Political Crisis in Nepal: Balkanization of nation gathers pace
by Arun Shrivastava on 23 Jun 2012 8 Comments

Nepal’s leadership failed to draft a new Constitution. The mandate of 602-member Constituent Assembly [CA] elected in 2008 ended on 27th May, 2012 without a consensus as to how Nepal should be governed. The total cost of the exercise came to Rs 8,900 million [roughly US$100 million] ending up in endless blame game and petty bickering. The big issue is identity federalism; the intractable issue distribution of power.

Political issues

Nepal’s provisional population according to Census-2011 was 26.62 million comprising of 103 recognized ethno-demographic groups. The largest ones are Chhetri [about 16%], Brahmin [13.6%], Magar [7.5%], Tharu [7.1%], Tamang [5.7%], Newar [5.7%], Muslim [4.2%], Kami [4%] and Yadav [3.2%].

Smaller ethnic groups like Gurung, Chhepa, Limbu, Rai, Raute, Sherpa, Thakali, etc., and marginalized lower castes together constitute about 35-40% of the population. Note that Brahmin, Chhetri, Magar and Yadav are castes while Muslims follow Islam religion. Newars are natives of mid-Himalayan region, astute businessmen. Tamang, Tharu and Kami are tribes. Depending upon what color of glasses one is wearing on a particular day, nth factorial of permutations and combinations are possible and that’s where the impasse lies. Analysts place four upper castes – Brahmin, Chhetri, Sanyasi and Thakuri [BCST] – in one group.

Effectively, there is no majority ethnic community in Nepal; each minority group is dominant in some parts; many have social and economic relationships and shared culture with other groups as is common in multi-ethnic nations around the world. However, from the religious perspective, 80.6% are Hindu, 10.7% Buddhist, 4.2% Muslim and 4.5% follow other religions, making Nepal a Hindu-dominant state and it has remained so since hoary antiquity.

The Terai region [contiguous to the northern Indian plains] is home to predominantly Hindus, and comprises 50.2% total population; districts bordering China constitute 6.3%, mainly Hindus and Buddhists. The 103 ethnic minorities are spread across all 75 districts of Nepal. Unfortunately, the non-negotiable identity-federalism civil society leaders are using the most uncivil language to push their agenda because they have friends in high places with deep pockets.

The Communists, led by two closet-Christians, Prachanda and Bhattarai, perhaps supported by the Catholic Antonia Maino and the powerful Left parties in Delhi [2004-09] [1], declared that ‘Nepal is a secular state.’ World’s leading cash-rich Christian groups are now openly confronting the dominant Hindu community; Proselytizing Evangelists are far more intolerant than either Hindus or Muslims or Buddhists in South Asia, but the western mainstream media never reports that.

During the ten year long armed rebellion against the monarchy [1996-2006], majority of the rural masses and many in urban areas supported the Maoists. However, when the Maoists captured nearly 40% of the 602-member Constituent Assembly, they wanted democratic centralism akin to the former Soviet Union. The other 60% opposed it for all sorts of reasons. The State Restructuring Commission came up with two options, but neither seems acceptable to various ethnic minorities for various reasons, but in essence to push for semi-independent ethnic-identity based territories. [2]

The main political challenge comes from the nation-wide coalition of various ethnic groups. Majority of these have come up from 1990 onward, a vital time-line that parallels US+NATO’s still unfinished Yugoslavian agenda, and have been nurtured by international NGOs [INGOs], Soros-funded Human Rights organizations, European funding agencies, and US and EU based ecclesiastical orders. Informed sources in the Government of Nepal say that around 40% of international fund flows directly to the NGOs, bypassing normal government channel, mainly to pro-identity federalism groups.

Maoists received foreign funds and arms throughout their ten-year campaigns ending 2006; M56 assault rifles and Heckler and Koch G3 in containers and ammunition reached them regularly. Rebels caught by the army were let loose, often on direct intervention of foreign powers including India. [3] Government’s forces received M249 light machine guns, widely used by the US armed forces. Death toll was 4,500 [Government’s side] and 8,200 [Rebels’ side].

Nepalese ‘civil society’ and the emerging SHMs

Non Governmental Organizations [NGOs], also known euphemistically as the ‘civil society,’ have been very active starting 1990 when US, EU, the UN agencies and all South Asian governments began to outsource welfare, educational, population control and other agendas.

