Unmanning the Man
by Israel Shamir on 14 Nov 2011 0 Comment

Hollywood installed in us the firm belief in the happy end. Though we know that happy ends are rare, movies time after time enforce this hope, while reality undermines it. Last week, when the British High Court ruled to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden, the hope failed.


A few days earlier I’ve asked Julian what he will do if the court will set him free, after almost a year of house arrest with electronic bracelet on his foot. “I’ll be able to do things on the spur of the moment”, said he, - “unplanned, uncharted – just to go where I want to and do what I wish”. Alas, it is not to be.


This is the season for asses to bray at the captive lion. The Guardian, the newspaper that made millions on ripping Julian’s information mine and later turned into the greatest enemy of the Australian adventurer, published a sleazy piece by an editor of the slimy Swedish right-wing tabloid Expressen, a Ms Karin Olsson. Olsson tells the story of Swedes’ disappointment with Assange “from Hero to zero”, conveniently omitting her part in the action. Character assassination of Assange by media was to a great part her work. The Expressen obtained the news of two feminists’ visit to a friendly policewoman in real time, and splashed the headline “Sought for rape” immediately, before the paperwork reached the attorney office and before the charges were made.


It was fitting the Expressen agenda: the tabloid belongs to Karl Johan Bonnier, a Swedish Murdoch, and his media empire dutifully supported the right-wing government coalition, promoted Sweden’s participation in the US wars, in bombardment of Libya and sending troops to Afghanistan. The Guardian did not mind ordering the hit piece from the newspaper editor who published racist pieces calling for deportation of Arabs from the Swedish paradise. It is odd they did not ask an opinion piece from the Swedish prosecutor Ms Ny who famously said that a man belongs to jail, if a woman brings a complaint – even if the charges can’t make stick.


The costs of Assange’s persecution are huge. This story of shoppers’ regret recycled as rape has cost the realms of Britain and Sweden dearly, and nearly destroyed the person of Julian Assange. To give you an idea of the costs that were incurred at public expense, Julian’s lawyers have already presented him with a bill of 600,000 pounds (about a million US$) for his defence. Surely all the prosecuting lawyers and judges involved in this case will double and triple this considerable sum. Our governments don’t have enough money to pay for schools and health care, but they are always ready to spend millions to put a man behind bars for such a ridiculous charge.


Though there is certainly a political reason, the Assange case is not exceptional, for Sweden is a victim of cruel social experiment of re-gendering: recently, a Swedish man was sent to jail for 18 months for failing to properly wake up his girlfriend before beginning a session of morning sex. Swedish men have good reason to fear the Swedish justice system, and daily they grow more and more afraid of Swedish women. In response, they take foreign wives; they are also increasingly turning gay and adopting children from abroad.


What a shame! Sweden is home to the most dazzlingly beautiful women in the world: perfectly shaped, their blond manes blown by the wind; their blue eyes reflect frankness and encouragement.


Years ago, I was blown away after seeing them for the first time: dancing on a green lawn around a maypole, sun-tanning topless on a low wooden bridge protruding into a lake as blue as the sky above, and sitting like mermaids along the rocks - for Swedish soil is not too soft but full of great stones of iron and copper. These rocks were polished and rolled by the receding ice walls of millennia past when Sweden was freed from its long frozen captivity. The men of Svea laboriously arranged these immense monoliths around an ancient oak tree in imitation of a flotilla. There they heaped high mounds upon the burned remnants of mighty Viking chieftains. Centuries later, these ancient holy places attracted neighbouring churches, decorated from top to bottom by Albertus Pictor in the 15th century.


The oaks are still leafy and mighty, the lakes still clean, the stone armada still standing amid green meadows, but the churches are empty. They have become clubs for old ladies, led by a lady pastor - as I witnessed last Sunday in a beautiful church near Vasteras. Men have been slowly pushed out of positions of power in the Church, and now the worshippers have lost interest.


It is not only Swedish churches that have lost their manly shepherds, Swedish newspaper owners prefer to hire and advance obedient women like Karin Olsson; there are few male editors, excepting the gays. Swedish publishers now only publish books that will appeal to women; books that glorify women and depict men as monsters, like the dreadful Millennium Trilogy written by the PR-savvy Stieg Larsson. Swedish museums exhibit the kind of art that is designed to appeal to a female-centric New Age audience. Swedish universities are dominated by female professors. In Sweden, it hurts your career if you are discovered to be a heterosexual male. It feels like the country is at war with natural sexuality: the schoolbooks promote a unisex standard; children are referred to as “it” instead of “he” or “she”, and the lightest flirtation has been criminalised.


The war against males has not resulted in a more compassionate Sweden. The Swedish welfare state is being dismantled by the right-wing followers of Ronald Reagan; Neocon Karl Rove is sending Swedish soldiers to die for NATO in Afghanistan, and bombing Libya in the name of the Swedish state. Nor have the civilians of Sweden fared well under the new regime. They eat more junk food, and obesity – previously unknown in the North – now disfigures their once beautiful bodies. Their thoughts have been controlled by a newly consolidated media and their hard-won freedoms traded away in the name of compassion.


