to overlook the fact that FDI in the print and electronic media is 26% when he thumped the pulpit in bogus anger two days ago at a seminar and demanded to know who was funding Anna Hazare’s drama and how he managed to get this kind of advertisement and publicity for his every sneeze and sniffle.

The media is not a philanthropic entity, as Kapil Sibal knows; money dictates editorial policies and nationalism is passé. The most important role in legitimising Sonia Gandhi’s neo-colonial ambition to rule a country not her own has been played by the media and Kapil Sibal cannot pretend that he and other worthies within the Congress and opportunists like Mamata Banerjee and Lalu Prasad Yadav did not bask in this media manufactured sunshine. Sushma Swaraj allowed FDI in media and the NDA may yet rue the day.


Kapil Sibal also chose to ignore the fact that the same forces which paratrooped Sonia Gandhi into the nation’s polity and the same forces which advertised Rahul Gandhi’s every sneeze and sniffle was almost certainly behind Anna Hazare and Co. And if, as the writer suspects, Anna Hazare is the means to realize Sonia Gandhi’s agenda for her family and for the country, then the conduct of all the dramatis personae, the lines they are mouthing and their actions fall in place.


The bizarre and uncharacteristically offensive statements made by Kapil Sibal gives the impression that Sonia Gandhi’s loyalists in the government actually wanted to provoke people to take to the streets in anger and force the Prime Minister to make a reckless move. And arresting the Gandhi-like toothless wonder with his own Mahadev Desai, Mirabehn and other service providers in tow, was just such a move.


The writer said it before and is saying it again – Anna Hazare’s campaign is neither nationalist or in national interest; the forces orchestrating the mass hysteria are looking to the future to create another Libya, Egypt and Indonesia-like chaos followed by take-over of the country by hooligans on the street. The take-over will be hopefully followed by prolonged chaos and then we will see the triumph of democracy when some American stooge like El Baradei or Au Sang Su Kyi will stand for elections and the kingdom of god will be established in India.


Anna Hazare is just a test run for things to come. The Generic Church is using Anna Hazare to assess what brings Indians to the streets and the reactions of political parties and other important organizations to mass hysteria and the media’s own self-whipped frenzy.


Just so people who are jumping into the issue fingers to nose and feet first come to their senses, they should pause, step back and contrast the drama unfolding around Anna Hazare and Co. (don’t lose sight of the Co.) with how the same government dealt with Baba Ramdev’s protest in June at Ramlila Maidan against the same corruption; only Baba Ramdev, unlike the more wily Anna, named names forgetting the all-important Congress/BJP bi-partisan commandment: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lady.

Isn’t it strange that all cataclysmic events in the country impacting this family happen in the absence of the Lady, who (like Bollywood’s police) always arrives in the interregnum between the climax and the denouement and reaps the benefits!


The Plot


Get rid of the Prime Minister who is now standing like a soldier between the Manchurian Candidate and the Throne.


As if to prove the point, Arnab Goswami, holding forth from his newsroom told us, hiding coyly behind “unnamed credible sources within the Congress”, that the whole thing was a “mess because the Prime Minister is refusing to avail of the reservoir of experience” available in the party. The reservoir of experience referred to Ahmed Patel and AK Anthony who, in her absence, are Sonia Gandhi’s flies on the wall and whom the Prime Minister is keeping at arms’ length.


Dramatis Personae


-        The Prime Minister

-        Sonia Gandhi and her coterie

-        Anna Hazare and Co., primarily Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal, beneficiaries of the Rockefeller Foundation munificence who aspire, like Sonia Gandhi and her son, to be power centres without going through the democratic process within the party or within the country

-        The 24 hour English News channels which are being trained by the Generic Church to become important instruments towards the Coloured Revolution


Unmasking Anna Hazare


-        Is Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption or is it to coerce the government to accept his draft of the Lokpal Bill?

-        If the campaign was against corruption why did he not join forces with Baba Ramdev or invite him into the movement?

-        If, as Anna Hazare hinted, Baba Ramdev’s campaign was flawed because it was political, why did Anna Hazare meet Advani on 1st July and Sonia Gandhi on 2nd July?

-        If Anna Hazare is the common man’s man and his movement is apolitical he should not have sought the support of leaders of political parties and individual Members of Parliament

-        Can any effective movement against corruption keep politics, political parties and politicians out of it

-        For a man who claims to be the face of RK Laxman’s cartoon with his ears to the ground, did he not know about the innumerable charges of corruption that Dr. Subramanian Swamy has levied publicly against Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and her family in Italy?

