Innards of the United States: Susan Lindauer and the Secret Government - II
by Come Carpentier de Gourdon on 09 Sep 2011 6 Comments
Various scientific analyses conducted by recognized experts and published in peer-reviewed professional journals have established that high doses of the military explosive thermite, mixed with sulphur, were found in the ruins of the World Trade Centre, whose controlled demolition took place in a manner consistent with the effect of strategically positioned charges intended to melt the steel of the supporting columns and blow the concrete into dust.


The WTC towers were thus turned into death traps for all those inside once the detonations were triggered, as they indeed were on 9/11, seconds before the impact of the planes, as attested by numerous live on site surviving witnesses, both inside and outside the buildings. Why the expected “micro-nuke” was not used remains a mystery, unless that was just a “scary” bit of disinformation.


Events in the life of Susan Lindauer were accelerating as well. On 11 September, while the drama in Manhattan and Washington was being enacted, she was at home near Washington DC and remembers Richard Fuisz telling her on the telephone, minutes after the North Tower had collapsed but before the South Tower fell, that there was a video of the plane crashing on the North Tower and that the filming was done by people posted there on purpose… He added (she said): “What do you think are the odds that two people were just standing on the sidewalk with a video camera waiting patiently for the planes to hit the building. These are Mossad agents”.


As an insider he knew a lot, but surely not everything. He even blurted out, perhaps in the emotion of the moment, that Mossad was aware in advance that the World Trade Center was going to be hit. This was subsequently confirmed by multiple sources and even by material evidence of Israeli teams filming the attacks on Manhattan from various vantage points and openly cheering the destruction. Some of those covert agents were arrested that day and kept in detention for several weeks before being quietly released and sent back to Israel. Although many of the major news media reported the arrests, further information on that story was withheld by the US Government after being classified under the Official Secrets Act.


By then, Lindauer could not doubt that some very powerful entities in the USA had wanted the tragedy to happen and had monitored and probably organized it... In fact almost immediately afterwards, a surprisingly candid Fuisz told her there would be no proper official investigation of the events of 9/11 as it was not possible to let the public know the truth because it was more important to “keep them calm”.


President Bush consistently expressed his opposition to an investigation and only agreed to it because of a public outcry but under the tight Administration control, almost a year and half later, by which time the WTC debris had had long been removed, some stored in high security warehouses to which no access is permitted. Significantly, the Bush administration did not deal with the 9/11 site as the “scene of a crime”, which would have required forensic evidence to be collected, but as a war zone in which the “aggressors” were supposedly known in advance so there was no need for an inquiry.


Susan Lindauer confesses she was always quite aware of the tremendous injustice that the sanctions on Iraq represented and that she equated their effects to genocide of the civilian population of that hapless country. What she had heard and seen on the weeks leading to September 11 led her to make independent attempts to expose the truth.


She continued her periodic meetings with the Iraqi envoys to the UN and found them increasingly frightened of the prospect of a full-fledged US attack, knowing that Paul Wolfowitz and other NeoCons in the Bush regime had pressed for an immediate assault on their country, though it was postponed until after the invasion of Afghanistan. Baghdad multiplied its offers and entreaties and pressed for the return of UN weapons inspectors. But their appeals fell on deaf American ears, despite Lindauer’s urgings to Andrew Card (the last in a letter dated January 8, 2003), as the decision to go to war had evidently been made and even the US President might not have had the power to reverse it, had he wanted to.


Susan Lindauer felt betrayed and began to behave as an Iraqi sympathizer or even agent of Saddam, in the jaundiced view of the powers-that-be. After the invasion and occupation of Iraq had been effected in a striking display of high handed brutality and bad faith, in February 2004 she contacted the offices of Senators John McCain and Trent Lott, former Minority Leader of the Senate, to call their attention to the official deception that had led the US to war against an exhausted and isolated country that posed no threat. She soon realized she had been naïve to think they would support her or even want to find out the facts. On March 11, she was arrested in an early morning raid by an FBI squad under the recently passed Patriot Act, the second Non-Arab American after Jose Padilla to be imprisoned under a number of charges, some of which were secret. Released on bail a few days later, she was arrested anew on a non-bailable warrant, accused of being an unregistered lobbyist for a foreign power.


