Why defend Devas and Devatas?
by Achintyachintaka on 27 Sep 2012 29 Comments

One billion Hindus worship a multitude of Devas, Devis (Devatas) in their temples and in the worship rooms or corners in their homes. Some who do not openly do so have no disrespect for those who do, or vice versa, because of the very tolerant nature of Hinduness. Growing up in such tolerant society makes a Hindu child intuitively understand that Hindus worship the internal representation when they close their eyes; they worship the conscious perception of Devas and Devatas and not the stones that they face, whether artistically sculpted or not, or various artistic depictions of the images of Devas and Devatas.


For monotheists and other non-comprehending onlookers with their concrete thinking and brainwashing by their own ‘faiths’ against ‘idol’ worship, such worship of Devas and Devis by Hindus is difficult to understand and arouses both conscious and unconscious hostility. The reason is that their God is ‘jealous’ or so they are indoctrinated to believe, and they cannot tolerate anyone who worships any other God but ‘HIM’.


In contrast, a Hindu child can intuitively understand a Christian worshiping his God or a Muslim worshipping Allah because they too are indeed worshipping the representations of their divinities as internalized during their upbringing in their respective religious cultures.

When the 80 per cent plus population of India is made up of such intuitively tolerant Hindus who have this generous understanding of worshipping different gods and goddesses, and have a conviction that such paths all lead to the same ‘god’ or Brahman, the Vedic cultural memories that Hindus carry in their Unconscious lead to instant empathy for the existential state of mind in other human beings engaged in the process of worship. This is summarized by Bhagvad Gita and later by Swami Vivekananda in his short speech at the Congress of World Religions in Chicago in 1893. The difference is that This One final ‘place’ where all worshipping minds flow to concentrate as per Hindu Vedic ethos is not acceptable to the Abrahamic religions.

Monotheistic idiots, the word ‘idiot’ is used deliberately to emphasize not the lack of mental ability or to describe a monotheist as an imbecile, but to point out that the intolerant excessive attachment to an ‘idea’ and unshakeable adherence to a culturally ingrained ‘idea’ makes him/her an ‘idiot’ in the sense of the true meaning of the word ‘idiot’. (The word idiot is thus derived from the word ‘idea’).

It is this idiocy that leads to the fanaticism of Abrahamic faiths and their historical aggressiveness and drive to proselytize the world populations. Conversion on larger and larger scale globally by what started off as small cults in the Middle East have today led to two major ‘religions’ of the world dominating the globe demographically and politically. ‘One Godism’ has been a political tool to dominate ‘non-believers’, enslave them, exploit them and use world resources for dominant groups belonging to these faiths. Colonization may have come to an end but neo-colonization continues.

Conversion by sword or at gun point with threats of or actual torture, as well as all forms of coercion, was the order of the day in the past and continues to be the modus operandi of these two dominating religions historically and even now in some regions of the world. Both expend astronomical amounts of wealth for converting world populations to their faith and to invest in ‘inculturation’. The sad fact is the conflict between the Cross and the Crescent was overt at one time and now it is covert yet active in many areas of the world. The expansionist nature of the two extant imperialistic dominating religions of today has attained morbid explosiveness and therefore both are becoming a blight on humanity no matter how compassionate and empathic they were originally expected to be by their innocent practitioners. 

The Hindus of India, worshippers of Devas and Devatas, are the true dharmis who weld together the myriad population of India and are the real buffer to reduce overt conflicts between people of different religious persuasions. Any reduction of this population of Hindus to less than 50 per cent will inevitably see an increasing rift among the One Goddists for political dominion; the annihilation of Hindus from their own land will follow. That will also be the end of ‘secular’ India (the India that does not want to cede ascendancy to its native Hindu ethos). Without the buffer of secular (read believing/practicing) Hindus, the Christists and Islamists will be prone instigate a civil war in India like they have done in some African countries.

Every Hindu then has a duty to defend all devas and devatas worshipped by Hindus and stop the onslaught on their society by the ‘One Goddists’. The very survival of India as a nation depends on the freedom to worship Devas and Devatas. Both the freedom to worship and the freedom to think are the very essence of Hinduness. There is no room for freedom to convert and propagate a monotheistic religion in Bharat as a constitutional guarantee, although some misinterpret the constitution of India and its ‘secularism’ mantra as a license for demographic attack on Hindus.

Devas and devatas reside all over BharatBha stands for brilliance and rata stands for engrossment. Devas are the brilliant ones literally when the mind is illuminated, and hence the Devas are intimately related to BharatBharat is the punya bhumi, meaning the sacred land, because of the presence of sacred Devas and Devatas all over the land of Bharat. That is what makes it sacred and it is, therefore, the punyabhumi where Hindus are indigenous.

If India is to see its progress (abhyudaya) in the comity of nations, the land of Devas and Devatas must be protected from being grabbed by the monotheistic ‘idiots’. Demographic attack by converting the local population of India to monotheistic faiths by opposing ‘polytheistic’ or ‘pantheistic’ worship must be faced bravely and stopped immediately with strategies to prevent their further growth and land-grabbing. Such dangerous process is metastasizing at exponential rates in many parts of India: Kerala, Andhra, Assam, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, not to mention Kashmir. 

Whoever is committed to the punya bhumi and the Dharma will be remiss if he/she does not simultaneously defend the Devas and Devatas.
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