-        If Anna Hazare can meet Advani and Sonia Gandhi, why did he not seek a meeting with the Prime Minister, unless he thought he could get the Prime Minister to do what he wanted through Sonia Gandhi and not through the Indian Parliament?

-        Was this not petty politics on the sly and smacking of self-interest?

-        If the campaign was against corruption, why did he sidle up to Sonia Gandhi against the Prime Minister?

-        Why was Anna Hazare’s letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh on the eve of Independence Day disrespectful of his person and the high constitutional office of the Prime Minister?

-        Anna Hazare like an obedient minion of the media made the media’s heroes his heroes and the media’s villains his villains; this was a dead give-away that the forces who pull the media strings are pulling Anna Hazare’s strings too

-        Anna Hazare is threatening to go on an indefinite fast until the government accepts Arvind Kejrival, Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi’s draft of the Lokpal Bill

-        This brazen Gandhi-like coercion to use the nation’s ordinary people to fulfill a personal agenda (accept my Bill) actually means Anna Hazare has not only no faith in the government, but is insisting now with the villainous media playing the chorus that the Prime Minister ‘read the writing on the wall’ and without delay pass his Bill

-        Those promoting Gandhigiri with so much hysteria must sit down with Gandhi’s Collected Works and find out for themselves the number of times that Gandhi undertook fasts - we can count them on the fingers of one hand – full fast, partial fast, fast for a predetermined period, and indefinite fast, and learn how many of these fasts were undertaken for the nation and how many for his fetishes

-        Expressing mistrust of Parliament or denying Parliament the right to discuss and then reject (or accept) the Draft is akin to questioning the entire democratic process which made this parliament and an insult to the last citizen of this country who participated in the process, warts and all, and expressed his preference for those representing him

-        Most importantly, Parliament is accountable to the people; Anna Hazare and Co. are accountable to none

-        Anna Hazare is now insisting that the government and the entire nation must accept only his draft of the Lokpal Bill; the Gandhian despot is out in the open

Sonia Gandhi’s Coterie


As the writer pointed out immediately after President Obama’s state visit to India, the fact that Sonia Gandhi was not given any pre-eminence during the formal reception or subsequent state functions in the President’s honour pointed to the fact that all was not well between the Prime Minister and the Congress President. Even the President of India, widely seen as Sonia’s appointee, was kept at bay.


On the issue of corruption too the divide between the Prime Minister (polite for government) and Sonia Gandhi (polite for the Congress party) became obvious once the dichotomy government vs party began to be openly talked about. Obviously Sonia Gandhi no longer controlled UPA II as totally as she had controlled UPA I or continues to control the party; there are ministers in the cabinet whose personal loyalty to Sonia Gandhi outweighs their loyalty to the cabinet, Prime Minister or Parliament.


The Prime Minister is being checked and stalled by this group on every move that he wants to make to deal with the crisis of corruption within his own party and within the institutions manned by the boss-lady’s appointees. After all he did get the CVC removed and he did get the CAG report out too; Suresh Kalmadi and Sheila Dikshit are not the end points in the trail of corruption; and if we factor in the imminent disclosure by Wikileaks’ Julian Assange of the list of Indians who have stashed money abroad, the time had come for the Prime Minister to be removed.

The essential difference between the movements led by Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare was that while Baba Ramdev’s focus at was on black money stashed abroad, the focus of Anna Hazare and Co. was not corruption as a pervasive phenomenon but on the Lokpal Bill which this team had drafted.


The draft Lokpal Bill is not the same as the issue of corruption, and Sonia Gandhi’s coterie, better than any other group in the country understood this; as did the Prime Minister. And that is why Sonia Gandhi personally and her loyalists, Ahmed Patel, AK Anthony, Kapil Sibal and P Chidambaram with Digvijay Singh scoring the music dealt with Baba Ramdev in the manner seen at midnight on June 4 and succeeded, and why the same entities stood aloof and allowed the Prime Minister to deal with Anna Hazare and why the Prime Minister failed.

Sonia Gandhi’s unelectable minions in the government and party made sure the Prime Minister was isolated on the issue and also that he would fail to check Anna Hazare so that they could now legitimately ask for his removal and promote the Manchurian Candidate to the throne.

So whose cause is Anna Hazare really serving?


Kapil Sibal went out of his way to make a villain of Anna Hazare by repeatedly stating that Anna Hazare was usurping the function of Parliament by drafting the Lokpal Bill. If it was bad in principle, then this was not the first time. As pointed out earlier, Kapil Sibal was uncharacteristically offensive with a Gandhian (!) besides taking liberties with the truth. It was not just Anna Hazare and Co who had drafted their version of the Lokpal Bill; Aruna Roy, another beneficiary of Rockefeller munificence had her version of Lokpal Bill ready too.