Under the new provisions, she could be kept in detention indefinitely without trial and without a hearing. The Government in fact asked for ten years. Her handler Richard Fuisz would not help nor agree to meet her and she eventually learnt he had been paid 13 million Dollars tax-free out of the Emergency Appropriation Fund earmarked for finding the WMDs supposedly hidden in Iraq.


Though Lindauer has not spelt out, to my knowledge, what she believes was the motive for this payout from what was really a slush fund, the inescapable conclusion is that Fuisz was being compensated for his role in the highly sensitive preparations for 9/11. There is no gainsaying how many officials and covert agents were likewise paid off for their participation in one aspect or other of this massive False Flag “black Op”. But if we judge by the hundreds of billions that were mobilized for the war on terror in the wake of the attacks, without any real public accounting mechanism, money was no object.


For 18 months Lindauer was under indictment. Both charges and hearings could be kept secret. At the end of that first stage, she was confined for one year in the “communication center” – an ironic euphemism for a prison – at Carswell Air Force Base in Forth Worth, Texas, Bush’s home base, where many political dissidents and “terrorism suspects” have been secretly detained since 2001. During that time she was only given one hearing in the Federal Court of Manhattan (South District) by Judge Michael Mukasey, a close friend and synagogue “parishioner” of WTC owner Larry Silverstein, who also conveniently handled his compensation claims for the destruction of his property on 9/11.


She had by then discovered that the charges included her having paid for a lunch with three Iraqi diplomats, defined as an “unlawful financial transaction,” and having “unauthorized contacts” with Iraq, including a visit to Baghdad paid for by the Iraqi government. A secret charge that she pieced out was having received a book from a member of the Iraqi Mission to the UNO reporting the medical effects of depleted uranium (DU) used in American munitions. This was regarded as treasonable since the US authorities wanted to keep such information unknown to their own soldiers who were exposed to it.


One wonders how the hapless Lindauer escaped alive from her predicament. The prosecutor claimed she was mentally ill and “a religious fanatic” and proposed to put her on a heavy prescription of Prozac, Haldon and other drugs that would have drastically curtailed her awareness. However she still had some support, perhaps because of her family connection with the President’s Chief of Staff, though the latter is not known to have made any open effort to help her and publicly dissociated from her as much as he could. A few friends and relatives campaigned tirelessly and though they could not convince any of the controlled Mass media to take up her story, (the otherwise anti-Republican Amy Goodman simply declined to report on it, finding it too dangerous and thus showing the limits of officially tolerated dissent) they got some publicity on the Internet and “underground” radio network.


This growing “chatter” in the new media and the fact that Lindauer had a sterling record of mental health as a trusted negotiator probably convinced the judge that it would not have been credible to declare her insane; she was transferred to the Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan. But the government managed to have her declared mentally incompetent to stand trial so as to deprive her of credibility.


For another 18 months afterwards, the Court declined to grant another hearing. It was only in the fifth year, with a new judge, Loretta Preska (Mukasey had become Attorney General by then), that the accused was released and free to speak, once charges were dropped five days before the inauguration of the Obama administration. The judge stated in her decision that she found the Lindauer “highly intelligent” but suffering from “a mental defect or illness”. No comment need be added about the character and integrity of the American court system.


Susan Lindauer is predictably wounded and angry but is fighting back with courage and optimism, suing the government for damages. She travels around the country telling her story, promoting her book and answering the many questions she is asked with honesty, clarity and humility. She talks only about what she knows and avoids speculating about what she was not made privy to, willingly confessing ignorance in many issues that were “over her pay grade”. However among the many conclusions she feels entitled to make, the following are particularly revealing:


-        The CIA and other relevant agencies of the government were manipulated from inside and outside and, ultimately overruled by certain higher powers which wanted the 9/11 attacks to take place and had long worked to pre-position Iraq as the country responsible for the outrage in the public mind. The White House was knowingly or not pulled into that vortex of predictable retaliation and it could not have been difficult to goad an insecure, intellectually challenged George W Bush, haunted by his past as a “rich daddy’s boy” who had in effect dodged the draft by using family privileges, to seek glory and reelection as a “wartime president”.


-        Whoever planned the 9/11 attacks may have felt that the hijackers who were admittedly CIA assets (in particular their “leader” Muhammad Atta) had to be assisted so that enough casualties could be caused. Hence, the WTC towers 1,2 and 7 were rigged with high explosive charges and brought down on cue just about the time when the probably remote controlled airplanes (according to Lindauer and aeronautics experts) struck , since the hijackers seemed not have the piloting skills to achieve such a feat on four different targets.


