US soldiers on the ground in Nepal
by Arun Shrivastava on 24 Sep 2012 29 Comments

Early this week, sixty-five American soldiers landed in Kathmandu and moved to Dhikurpokhari of Kaski district of Nepal. They are also travelling in Manang and Mustang districts bordering China’s Tibet region. Israelis hold the highest Passover Seder festival each year on 9 April in Manang! Ostensibly the soldiers are on a “humanitarian mission” of assessing the quality of healthcare services available to the local people. They have been meeting health workers and holding talks with NGOs working in these parts. This job could have been better accomplished by a team of public health experts in civilian dress.  


In reality, it looks like an advance reconnaissance party to evaluate the nature of the local terrain and assess possible local cooperation to overcome logistical bottlenecks in the event of Nepal’s occupation. Nepalese Army’s Lt. Gen. Nepal Bhushan Chand is coordinating with American soldiers; again the coordination could have been better with local public health experts who are more knowledgeable in these matters. Effectively, this ‘humanitarian mission’ appears to be strictly an army matter and it stinks.


US soldiers have never ever entered a sovereign country on humanitarian mission anywhere in the world, except in a limited way during the Second World War and that too in Europe. In every third world country, US Government’s ‘humanitarian mission’ has been a cover to eliminate popular leaders and/or incite civil wars.


Since there is no leader in Nepal either popular or opposed to Western domination or both, that can’t be a reason for the humanitarian mission of US soldiers. On the other hand, the undercurrent of simmering ethnic strife stoked by well funded INGOs and NGOs, USAID, FORD Foundation, Asia Foundation, George Soros’ Human Rights groups and the UN Framework Team could be used as an opportunity to grab strategic territory close to China. The construction of a lily pad in Gorkha district, of no use to the local civilian population, is a strong indication that the US Government is planning an extremely risky surgery in the Himalayan heart.


Nepalese NGOs, people and politicians should note that Russia has expelled USAID for their nefarious activities, including interference in Russia’s electoral process. [1]


Intelligence reports from North Korea confirm that US boots are also on ground there, with the connivance of Kim Jong-un’s sister and brother-in-law who want North Korea to become another star in the spangled banner. Equaling or surpassing the Korean pecuniary motives are the over ambitious India-educated Prime Minister Bhattarai and his cohort, well known to the Nepalese people. A leading Kathmandu daily, responding to Bhattarai’s helpless ‘power is not in my hand’, aptly asked “So, where is the power centre?” Valid question. Since Bhattarai doesn’t know where his power stems from, who allowed US soldiers on Nepalese soil is a moot question. If the Prime Minister approved it, then Nepal has a huge problem as it amounts to surrender of national sovereignty.  


State of Nepal’s political institutions and politicians


At this juncture, Nepal is governed under the 2007 Interim Constitution; the mandated tenure of the Constituent Assembly [CA] expired on 27 May 2012. The mandate to the Prime Minister stands on pretty shaky ground, yet, he somehow managed to represent Nepal in the recently concluded Non-Aligned Movement [NAM] summit in Teheran. He was accompanied by twenty persons without the people’s mandate. During preparations in Kathmandu, the ambassadors of Israel, US and UK made several visits to the Foreign Ministry to dissuade the troupe not to go to Teheran because ‘it’d send a wrong signal that Nepal supports a terrorist state.’ Did any senior leader give a press statement that Iran is not a terrorist state? I can’t recall even one senior politician stating that Nepal is a sovereign state and at full liberty to enter into any relationship with any country, including Iran. [2]


On the contrary, while leaders have been asserting that Nepal is a buffer state between China and India, during the past two decades these very politicians, willingly or unwillingly, have allowed infamous international institutions with a known history of covertly engineering civil wars in third world countries, to expand their activities in Nepal, which threaten peace and stability in border areas of China and India. Worse, the situation they have created will make life miserable for the Nepalese people and for the ethnic minorities in some of the most sensitive regions.


Learning from history


After the untimely demise of King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shahdev in 1972, not one Nepali leader, including the well meaning late King Birendra, has shown the perspicacity of steadfastly remaining neutral in regional power politics panning out now under the Project for the New American Century [PNAC]. If King Birendra had his father’s insight into the subtle manipulations of the western powers, he would not have allowed Kathmandu to become the south Asian operational base of fifth columnist INGOs and NGO and all the Trojan horses of rogue international developmental agencies. It was King Mahendra who had a consistent policy of keeping Nepal as a buffer state between China and India, leaning towards China, and keeping western powers’ illicit and perverted designs at bay.


