From nutrition-dense to nutrition-deficient: Decline in food quality & corruption of science
by Arun Shrivastava on 24 Nov 2012 3 Comments

We eat to nourish our body and mind yet food production is measured in terms of weight and not nutrition yield; quantity, not quality, matters. This anomaly has been thoroughly exploited by the corporations. Marketing and sales propaganda of all fertiliser and pesticide companies invariably stress on yield. Their main focus is to sell their poisons while completely ignoring the nutrition loss in crops and adverse impacts on human and environmental health.  


At the outset I should remind readers that worldwide there is not a single honest doctor who would deny that nutritious food is far more important than medicines. Responsible doctors also stress that nutrition plays the most vital role in the prevention of such diseases as coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. The smell and taste of foods indicate nutritive content.


The corporate takeover of food has ensured that the world is forced to eat nutrition-deficient foods. The corporate takeover of medicines has ensured that fewer honest doctors exist today. The big food and pharmaceutical firms are owned and /or controlled by a handful of European elite families. They maximise profit by feeding the world nutrition-deficient foods, making us sick and then sell spurious medicines prescribed by dishonest doctors. 


Decline in nutritive content of common foods


The past two decades have seen many excellent researches that conclusively show evidence of significant decline in nutritive content of all foods including fresh fruits, veggies, meat, milk and egg. The decline in nutritive content is correlated with farming methods: conventional [a.k.a. industrial] methods consistently show low nutrition while natural methods, even when fertilizers and pesticides are judiciously used, consistently show high nutrition yield.


Dr Davis et al studied 50-year changes in US Dept. of Agriculture food composition data for 13 nutrients in 43 garden crops – vegetables plus strawberries and three melons – and found apparent declines in median concentrations of six nutrients: protein –6%, calcium –16%, phosphorus –9%, iron –15%, riboflavin –38%, and vitamin C about –20%. [1]


Paul Bergner found that the average decline in mineral content of some fruits and vegetables was quite dramatic. He found that Calcium had declined by 29%, iron by 32%, Magnesium by 21%, Phosphorus by 11% and Potassium by over 6%. He had measured oranges, apples, bananas, carrots, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, celery, romaine lettuce, broccoli, iceberg lettuce, collard greens, and chard. [2]


Kathryn Scharf of The Kushi Institute of Becket, Massachusetts, studied USDA nutrient data from 1975 and 1997, and uncovered a disturbing trend: average calcium levels in 12 fresh vegetables have declined 27 percent, iron levels have dropped 37 percent, vitamin A levels, 21 percent; and vitamin C levels, 30 percent. [3]


The nutrition ‘dilution effect’ is the declining average nutrient levels, a phrase first coined in an important review article published in 1981. They found that fertilized plants contained larger absolute amounts of minerals than the unfertilized plants, but these amounts were sufficiently diluted by the increased dry matter that all mineral concentrations declined, except for phosphorus, which is the common fertilizer. [4] This is the gift of the Green Revolution votaries to the world and India and one man who should be held responsible for destroying nutrition in India’s foods is Dr M.S. Swaminathan, who, nearing 80 now, still lords over India’s Agricultural scientific establishment.


Recent findings


Recent studies clearly show the holistic beneficial effects of natural farming. I quote two below:


(i) Fact Sheet from the Soils Association, Bristol, UK. 2004 [5]

  • ‘Organic food contains, on average, higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium.
  • In a review of 41 studies from around the world, organic crops were shown to have statistically significant higher levels of vitamin C, magnesium, iron and phosphorous. Spinach, lettuce, cabbage and potatoes showed particularly high levels of minerals.
  • Nitrate levels in organic food are on average 15% lower. Scientists from Glasgow University have found a link between the levels of nitrates in vegetables and gullet cancer, which has trebled over the last 20 years and claims more than 3000 lives a year. They believe that an increase in the use of nitrate fertilizers since World War II may be one of the main reasons for the rise in this cancer.
  • Organic vegetables have higher levels (between 10% and 50%) of secondary nutrients. These include antioxidants which help to mop up harmful free radicals implicated in cancer.
  • Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can lead to a variety of symptoms including muscle cramps and depression.
  • Between 1940 and 1991, trace minerals in conventional UK fruit and vegetables fell by up to 76%; US figures show a similar trend (Defra and USDA)
  • In a survey of organic vegetable soups, researchers found that they contain almost six times as much salicylic acid as non-organic vegetable soups. The acid helps combat the hardening of the arteries and bowel cancer and is responsible for the anti-inflammatory action of aspirin. It is naturally used in plants as defence against disease.
  • The Food Standards Agency agree that consumers concerned about sustainability (wildlife, pollution, climate change) and pesticide residues can buy organic food.’