Looking back, it seems that Sweden’s freedoms, as well as our own, peaked just after the long-gone year of 1968. At the time, Sweden was the most implacable foe of the US-led war in Vietnam. US deserters once dreamt of escaping to fair Sweden with the same fervent desire of Heller’s Yossarian. In those days the Swedish girls pursued adventures, not legal strategies. Swedish men spent their days building up the church, moulding a uniquely Scandinavian social state, creating Bergman films and Volvo cars. Now even Volvo was sold off to the Americans, and they promptly sold it to the Chinese.


1968 was a turning point in America as well. In 1968, the richest Americans contributed 90% of their income to the state, while now they pay less than 30%. Never mind that they do not pay even that by the use of tax shelters, funds and other tricks. It was in 1968 that the American worker’s minimum pay peaked in real terms. Looking back, 1968 was the moment in history when mankind was nearest to the stars.


Children of the defeated ’68 revolution, we were free to love, smoke, think and act. We could travel and fly without being stripped at the airport, and our booze was not confiscated. We could make love and smoke in cafes. Since then, it was downhill all the way: smoke was banned, free thought was incarcerated by Political Correctness, and political action has been reduced to joining a Facebook group. Love has been turned into minefield by Victorian laws. We have been transported back to the days when Mr. Pickwick might be sued by his landlady for breach of promise. Sweden is not the only victim of this revolutionary zeal. Everywhere, all over the world, men are losing their place under the sun; it may be more than a coincidence that our freedoms vanish along with them.


Is there a method to this madness? The great conspiratorial mind and modern Russian prophet Alexandre Dugin declared that there is an ancient female conspiracy that aims to return us to a Matriarchy. Many conservative observers put the blame on feminists. Yet even though men have clearly lost the war, the victory of women wilts under examination. Once upon a time women had a choice: they could join the business world or stay at home with the kids. Once upon a time women could raise a family without guilt. Once upon a time women could enjoy being flirted with. Not any more. Unmanning man was quickly followed by the un-womaning of woman.


I think the reality is worse than Dugin’s wildest conspiracy. There is an understanding between the holders of power that feminised men are easier to control. Unmanning men is a linchpin in the reprogramming of mankind into an obedient herd, because strong men are unpredictable. Strong men are prone to rebellion, ready for sacrifice and primed for action. It is no coincidence that the enemies of Empire are all masculine males, be they Qaddafi, Castro, Chavez, Lukashenko, Putin – or Julian Assange. It appears the men have been targeted for elimination; the working ants need no sex.


The feminist agenda became the easiest way to lock the man up, as we learned from the DSK case. Dominique Strauss Kahn lost his coveted job at the helm of the IMF, and this powerful position passed to a woman who is not likely to jeopardise the US dollar supremacy.


A false statement by a professional cheat was all that was necessary to steal his freedom, which he regained after spending a lot of money. Another thing that was necessary was connivance of the mainstream media which is a sure sign that something is wrong.


DSK must be quite a man, judging by his excellent, gifted, strong-minded, and successful wife. It may be he is a Zionist Capitalist beast, but as one man to another I can’t fault him for making a pass at a “talented journalist and novelist in France”, nor for flirting with “a brilliant Hungarian economist”. He is, after all, a Frenchman first. They each had their opportunity to say “non”, and so they did. In a healthy society this would suffice.


Did DSK’s advances constitute “harassment”? Perhaps, but so what? I am continuously harassed by banks that send me offers of credit – are these less damaging to my psyche than an offer to frolic in the hay? Is a business proposition less annoying than an amorous one? These women simply refused his advances, just as I refuse the banks – and yet I do not resort to the courts, whereas they have sought both compensation and revenge. Might we not just as well sue the Zuleika Dobsons of this world for the sexual power they hold over their unwilling thralls? Must we castrate our men, cover our women, or erect separation walls like the ones on Indian trains?


[This is a reference to the ‘purdah’ that Shamir saw on Indian trains and in Kashmir during a brief holiday two years ago – Editor]


The attacks on Assange, DSK and Qaddafi are all part and parcel of the campaign to unman humanity. The Empire hates Lukashenko and Putin not only because they do not let them seize the country’s assets, but also for their outspoken masculinity. Eric Walberg in his Great Games speaks of the deeper strategy behind the colour revolutions: their organisers “castrate modern states” in order to transform them into post-modern weaklings. This “castration” is an important plan of the rulers, far more profound than the ephemeral struggles over pipelines and resources.


The defeat of Julian Assange is a defeat for all the men, and a defeat for mankind, promising a bleak future – unless we shall do something about it. It is not only our freedom but our manhood is at stake.


(Courtesy shamireaders)

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