Apart from a handful of genuine community based NGOs, a large majority draw their sustenance from foreign funding and unwittingly modify their own aims and objectives to accommodate granting agencies’ agenda. Name any area of activity – health, education, poverty, HIV-AIDS, prostitution, human trafficking, advocacy, human rights, child rights, women’s rights, animal rights, forest conservation, water, food, and hundreds of NGOs are in it, many not even knowing why. Behind this group of do-gooders lies the globalist-corporatist agenda of enslavement and that is beyond the comprehension of the civil society morons. Nepal’s youth is in it up to their necks. The economic hit men [EHM] of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, have been replaced by socio-cultural hit men [SHM] spearheaded by cash rich INGOs and Christian groups employing floor-sweeper local NGOs.

The prominent SHMs are: Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities [NEFIN], National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities [NFDIN], Kirat Yakthung Chumlung [KYC], Tharu Indigenous NGO Federation Nepal [TINF] and Tharu Kalyankari Sabha [TKS], Nepal Tamang Ghedung (NTG) and Nepal Tamang National Federation (NTNF), and Nepal Magar Association (NMA).

Strengthening their activities are journalists [Association of Nepalese Indigenous Journalists, ANIJ], women’s groups [National Indigenous Women Federation, NIWF], students [Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Students, NFINS], and lawyers [Lawyers' Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples, LAHURNIP]. NEFIN represents 48 ethnic minorities of Nepal. According to NEFIN two [Newar and Thakali] are advanced groups, 14 are disadvantaged, 19 are marginalized, and 12 highly marginalized. Nine groups are classified as ‘endangered.’

The 103 ethnic identity claimants can choose option 1 or 2 or go on to each of the nth factorial. Soros sycophants among the Kathmandu chatteratti and mainstream media can talk endlessly, and breathlessly, about ending Hindu upper caste hegemony to usher in “true democracy and identity based federalism” except that it never occurs to them that when their daughter marries the couple goes to Pashupatinath temple for Hindu God’s blessings. This sort of overly aggressive stance will force many dominant communities, and not merely Hindus, to respond with as much aggression. If that is the outcome that identity federalists wish to have, the writing is on the wall and no one will know who killed whom till all ethnic groups start to kill as many of their ‘perceived enemy.’

NEFIN has received substantial funding from leading American, European and UN donor agencies. Among NEFIN’s many complaints only one is solidly backed: “65% of ancestral land of indigenous people are occupied by national park and conservation and forced majority of indigenous people to migrate elsewhere.” [5] The “park and conservation” agenda is European elites’ pet project, headed by Prince Philip who also heads the World Wildlife Fund and he is the nominal leader of the global elite. When DfID [UK] decided to hold the £2 million grant to NEFIN, its CEO wrote a groveling letter. [6]

During the four years of assembly mayhem, pro-monarchy royalists’ Rashtriya Prajatantrik Party [RPP] did gain some support, but their main influence is limited to Kathmandu valley. The Royalists should note that the dethroned king Gyanendra had close business relationship with international gangster/terrorist Dawood Ibrahim [18 sightings reported by Indian Intelligence] and the people know it. [7]

Gyanendra was nowhere near his father, the late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shahdev, who ruled Nepal from 1956 to 1972 and had the perspicacity to understand the vital geo-political compulsions of being Nepal. He knew in 1958 that it’d be dangerous for his country if he allowed the big powers to interfere in Nepal’s internal affairs. Insiders say that when an American [US Government sponsored] foundation was ousted from Nepal, the then Secretary General of the UN Kurt Waldheim personally threatened the Nepalese Government that ‘all international assistance would be withdrawn.’ Despite these threats, King Mahendra largely maintained neutrality, although he leaned towards China for reasons made clear to the Indian Government.

The Nepalese Maoists do not understand the way of the world either. Nepalese newspapers report that the top five leaders in the interim government have made millions. Every corrupt politician – from developed and developing countries alike – deposits “hot money” in banks owned by the London Banksters. The moment they do this, they become slaves of these Banksters who actually control every financial institution, as evidences clearly show.

The role of international institutions

According to authoritative sources, “identity federalism” is being vigorously promoted by the Soros-funded ‘Framework Team’ of the United Nations. The Hungarian billionaire and former Nazi minion, member of the Bilderberg group of the European Elite, now controls humanitarian aid groups and counter-gangs in every country targeted for resource grab. He is on record claiming that he wants to change [read destabilize] as many countries as he can. Experts from former Yugoslavia confirm that if they could name one person responsible for destroying their country it is Soros.