-        Lindauer points out that on September 11, the strength of the electronic signals (GPS, cell phone lines etc…) in Manhattan and Washington DC areas were boosted to maximum level, clearly in order to facilitate military communications, including the suspected remotely controlled takeover of the four diverted airplanes. This may be connected, or at least may have been officially justified by the large scale military exercise taking place that day, one of which involved crashing civilian aircraft on buildings, as has been confirmed since. She also claims that a US military pilot who shot down Flight 93 as ordered to on that day, was kept in military detention incommunicado in Florida until at least a few months ago, although she does not know his present whereabouts.


-        From her analysis of their files, Lindauer concludes, like many other analysts, that the 19 hijackers were not fanatical Jihadis but rather low level Intelligence assets used by their handlers to carry out a small part of a job without being told what exactly was to happen. It is almost certain that they were brought to the USA under false names and identities so that they are extremely difficult to trace, whether or not they actually were on board the four planes involved in the attacks.


-        Lindauer acknowledges that the Pentagon was not hit by a plane (as the former chief of US Military Intelligence, General Albert Stubblebine has concluded and stated on record) but by a missile probably shot from a clandestine military facility under the control of one of the “rogue” units involved in the plot. A video released on You Tube on August 28, 2011 (Before It’s News) shows a missile-like object hit the building at high speed. It could be one of the tapes of the surveillance cameras set up around the Pentagon that were confiscated by the US Security Agencies immediately after the strike. Various surviving witnesses, including Captain April Gallop of the US Air Force have since stated that the Pentagon was hit by a military projectile and not by a commercial airline while they were inside. The “plane story” was hurriedly put forth by the Government as a cover up.


-        The only conclusion from all those facts, most of which have been extensively researched and verified by hundreds of experienced professionals, is that the US National Security organization operates like a hostage to a secret or unacknowledged power that runs a parallel structure to the official one. Professor Peter Dale Scott calls this secret or shadow government the “Deep State” and many well known figures, from the late Hunter Thompson to President Clinton himself have talked about it. Franklin D Roosevelt and John F Kennedy also publicly alluded to its frightening power and impunity. It is not be regarded as a hidden national and nationalist supra-statal agency but rather as an international “cabal” whose writ reigns supreme and whose obscure, often ruthless agenda, brooks no interference from any other entity, be it the US Presidency itself. That entity accounts for the fact that USA has become an oligarchic one-party dictatorship masquerading as a bipartisan Republic.


-        In the context of 9/11, it is clear that the “Cabal” would tolerate no accommodation between the United States and Iraq, probably because such an arrangement would bring America closer to a nationalist Arab state that was both a rival for influence and an enemy of Israel. As Kevin Barrett who interviewed Lindauer extensively on January 8, 2001 ( blog) noted: “A prosperous Iraq allied to the USA would actually be terrible for Israel”. The “Clean Break Strategy” supported by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and advocated by influential Zionist think tanks in the USA, was intended to bring about a decisive split between America and any potential Arab ally sufficiently powerful not to be under Israeli control.


-        A coordinated campaign was waged to paint Islam as the enemy of the United States, like Communism had been until the fall of the USSR. A 2011 130-page report of the Center for American Progress reveals the names of the most important promoters of this multi-sectoral effort who gifted more than 42 million Dollars for public outreach and media operations alone. The main funders are the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Richard Scaife Foundation, Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum (which has raised money for the legal defense of “anti-Muslim” Dutch politician Geert Wilders), Frank Gaffney’s Center for Policy Security, whose members and honorees include the aforementioned Wolfowitz and Perle, the Russell Berrie Foundation and the William Rosenwald Fund.


-        The cast of “experts” hired to orchestrate the media blitz includes (predictably) Frank Gaffney (an adviser to the CIA-funded and Israel-backed Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI), David Yarushalmi, Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer, helped by more “populistic” writers such Brigitte Gabriel, Bat Yeor and Pamela Geller, all well known champions of Zionism. Barack Obama himself was a target (or rather a decoy used as a scarecrow) and habitually projected as a closet Muslim deputed by the International Terrorist Syndicate to subvert America, paving the way for a planned Jihadi invasion once Europe became “Eurabia” according to their predictions.


