Nepal needs healers: Can rid itself of foreign-funded blundering idiots masquerading as leaders
by Arun Shrivastava on 05 Jul 2012 8 Comments

Nepal needs healers, people of moral courage to make Nepal safe. She needs leaders with common sense and decency and a commitment to the Nepalese people. Like other South Asian nations, she is resource rich, but her people are poor. Proximity to India and its ruling class keeps Nepali leaders away from their own people. India’s poor live in far more wretched condition than the poor in any part of the world, including Nepal. There is nothing to learn from India except various ways of brutalizing the poor, especially the farmers who feed India’s 1.2 billion. When a quarter million farmers’ suicides can’t move India to action, they will not come to Nepal’s aid when the going gets rough as now.


Nepal’s priorities


The first priority for Nepal’s leaders is to ensure healthy, nourishing food for all. The first priority of Nepal’s farmers is to feed their households healthy, nourishing food. If Nepalese farmers refuse to sell their surplus to the current crop of leaders, the leaders would starve, not the farmers. According to an FAO report about 16% of the Nepalese population is undernourished; 39% children are underweight and 49% vulnerable to stunting [short height for age].[1] Multinational corporations, the United Nations Organization, Governments, NGOs, and politicians won’t feed them; they will talk. Talk doesn’t fill the belly. However, they have the power to keep people hungry, undernourished and in poor health. And that is because Nepalese leaders are complicit.


Per capita GDP of NRs 115,000 means nothing; GDP is a completely misleading indicator of the state of economic development and people’s welfare. If natural resources contribute 72-74 trillion dollars worth of goods and services globally, according to one calculation Nepal must estimate its value. Nepal’s land mass 147,181 square kilometers, is 0.00098 of world’s total landmass of 148,940,000 square kilometers. It means Nepal’s natural system generate 71 billion dollar per year worth of ecosystem goods and services for planet earth. For 26 million Nepalese that is a contribution worth US$2,730 per capita. Who gains? Who is playing the big global game in Nepal?


No formula can estimate the monetary value of Nepal’s incalculable resources and the wisdom of local people who managed those resources. Agenda 21 remains a globalist-fascist agenda for enslavement of resource rich nations and that is beyond the understanding of Maoists and Federalists as Bhattarai’s expensive holiday in Rio amply proves. That profligacy also proves that Nepal’s leaders do not have people’s interests in mind and there has been a consistent pattern of lack of statesmanship.


The second priority, therefore, is to use natural resources to people’s advantage by way of shared benefits. Soros’s 100 billion dollar largesse to environmental fundamentalists to “turn Agenda 21 and sustainable development into a success,” supported by the UN system and US and NATO leaders, is the final putsch to make as many nations ungovernable and depopulate as many lands as they can. Nepal’s natural resources are not the personal property of any person, institution or agency. The people of Nepal are the primary stakeholders; all others must earn their respect and address people’s concerns and this is neither on any ethnic group’s agenda nor of any political party.


Not one Maoist or Federalist can question the validity of these two basic priorities. Have they addressed these issues in any discussion? The Indian Maoists don’t know this equation; neither do the elitist Leftists of India.


Which developmental model?


Nepal must evolve its own developmental agenda, free from foreign interference. No major economy of the world today has truly cared for its people; every major economy is dominated by the banksters and corporatists and they want total takeover of every government.


The USA has per capita GDP of $48,000 yet (i) over 42% of its labor are underemployed or unemployed, (ii) owners of 52% of small and medium businesses can’t afford enough food all year round for their households, (iii) around 5% of its households do not have enough to eat, (iv) its criminal government has withdrawn all legal protection to life, liberty, freedom of speech, livelihood, and property, so much so that its farmers are regularly arrested and humiliated on flimsy charges like cultivating healthy foods, and (v) holds the largest number of people behind bars in the world’s largest prison system. The American way of life and the American developmental model is effectively finished; it is now a full-blown fascist state. There is no need to emulate that model. 


China, despite its scorching growth rate, saw over 250,000 peasants’ revolts in the ten years to 2003. Heavily dependent on American and European markets, both in free fall collapse, she’s watching steady decline of industrial production into the ninth month. Her workers do a grueling 12 hour-day without holiday and no social safety net. Export led growth trapped them into holding toilet paper dollars which they were forced to invest in US Treasury bonds now worthless; attempts to buy into US strategic assets were rebuffed earlier, but Obama seems not too bothered because this criminal POTUS has other plans.


Desperately seeking avenues to get rid of her toilet paper dollars, she has offered lucrative investment deals across all the five continents, but is systematically being check-mated by the banksters as the Burma, Pakistan and Iran projects prove. China’s money is trapped in European globalists’ banks.


India followed suit; against China’s 6 Special Economic Zones, the Indian politician Kamal Nath thought of 500 for cosmic conquest. Manmohan Singh juggled up his voodoo econometrics equation which is neither serious science nor mathematics nor economics, eventually amassing 290 billion toilet paper dollars in the Government account. From that mountain of toilet paper, he has promised US$10 billion to the collapsing casino Euro zone, essentially blatant theft of public money when half of India lives on less than fifty cents a day.     