“Twenty-eight major departments and specialized agencies of the United Nations Organization are directly working under the oversight and superintendence of the Framework Team headed by Gay Rosenblum-Kumar, a US national perhaps married to a South-Asian.” [8] The list of UN agencies include UNDP, UN-WFP, UNICEF, WHO, FAO, IMF, World Bank, UNFPA, UNODC [UN Office on Drugs and Crime], to name a few. These UN agencies have been meeting in secret to discuss the partition of UN member states particularly Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, China, Russia, Malaysia and Indonesia, according to insiders in the UN system.

The chief mole of “the Framework Team [FT] in Nepal is Ian Martin who has implemented similar structure in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in Cyrenaica in Libya. Ian knows Nepal well. In the past years the FT has supported [similar] initiatives at various levels in many countries – namely, Guyana, Ecuador, Mauritania, the Maldives, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Lesotho, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Yemen, and Fiji – and all these countries are facing ethnic divide, social tension and a move towards identity federalism.” Along with Soros, the FT is largely funded by western transnational corporations. The UN system is now completely corporatized and, as Wayne says, Sororized. [9]

NEFIN, or for that matter any NGO, can’t restore the 65% of the ancestral lands stolen from the ethnic groups because that is global elite’s eminent domain. They can have as much funds as they want from Soros but not the lands for the ethnic minorities they are ostensibly fighting for, and NEFIN can scream its brains out.

Cultural genocide

Equally important is the role of the Christian church and the evangelists in what should be called the ‘Cultural Genocide in Nepal.’ [10] Informed sources in Kathmandu say that National Churches Fellowship of Nepal established in 1960 with 30 members today has ‘a million Evangelical Christian’ members and nearly all are members of the Maoist Party of Prachanda or Baburam Bhattarai. Even if the Christians number around 4%, it comes to about a million and if even a fraction of them are active members of the former armed group of Maoists, then it is clear that the Christians in Nepal are a highly militarized group well trained in the use of sophisticated weapons.

By a conservative count, 59 Christian denominations are working in Nepal, many are unknown; most are American Churches. Organizations from non-Christian countries like Japan, India and Korea are sending their “unwanted missionaries over to wreck Nepal as well,” as another analyst comments.

Evangelization started in the late 19th Century indirectly. Nepal was a Hindu kingdom and conversion was banned. Evangelists followed the British colonial expansion and established hundreds of public schools in Darjeeling [as also in other mountain regions] between 1890 and 1930. Poor Nepali kids were given free school education provided they converted. Parents did not mind. Darjeeling became the conversion centre for the Nepalese. Quality education in these schools prepared these kids for higher jobs in Nepal; in positions of authority, the same people started supporting the evangelists. It stands to reason why the closet-Christian-Maoists Prachanda and Bhattarai declared Nepal a secular state that may finish off centuries old Hindu culture and tradition.

But the evangelists have acknowledged that they are facing opposition. As long as they work on social welfare causes, people cooperate; the moment they proselytize, rural folks leave them. That means that more violence will follow, especially in rural Nepal.

Cultural genocide is now the preferred way to erase any memory of the socio-cultural specificities. The Taliban bombed and destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan to erase any memory of cultural interaction in South Asia; the US and NATO conducted precision bombing of all cultural assets in Yugoslavia and deliberately destroyed the world’s finest and richest film library. Priceless archeological artifacts kept in well managed museums have been destroyed in Iraq and Libya. All places of worship, all modern amenities, all water resources, and all electricity generating plants. When you don’t have electricity you can’t get water and you can’t provide any basic amenity. NEFIN should know that all assets that were built with public money have been destroyed in these countries and Syria is going through that hell right now, being primed for break up exactly as planned for Nepal. [11]

Never forget what happened at Pashupatinath Temple. As one perceptive observer says, “during a well-attended festival in the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu… a group of … zealous evangelists, including foreigners, wearing crosses descended upon the crowds armed with the word of God and began to distribute Bible tracts and other literature. The temple of course is a much revered religious site of the city's Hindus. While the incident involved a clear case of violating sacred space in a rather aggressive manner, no immediate violent incidents took place, even though it touched a raw nerve in many individuals. Thus the incident remains part of the memory of many individuals I talked to irrespective of their religious background. Thus it was related to me by Hindus as well as Catholics and Buddhists... Structurally, the incident which nearly took place in Mihintale in Sri Lanka is similar… [12]

India under Antonio Maino is also rapidly losing its cultural and religious assets; earlier antiques were stolen; now the state is taking control of rich temples. Rajiv Gandhi knew that and that’s why he was assassinated. When evidences were presented by Harvard don Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Member of Parliament, even the Supreme Court advised him not to push these issues!