(ii) State of Science Review: Nutritional Superiority of Organic Foods; March 2008, by Charles Benbrook, Xin Zhao, Jaime Yáñez, Neal Davies and Preston Andrews [6]


This is a vital document in our understanding of nutrition in our foods. Andrew Weil, of the Organic Centre says, ‘The medical evidence linking fruits and vegetables to good health is overwhelming. And now, so too is the new evidence that [natural] fruits and vegetables deliver more nutrients per average serving, including the all-important protective phytonutrients like polyphenols and antioxidants..’


Corrupted science treats people as lab rats


The seed/food biotech industry led by Monsanto wants to force feed the world genetically modified foods without demonstrating their nutritional superiority. It was suspected and eventually known that GMO could pose serious threat to human and animal health and the environment, yet efforts at independent biosafety assessment were discontinued.


Today it is now clearly established that genetically modified [GM] foods kill. The seeds were weaponized to produce poisoned foods. Manmohan Singh, the PM of India, in a private discussion, said that he will not stand in the way of the working of private corporations and he actually backed genetically engineered seeds’ firms, asserting that they are required to ensure food security!


There is not one study, not one, which shows nutritional superiority of foods grown from Green or Gene revolution technologies. The Green and Gene revolutions have been the biggest globalized fraud on the people in which every Government and majority of Government Ag-scientist is complicit.


Years ago on an environmental discussion forum I had said that India’s scientific establishment is far more feudal and intolerant of truthful science than Medieval Europe who would hang a joker for proving that the earth is round. I also said that researchers are made to touch the feet of their guides, perform menial tasks for the spurious Gods of Science. Several ladies from India’s premier scientific establishments walked up to the guy who used to moderate the forum and made sure that my statement was deleted from the web site. Why? Because if the scientific establishments in Europe and USA that invite these jokers came to know that Indian scientists each have a personal God, they would never get a free ticket to present their inane papers!


It is these spurious Gods of Science who lay down the growth path of future spurious Gods of Science... and feet touching continues. If science has become ritual genuflection, it is right here in India. Connect the dots. India’s Ag-scientists work for someone else who buys them a ticket to London, Rome and Paris, not to make India food secure and provide people with nutrition-dense foods. Perhaps these scientists don’t even know what the term ‘nutrition-dense’ means.


“The clear strategy of Monsanto, Dow, DuPont and the Washington Government backing them was to introduce the GMO seeds in every corner of the globe, with priority on defenceless …African and developing countries,” writes Engdahl in his masterpiece ‘Seeds of Destruction.’


How many Indian scientists have the faintest idea of the fact that food has been weaponized? How many NGOs and activists, funded by the same eugenicists who own the world’s biggest banks and all multinational corporations and buyout governments, have even the faintest idea that seeds are being used as weapons of mass destruction in which the UPA Government is also complicit? How many of globally known Gods and Goddesses of Seed Security and Food Security are telling the truth because telling the truth would deprive them of regular source of income?


In India by 2006, the biotechnology seeds’ firms had illegally planted 151 different food crops at 1500 locations all over India. Biological contamination intensifies over time and space.


The US and Canadian farmlands came under GMOs with the blessings and active connivance of the US Government. Unlabelled GM foods were introduced in 1993; people did not know, and still do not know, that they eating foods that will make them sterile and sick and they will die young. The fact that 70% of supermarket foods contain GMOs in varying proportions should rightly be called world’s largest biological experiment on humans and this is going on right now. These foods are now available in the Indian supermarkets and many neighbourhood grocery stores.




2. ‘Healing Power of Minerals, Special Nutrients and Trace Elements’; Prima Publications; 1997

3. Kathryn Scharf; The Kushi Institute of Becket, Massachusetts;

4. Jarrell and Beverly, 1981;


6. Summary:

The full report can be accessed here:

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