The Tehran summit: The Iranian harvest and the Syrian presence
by Ghaleb Kandil on 09 Sep 2012 1 Comment

The non-alignment summit in Tehran constituted a major and important international event, as it was held in the presence of delegations from 120 states, including active and influential countries that are part of the rising powers at the level of international fabric and are contributing to the establishment of a new global reality. Firstly, through the staging of the summit, the Iranian command achieved victory as it caused the collapse of all the American, Western and Israeli attempts to sabotage the event and pressure some countries and figures participating in it. This in itself is a great success, and Iran’s main political gain was seen in the conference’s adoption of the Iranian viewpoint in regard to the nuclear power file.


Indeed, the conference stressed Iran’s right to acquire peaceful nuclear energy, as well as its right to acquire sophisticated industrial technologies and all the scientific research tools to independently develop its resources. One can thus say that the stage that will follow the summit will be different than the one which preceded it at the level of the international political climate surrounding the Iranian nuclear file, which will have a positive moral and practical impact on the overall international reality in favor of the Islamic Republic in Iran which is still being subjected to colonial pressures and Israeli threats. In the meantime, the decision of the summit vis-à-vis nuclear energy exposed the reality of the threat posed by the Israeli nuclear arsenal, while its discussions constituted a significant opportunity to revive the Palestinian cause and its central character on the regional and international levels.


Secondly, there is no doubt that the Iranian presidency over the Non-Alignment Movement granted the country a specific character and platform on which it can capitalize to set the foundations for its wish to turn the non-aligned movement into an organized global power committed to the struggle to liberate international reality - whether strategically, economically or politically - from colonial hegemony.


In that sense, one must point to the inaugural speech of Imam Sayyed Al-Khamenei, which revived the idea of Non-Alignment as an international gathering struggling for liberation from colonial hegemony and for the support of the oppressed people around the world. It is thus necessary to thoroughly look into the ideas put forward by Sayyed Khamenei and conveyed by President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad regarding the transformation of the movement into an organized institution and the establishment of economic and technical relations for cooperation and development between the states composing that wide gathering.


Thirdly, the main problem facing this Iranian ambition will be the existence of governments participating in the movement, although linked to Western hegemony projects or are being subjected to the pressures exercised by the United States and the Western states in general, along with Israel and some Arab governments revolving in the Western space.


Nonetheless, the new international climate secured by the resistance and independence forces around the world and the defeats which affected the colonial powers and their main nerve represented by the United States, NATO and Israel, is setting the foundation for balances limiting the efficiency of the pressures and the restraining attempts which will not stop and which aim at obstructing the materialization of this global gathering that is designed by Iran, as well as the clear political will and the investment opportunities serving this direction.

Moreover, the use of the rising roles of Russia, China and the BRICS states at the level of international reality can come together to form a new international reality that is close to the ambitions and interests of the people.


Fourthly, at the end of the summit, one must point to the Syrian presence, which allowed the Syrian state to present its viewpoint and witnessed the rallying of many participating states around the rejection of intervention in Syria, amid calls for the staging of political dialogue to exit the Syrian crisis.


Moreover, the meetings of the Syrian delegation and the statements of its members granted the Syrian national state a platform from Tehran, through participation in such a major international event, after the targeting to which it was subjected at the Arab League and the Islamic Conference Organization upon orders from the United States, and the fierce campaign led by the Qatari and Saudi governments.


As to Sayyed Khamenei’s statements during his meeting with the Syrian delegation, it constituted the logical response to all these attempts, as the Iranian Guide announced that some of those talking about the Syrian crisis knew nothing about the facts which confirmed that what was happening was a war launched on behalf of America and Israel against a resisting and important state in the region, due to its liberation and independence option. 

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