NEFIN has no option; Maoists have amassed too much wealth stashed in western banks to offer any resistance. Prachanda, Yami and Bhattarai and their sidekicks are all in it. They will be forced to destroy Nepali culture and religion, willingly or unwillingly. The New World Order wants total destruction of cultural identity and NWO is the banksters’ agenda, not US or NATO; the banksters provide the toilet paper dollars, the latter provide the muscle power.

Resource plundering agenda

The Himalayan region has been the target for resource plundering since the early 19th century and especially after 1959 when the western imperialists ‘lost’ Tibet to China. The loss of Tibet was a major setback for the CIA and all former colonialists, especially the London banksters who had earlier bankrolled the East India Company. It was the banksters who bought off the Nepalese King to sign the humiliating Treaty of Sugauli [1816], after the East India Company’s army had lost the Anglo-Nepalese War, forcing Nepal to cede 1/3rd of its most vital food growing territory. [13]

Control over Asia requires control over the Himalayan region. Greater Himalayan region is spread across Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan and China. Lesser Himalayan region stretches into the Northeast India and Burma. Parts of the Central Asian Republics merge with the Western Himalayas. The Himalayas are the most densely populated mountainous region on earth, home to around 40 million people of diverse ethnicity, speaking over a hundred different languages. All the Himalayan nations are now target for Balkanization a la Yugoslavia, sell-off of natural resources and location of permanent military bases.

The Himalayas with 55,000 glaciers, second largest snow mass after the Antarctica, feed seven major river systems [Yellow, Yangtse, Mekong, Irrawady, Brahmaputra, the Ganges, and the Indus] that irrigate lands that are home to 1.6 billion people. One of the main objectives of corporatist Agenda-21 is to take total control over world’s water resources.

An example of privatization attempt is the 1997 Nepalese Government decision to privatize Kathmandu valley water supply and in 2006 [note the date, that is when the Maoists took over] the Government decided to “invite” multinational Severn Trent Water Authority to take over and manage Kathmandu’s water supply. That was a US$464 million Melamchi River water diversion project that would have starved every community downstream of the river. [14] It was the villagers who stopped the project.

EHMs of the World Bank and Asian Development Bank bribe every third world politician routinely to accept “loans” even when not required. The loans become a liability for the poor people, the politicians get several million in their account in any preferred foreign bank; the toilet paper dollar acquires hard assets.

With immense forest wealth, the region is classified as one of mega-biodiversity, with as yet many unidentified flora and fauna. Commercially valuable minerals like copper, lead, zinc, bismuth, lithium [huge deposits in Afghanistan and Tibet] antimony, nickel, cobalt, tungsten are known to occur in both the eastern and western Himalayas at over 100 locations; gold, silver, precious stones, limestone, bauxite, gypsum, beryllium, magnetite, coal, and oil and gas are plentiful in the region. All these are becoming scarcer to the Western economies. [15]

The estimated total hydro-electric potential is around 500,000 MWe; 250,000 in the Tibet-China side and the rest in the southern side; 83,000 MWe in Nepal, and inestimable potential for small hydel plants. If the World Bank has its way, all Himalayan rivers will become a series of dams and reservoirs. [16]

Equally important is charas, made from the resin of the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica), that grows throughout the Himalayas. Local folks make over twenty different products – from slippers, woven fabrics to medicinal oils, and various food items of daily use – hence it is an important cash crop for the local people. Worldwide, about 50,000 items can be made from the cannabis plant.

People forget that the cannabis plant can generate a trillion dollar turnover annually from sustainable industries, create millions of jobs around the world, and prevent environmental degradation. However, the Governments of India, Pakistan and Nepal have banned the cultivation of cannabis; earlier at the behest of the East India Company, now the ban is enforced by the globalists. Why? Because global drug trade has ensured healthy cash flow of all the top western banks, including Queen Elizabeth’s bank which was fined by Her Majesty’s Government officers for drug money laundering.