Recall that the moment King Mahendra found out that the then Prime Minister B.P. Koirala had secured arms from Israel to overthrow the monarchy, he ordered his arrest and imprisoned him for treason. His advisors were astute analysts and nationalists. They knew how the British and CIA had engineered the murder of democracy and the violent overthrow of Mossadeq of Iran in 1953 to install a brutal despot, the ‘Shah’ as King of Iran. They also knew that Americans had a hand in democratically elected Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan’s assassination to install a military dictator five years later [Ayub Khan] as an agent of chaos in south and west Asia. Throughout the 1950s and 60s, one after another, democratically elected popular leaders were removed or murdered by the same western powers whose soldiers are on ground in Nepal today. The current Nepali leadership is complicit in defiling God’s own divine soil.


Delve into the history of Indonesia where popular leader Sukarno was removed and a brutal dictatorship of Suharto installed. Both USAID and FORD Foundation played pernicious roles and Mrs. Ann Dunham Soetoro (mother of US President Barak Hussain Obama whose real name is Barry Soetoro and has travelled to south Asia [Pakistan] on an Indonesian passport with his mother) worked as an anthropologist for the CIA and handed over a complete list of every ethnic group that had even remotest communist leaning. Ann Dunham, according to Wayne Madsen’s sources, was perhaps responsible for a quarter million to one million Indonesians slaughtered by Suharto in league with the CIA. [3]


Complete list of every ethnic group in Nepal by number of households, population, residence, social structure, economic activity, and religious and political affiliations are known to CIA, MI6, and MOSSAD. That list was prepared by the Christian Church under Joshua Project and that list is in the public domain. Similar lists have been prepared for Burma, northeastern region of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Scientific Committee of the Vatican, despite opposition of many Archbishops, approved the use of Genetically Engineered Seeds on 17 May 2009, and USAID and MONSANTO have already announced in league with stupid Nepalese Agricultural scientists to promote GM seeds; this will decimate Nepalese population within two generations. [4] Contrary to media reports, the US and NATO forces are unlikely to leave Afghanistan and the US will further intensify Drone attacks on Pakistani people. 


Nepalese people should further note that Islamic Relief Worldwide [IRW] working in Nepal is under heavy scanner in India for funding Islamic terrorist activities in south Asia. There are hard evidences that the European Community headquartered in Brussels directly funds their activities in south Asia controlled from Dacca. [5] This organization also gets Wahhabi funds from Saudi Arabia whose rulers are closely allied with the Israeli Government. This network coordinates with the Chabad Lubavitchers and Tibetan refugee centres in Kathmandu and funds hard drug production and distribution via Nepal, which Nepalese authorities can’t control. [6]   


Nepalese people should watch every move of foreign agencies and that of their politicians carefully. They can’t be trusted exactly as the leaders thousand mile west-south of Kathmandu can’t be trusted by 1.2 billion Indians. Sitting silently in the hope that the current crop of leaders or the ethnic federalists NGOs will provide them with stable and democratic Government is tantamount to national suicide. Trusting European and American institutions to help them would be even more foolish.  





Majority of third world citizens don’t realize that USAID is a division of the US-Department of Defense and serves the expansionary imperialist agenda of the US Government and their cohorts in West Europe, especially UK.  


[2] I don’t have access to all the Nepali dailies. If any leader has responded to the three ambassadors’ interference in Nepal’s sovereign right to decide its foreign policy, then I apologize and stand corrected.


[3] Wayne Madsen; “The Manufacturing of a President”-How the CIA ‘inserted’ Barak Hussain Obama into the White House; Lulu Publication; 2012

Wayne Madsen is a former US Naval intelligence officer and well known investigative journalist. He has extensive intelligence network in Asia and the canny ability to accurately predict events by connecting the dots.


[4]   Weaponization of the food system-Genetically engineered maize threatens Nepal and the Himalayan region; Centre for Research on Globalization; 2012.

The article can be accessed here:


A recent French study shows that rats fed GM foods develop cancers and vital organ failure. If Nepal’s agricultural scientists, with dollars rammed down their throats, think Nepalese people are laboratory rats and they can live with this scenario, then I have no further comments, except that Nepal will be completely depopulated in two generations and that will affect China and India and the entire Himalayan region too. Nepal’s Agricultural scientists can amass wealth but they have no right to kill people in three countries because of their stupidity. 


[5] Islamic Relief Worldwide is registered in Birmingham, UK. They are the conduit of European Community funding of social chaos and terrorism in south Asia. India’s Home Ministry has extensive documents tracking their nefarious activities. Nepal should ban their activities but, unfortunately, Nepal does not have a leader who has the anatomical feature called a spine.


[6] Political Crisis in Nepal; Centre for Research on Globalization; 2012

The article can be accessed here:


Arun Shrivastava is an accredited management consultant and highly experienced researcher and writer. Since 9/11, he has devoted much time to researching New World Order issues. He is South Asia correspondent of Salem-News of Oregon, USA and a regular contributor to Global Research. His email is: 

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