The western financial and banking system, for far too long left unregulated, have the people of all “developed economies” by the balls, heavily in debt. Stephen Lendman writes, “Giant Western banks are zombies. They're insolvent.” Taxpayer funded bailouts alone keep them operating. America's five largest banks hold $226 trillion in derivative bets. For example, JPMorgan's total assets approach $2 trillion [but] its derivatives holdings exceed $70 trillion while its risk capital is about $136 billion [and these casino bets are] 516 times larger than the capital that covers the bets.’ Goldman Sachs ‘takes the cake,’ says [Paul Craig] Roberts. Its $44 trillion in derivatives speculation ‘is covered by only $19 billion in risk capital.’ In other words, its bets are 2,295 times larger than cash on hand covering them.” [2] Even Nepal’s top casinos work sensibly.


Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, HSBC Holdings, Barclays, France’s BNP Paribas, Germany’s Deutsche Bank, Switzerland’s Credit Suisse and Royal Bank of Canada all are in deep quagmire of their own perfidy. [3] And yet, a senior Indian economist told me, “as long as this toilet paper is accepted as ‘good money,’ why should we worry!” When the bug bites the butt of these blundering idiots, they would.


And Japan is finished. Mothers are warning young daughters “Never have a baby;” reports of girls as young as nine suffering from avascular necrosis [AVN, or sudden bone death] are coming out of Tokyo despite Japanese government’s desperate attempt to stop information flow. [4] Their food system is gone, contaminated with over 1700 man-made radioactive elements. Enslaved by the Western bankers, the Japanese government has behaved in the most irresponsible manner to control Fukushima blow-out.


Yet the London headquartered European banksters are able to print dreamboats of toilet paper dollars and Euro that helps them finance revolutions of various colours and pay off all the hoodlums in the third world countries including Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Burma.


The Leftists’ dream of turning Nepal into some sort of “Switzerland” is possible only when they have the support of global Mafia to stash truck loads of cash as the Swiss did. Italians were told to haul in any cash and no questions will be asked: they still do it; a fact known to Indian Revenue officials. If Nepal wants that, where is the global Nepalese Mafia? Do they have one? Our Indians are in there.


Nepal’s dilemma


The first dilemma is to select a viable developmental model to follow. Is there any specific economic model of development which is acceptable to all the people? Politics follows economics.


The next dilemma is that of its own political leaders’ making, with toxic half-life of a few days to desperate few months. Who has promoted them? Where have these emerged from? What is their mass base? Are they following the same square mile strategy as New Delhi, London, DC, Tokyo and the entire world’s capitals? And in the current situation of political limbo rock-dancing of the parties and NGOs, a report says that Nepal has "the highest degree of foreign interference in the world.” [5]


Limbo dance can’t stop foreign interference as India’s change agents also know; for that matter, all of the World’s change agents know that. In Casino Royale, the dices are always loaded.


I suspect that none of the top political leaders in Nepal has any exposure to world’s high finance and any understanding of the way global economic and social hit men work; for that matter none of the current crop of third world leaders has any grasp: lacking in statesmanship, they come and go, replaced at will by the Banksters like their American, British, French, and German counterparts. Soros funded Pussy rioters and FEMEN are causing socio-cultural havoc in Russia too. So long as the misconception of ‘sovereignty’ continues, Nepal will continue to be besieged by ‘foreign interference.’ Politics is not Political Science; it is simply power grab by any means and therein comes the insidious role of political, social and economic hit men. [6] The cultural hit man George Soros is doing his bidding too. See here:


Multi-dimensional foreign interventions


The ‘foreign interference’ has many dimensions, all essentially seeking power grab, resource grab and enslavement. Be this Monsanto and USAID food security agenda, Soros funded identity federalism, perfidious Christian Church’s interference to finish off Nepal’s Hindus, right wing Hindutva formations based in Nepal like the RSS-VHP and Abhinav Bharat (Purohit & the Godse Groups as also top leaders and bureaucrats of India) operating actively in tandem with their new found anti-Muslim Zionist partners across South Asia, and the Saudi Arabian proto-Zionist Wahhabi funded Madarsas bordering nearly all of the Indo-Nepal border districts, the final objective is to engulf Nepal in an ungovernable entity, and that is panning out. ‘Identity federalism’ can inform itself in many unanticipated ways. If the people want peace and amity and good neighbourliness, they better dump their current crop of politicians and the ‘civil society’ because cash can still be brought in, in truck loads, without anyone knowing where it was printed for them.


Hence, dump these non-performers. Nepal has many sensible thinkers and perspicacious leaders; identify them and push them to the forefront. 


The priority for every country today is to ensure food and energy security and conservation of its natural resource base. Nepal can achieve all at low cost but the idiots in positions of power can’t see the hard facts and don’t bother to know what is good for them. And driven by the globalist-corporatist agenda, the leaders and the NGOs will hold on to power till common people of Nepal are butchered.








[6] Mischief of George Soros

(a) Pussy Riot Member Talks about Detention Conditions

(b) FEMEN "Topless Warriors" documentary w/ English subtitles

Dr Arun Shrivastava is an accredited management consultant and highly experienced researcher and writer. He taught Strategic Management and Long Range Planning at the International Management Institute, Delhi. Since 9/11, he has devoted much time to researching New World Order issues. He is South Asia correspondent of Salem-News of Oregon, USA and a regular contributor to Global Research. His email is:
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