Tom Burghardt says, “.... at the height of the global financial crisis Antonio Maria Costa, then the head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime told The Observer he has seen evidence that the proceeds of organised crime were ‘the only liquid investment capital’ available to some banks on the brink of collapse.... that a majority of the $352bn (£216bn) of drugs profits was absorbed into the economic system as a result.” And further “In many instances,” Costa said, “the money from drugs was the only liquid investment capital. In the second half of 2008, liquidity was the banking system's main problem and hence liquid capital became an important factor.” While Costa “declined to identify countries or banks that may have received any drugs money, he said the money is now a part of the official system and had been effectively laundered.” [17]

The occupation of Afghanistan, a South Asian nation like Nepal, was essentially to control opium cultivation and production of heroin and cocaine now worth 600-700 billion dollars annually; the next goal seems to be control over the entire Himalayan region. Nepali officials concede that they don’t have the resources to control drug movement from Nepal. Since the banksters control global drug trade they can actually finance any number of NGOs and armed groups as long as they wish. Control over all sources of drugs is a main goal proven time and time again. It has also been alleged that Israeli Chabad Lubavicher in Kathmandu and Pokhara are involved in all sorts of nefarious activities.

The military perspective

That’s why from military perspective it makes eminent sense to break Nepal into 15 to 20 smaller, economically unviable nations. Large areas of Nepal are economically under-developed. Fomenting ethnic strife serves their purpose. The ten year civil war was used to eliminate monarchy and weaken all institutions of governance. At the height of civil disturbance 20,000 Maoist guerillas were fighting the state; all are well trained in the use of sophisticated weapons. Around 9,000 have been inducted into the Nepalese army and, as one report indicates, they are from all ethnic groups. Over the past twenty years ethnic identity has sharpened and demands for inclusion in power sharing is now taking extremely ugly shape. Nepal is in a situation of uneasy peace and ethnic violence can start anytime and NEFIN leader’s language leaves no one in doubt.

Conditions for military intervention of the UN have been created through UN Mission in Nepal [UNMIN]; all UN missions are now working under the Framework Team. The plan to destroy food security of Nepal is already underway with powerful moves by USAID and Monsanto reported earlier. [18]

The Powers That Be [PTB] have already taken control of 65% of ethnic minorities’ lands through the innocuous Park Act. Soon a situation will be created when short of land, food and water, people will revolt. That would be given “ethnic color” and NEFIN and all the NGOs will be readied to be the savior. Foreign funds and aid money will flow in; all toilet paper dollars printed in Banksters’ backyards to foment more trouble and violence. Guns will be shipped in humanitarian aid aircrafts and that is well documented. Neighbours will be turned against neighbours, people against people and then the UN Framework Team will intervene. [19] Once it starts it will be impossible to control the violence and perhaps that is what R2P strategy seeks.

Scan global intelligence reports and horrific facts emerge: Two of the best managed countries in West Asia have been bombed into the Stone Age, Iran’s fate awaits. As one insider says, “China is being completely encircled with massive US military buildup around it and allegedly 2/3 of the Pacific fleet of US Navy is in the South China Sea now. Countries surrounding China are being dismantled – Nepal is undergoing massive balkanization by the usual suspects right now with an army of USAID on the ground, convincing the tribes to opt for tribal federalization under UN/NWO – that will leave a large border to China wide open, when complete.”

Chabad House is located in Kathmandu and Pokhara. The head of the Chabad at Dharamshala is Rabbe Dror Shaul. He is based at Dharamkot Chabad Lubavich House a few miles off MacLeodganj army cantonment. Dror Shaul is an expert in mountain combat and survival. He is ‘apparently’ training the Special Frontier Forces [SFF] of the Indian Army mainly composed of Tibetan, Gorkhas, Sikkimese and Bhutanese young soldiers. It is not surprising that the Ministry of Home has decided to give only 3-month visa to Israelis with a 12 month gap before re-entry. Kathmandu provides the best bet for reentry into India. Both India and Nepal are very easy and soft countries for the Israelis.

The Israelis are not liked by locals, but both male and female Israelis are marrying into local families by the hundreds. That gives them property rights in India and Nepal.