-        The 9/11 conspiracy appears to fall within the “wet”, military component of that multi-pronged strategy planned according to the Mathematical Games theory described in detail by Jeffrey Gates in his book Guilt by Association (2008).


-        Iraq was also a challenger of Saudi Arabia for regional preponderance and ideology. It is hence quite possible that the Saudi monarchy lent its support to a plot intended to fatally hurt Saddam’s regime, but it is less logical to assume that Riyadh would participate willingly and consciously in a devastating attack on the core of American military and financial might. The effect of such a dastardly blow could only turn overnight most Americans into vengeful foes of Islamic nations and Saudi Arabia could hardly agree to shoot itself in the foot, given the regime’s heavy reliance on American protection.


-        The Saudi monarchy must have played a relatively minor role as an unsuspecting sidekick which could be painted as a villain and target after the facts, together with Iraq and Pakistan, another dodgy US ally, known for its semi-official patronage certain Jihadi groups. The Saudi Mukhabarat may well have provided the “hijackers” to play small parts in the grand drama that was being rehearsed.


-        Indeed, the US Government has clearly taken advantage of the post 9/11 situation to increase its control over the desert kingdom, dramatically escalating its lucrative arms sale while threatening Riyadh with dire consequences for suspected complicity. For some time in 2002, there was widespread talk in America about suing the Wahabi State for over one trillion dollars in damages and it took all the skills and clout of the Saudi rulers to avoid such an embarrassment, but it stands to reason that they had to quietly provide substantial quid pro quos to their American friends and patrons.


-        The figure of President Obama inevitably comes under the scanner in the aftermath of the murky Bush era. Any objective observer, even one with personal sympathy for him and what he is supposed to represent, must conclude that the first Afro-American head of state has so far protected his predecessors from all possible damage resulting from investigations into their actions and exposure of their motives and methods. Despite widespread popular demand for the many crimes and illegal acts of the Republican administration to be disclosed and punished, Obama has ensured that the virtual immunity claimed by Bush and his lieutenants and underlings during their years in power is not challenged. This evidence forces one to see Obama as a dutiful keeper of the status quo, selected in view of his ethnic, religious and social profile as an unlikely protector of the Secret Government despite his manufactured image as a challenger of the system and a reformer of past abuses. Whether or not he is also a former or present CIA asset or operative as alleged by certain researchers, he appears at best as “Uncle Tom in the White House”.


-        Obama’s deeply ambiguous role as a sort of Manchurian candidate, expected to act as a credible mediator with the disgruntled left-wing sections of domestic society and as a seductive ambassador to hostile African, Muslim and Latin American masses, is once again highlighted by his conduct in the ongoing war on Libya. Neither he nor his administration had any reason to hold a grudge against Colonel Qaddafi whose sponsorship of the Lockerbie bombing has been shown to be doubtful to say the least. A reconciliation between the Jamahiriya and the West had taken place and Qaddafi, like Saddam before him, made efforts to show a favourable disposition towards the USA. Yet Obama ruthlessly crushed the Libyan army and overthrew the State after suddenly ganging up with France and England to stage a civil war in that country and bring to power a little known group of disparate rebels, including hardline Jehadi Salafist squads (the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, LIFG) affiliated with Al Qaida.


It appears that the “Deep State” acted once more to stop an ongoing reconciliation between an Arab state with revolutionary pretensions and the NATO bloc, once again harnessing anew the skills of its old Al Qaida proxies, to reach its goals. An additional motive might be to nip in the bud Qaddafi’s policy of uniting Africa in alliance with rising Asian and Latin American powers, thereby depriving the West of its colonial backyard. Should we be surprised if Israel has developed extensive relations with at least some of the rebel groups and has, according to Lindauer, struck a deal with them to build a secret military base, code-named “One to One” in the Green Mountains of that oil, gas, gold and water rich nation?


None of the events we have reviewed are fully intelligible unless we take into account the Israeli factor, seen not only as a sliver of land on the Eastern Mediterranean shore, but as the “global Zionist superpower” freely alluded by the rulers of the Jewish state and their allies in the USA and many other countries. That supra-national entity and the Secret Government of the USA (or rather, over the USA), for many if not all practical purposes, may well turn out to be one and the same.



The author is Convener, Editorial Board, World Affairs Journal

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