The scandalous Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill was also not drafted by Parliament; it was drafted by Sonia Gandhi’s NAC and her loyalists had indicated that the government intended to place this Bill too in Parliament and pass in the monsoon session! It was almost as if Kapil Sibal wanted to inflame passions using the more than ready media to do it. At a time when senior ministers in the Cabinet ought to have watched their words and reacted with caution, Kapil Sibal and Ambika Soni were doing the exact opposite.


If the idea was to push the government deeper into the crisis and hold the Prime Minister responsible, they succeeded. The Manchurian Candidate after all, is ready and waiting. The Hindu has already said so.


The Media wants a Coloured revolution


The role of the media in the unfolding drama has been no less villainous than the role by Sonia Gandhi’s henchmen.


-        Are the people outside Tihar jail the aam admi or are they political?

-        We are here for Anna, screamed one while another wore a fetching cap with “I am Anna” slogan printed on it

-        This is not like Baba Ramdev; this is not communal. We are here for Anna.

-        Let me pan my camera on this gentleman. He has come here all the way from Hyderabad for Anna

-        This man has ‘bunked’ office and he is here for Anna.

-        People March, government crawls, screamed Times of India


All that the media wanted to hear, all that the media wanted to show. Not a single unseemly sight, not a single discordant note. India is with Anna screamed the media the whole day. A question though – how did the media in all that milling crowd find that one man who had come there for Anna all the way from Hyderabad or that one man who had ‘bunked office for Anna or that one lady who screeched this is not political, this is not communal, we are with you Anna.

When Sonia Gandhi ordered the midnight Stalinist assault against Baba Ramdev and his bhaktas, we did not see the media reacting in self-righteous anger. Electricity to Ramlila Maidan was cut off at night, women and children were forced to wander on the streets at night and Baba Ramdev was forcibly removed from Delhi and ordered to stay out of Delhi for the rest of the month.


The media did not ask how this was any different from the British government transporting Tilak and Savarkar away from their own country into exile or how this was different from Kashmiri jihadis forcing Kashmiri Hindus from out of their homeland.


The media is making the same pernicious distinction between ‘ordinary people’ and people with political affiliations that Lalu Prasad Yadav made when he almost justified the burning alive of men, women and children in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra Station by describing them as ‘karsevaks’.

By the media’s definition, ordinary people deserve the halo aam admi only when they are not karsevaks, not RSS cadre, not Baba Ramdev’s bhaktas and not Hindus.




The very idea of Lokpal Bill is bad in law because it envisages an extra-constitutional body which will usurp the functions of parliament, police and judiciary.


The media has instigated a section of the people against their lawfully elected government. The media has shamed the country by depicting the government as being susceptible to blackmail.

This is eerily similar to the days when the media paraded hysterical relatives of the hostages of IC 814 and took great pride in having forced the government to succumb to jihadi blackmail. It does not bode well for the nation if the media delights in getting the government to ‘crawl’ whether before Anna Hazare or before terrorists.


The government is our government, our country’s government and if the government crawls as the media gloats, it is the people of the nation who are humiliated; it is democracy which has been diminished. It is the media dancing to the tune of 26% FDI which has brought this humiliation upon us.
The hysterical crowds in Delhi and elsewhere are not India. For every hundred individuals the media is showing the world as ‘India’ there are ten thousand sitting at home deeply concerned about the consequences of this media-orchestrated frenzy.


The Catholic Church alone sees the possibility that the Prime Minister is not going anywhere and if he is going somewhere at all then he will probably take the government with him. And that is why the Catholic Bishops Conference has admonished Anna Hazare and told him the country cannot be governed from the streets. The Catholic Bishops Conference would ideally like the country to continue to be governed from 10 Janpath.


The BJP should think long and hard about whether to make common cause with Anna Hazare just because he is posturing against the Prime Minister. The BJP must also think long and hard whether it wants to play postman and carry Anna Hazare’s parcel to Parliament or if it wants to maintain the dignity of Parliament by strengthening its law-making capacity. My enemy’s enemy is not my friend here.


These are anti-national forces staging a dress rehearsal for a future coloured revolution with a Manchurian Candidate already groomed and ready to be anointed. The BJP must not aid the forces which want the Prime Minister out and the Manchurian Candidate in; the BJP must bring the government down, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal et al.


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