Dalai Lama’s game and the Chinese response

Since 1998, local Buddhists in Himachal Pradesh and intelligence folks working in remote areas have known that the Nobel Peacenik Dalai Lama wants a trans-Himalayan Buddhist nation carved out of India, Nepal, Sikkim, and Bhutan. The Chinese taught him a lesson by recognizing Dorje Shugden, the true Tibetan Buddhist religion. Dalai Lama and his system of governance have been thoroughly examined by scholars and what emerges is that he is a cruel imposter. Worth examining is the co-location of Israeli conclaves close to those of exiled Tibetans in India and Nepal.

The incursions by Israelis and the Dalai Lama plan are well known to the Chinese Government. In a recent series of meeting between high level Nepali Government and Chinese military and police officials, the Chinese delegation specifically pointed out the need to curb (i) cross-border criminal activities and drug trafficking and (ii) the nefarious activities of Tibetan refugees. The Chinese government through the Police Chief of Yunnan has offered to establish a college for the Armed Police Force. [20] The Chinese have suggested close coordination at district level which is a very significant move.


While the world has been busy analyzing the spurious GWOT and the mayhem going on in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Russia, Syria and Iran, ‘Identity Federalists’ funded by the same aggressive powers have created conditions that will decimate Nepal as Asians have known it, and as the world has accepted as a place for peace and meditation.

The people of Nepal have shed much blood for the scoundrels funded by the western powers and the UN system. It is now time to firmly reject the NGO-driven agenda and to regroup against a class of politicians and the so-called civil society organizations to take control of running their society and economy exactly as they want. For over two decades they have been led by paid lackeys of the western imperialists without popular mandate.


Report from Delhi, Indo-Nepalese border towns, Kathmandu and Dharamkot, HP

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[3] Nepalese informants told me that “General Dharma Pal Bar Singh Thapa was the Graduate of US War College at Pennsylvania/USA. General Thapa was the first officer to go for graduate training course from India & Nepal region. The insurgency started from Feb.1996 and when Dr Baburam Bhattarai and his group of rebels were rounded up they were not lodge in prison but taken by the Army helicopters and left in the remote villages in far Western Remote area in Nepal….[people do not understand] why General Thapa never …sent them to prison and nor did Prime Minister Deuba do it. In New Delhi…..they both rewarded for not sending them to prison.

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[5] NEFIN on its website gives of list of atrocities and for some unexplained reason blames Hindus for all the ills. See their list of grievances here:


They have no idea that what is going on in Nepal is directly funded by toilet paper dollars.

[6] This letter was published in a major Kathmandu Nepali language newspaper.

[7] According to some intelligence agencies Dawood had a hand in the 2008 Mumbai massacre. I think, based on the evidences I have, that Mumbai shootout was planned by Mossad and backed by CIA, MI6 and counter-group in the ISI of Pakistan. The Muslims were needlessly blamed. The weapons used were not standard Pakistani weapons.

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[15] PNAC is Plan for the New American Century. It is a horrific plan of the London Banksters using the military might of the US and NATO forces to enslave the world. Every country and every region. The plan is to break every nation into such small parts as to become economically unviable. That is why, as Wayne Madsen says, the UN Framework Team has been put up to break up the big ones. Corporate takeover will follow.

[16] It is possible to send our survey based report to interested parties of what we did in Himachal Pradesh. In 2008 we conducted a survey of over 5000 households on the impact of massive damming of rivers and we found that the World Bank is actively promoting this agenda.
[17] (a) Burghardt quoting Journalist Ed Vulliamy says that “report provide compelling evidence that "financial regulators in the west are reluctant to go after western banks in pursuit of the massive amount of drug money being laundered through their systems." See the complete article here:

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[19] This is not speculation; it comes from an in-depth analysis of the process that led to Yugoslavia’s total destruction. This is exactly what the US and NATO forces have done after Soros funded ethnic strife snowballed into widespread civil war in Yugoslavia, then Kosovo and now in Macedonia. Exactly the same sort of situation has been created in Nepal as in 1990 Yugoslavia; when it starts the civil war here will be as brutal.

[20] http://www.ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2012/06/03/nation/nepal-china-in-

Dr Arun Shrivastava is an accredited management consultant and highly experienced researcher and writer. He taught Strategic Management and Long Range Planning at the International Management Institute, Delhi. Since 9/11, he has devoted much time to researching New World Order issues. He is South Asia correspondent of Salem-News of Oregon, USA and a regular contributor to Global Research. His email is: arun1951@gmail.com 
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