India’s anger exposes gormless leaders and media
by Arun Shrivastava on 31 Dec 2012 11 Comments

A 23-year old girl, raped and beaten to pulp by half a dozen goons, battled for life in Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital for almost thirteen days; a day before the end she was flown to a Singapore hospital in a vain last-ditch attempt to save her life. She died early in the morning of December 29. Her injuries were so severe that an ordinary person may not have survived even for a day, but ‘Nirbhaya’ as a section of the media began to call her, wanted to live. Nirbhaya in Hindi means fearless, not the hallmark of the current political class and their media minions.


The candle light vigils and prayers for the young student of physiotherapy were a major protest to make life safer for women. The goons are already behind bars and the judiciary will have to handle this one very carefully. The government has already announced two inquiry commissions, one to look into women’s safety and another to speed up trial and conviction in rape cases.


Sensing trouble during the week-long mass protests, the administration and Delhi Police bared their fangs with mindless violence and restriction on the movement of citizens. Using water cannon in freezing Delhi, they somehow managed to disperse the protesters and yet they kept coming to India Gate, President’s House and the homes of senior leaders. The National Police Commission’s lengthy eight volume report published from 1979 to 1981 in which there were many important recommendations on handling rape cases as well as public issues are still gathering dust.


Normally, Christmas to New Year is a raucous week, but not this time. It’s been quiet and solemn. Many are quietly shedding tears, young and old alike.


The pompous pontificating of major western media [BBC, CNN, Fox, etc] projecting sexual harassment as a way of life in India was gross propaganda and purposive dysinformation. Has the BBC ever uncovered the paedophiles masquerading as brain dead ruling Elites in British society? Has CNN and Fox done anything  to unravel why San Fernando valley is home to global pornography where thousands of unsuspecting women are lured into drugs and sex and disposed off like dregs of the society and no one notices it? Has the New York Times exposed the porn industry in which some US Senators have major shareholding? Has any newspaper reporter exposed the fact that woman Peace Corps volunteers from prestigious US universities in Cambodia sleep with 12-14 year old poor girls?  


And despite the powerful feminist movement in Anglo-Saxon countries, are women safe there? Their conviction rate is as bad as India’s but I’d like to see a mass protest there when a raped girl dies as we have seen here. Europeans don’t have a monopoly to civility and being do-gooders.


When Sextus Tarniquinius raped Lucretia in ancient Rome, Lucretia committed suicide. Sextus was son of the King Tarquin of Rome. Lucretia’s dead body was paraded through the streets of Rome. People revolted and banished the King and his son from the Kingdom paving the way for what eventually became the Roman Empire.  


The dull, brainless western and Indian mainstream media’s sole responsibility now is not to state the truth as it is, but to project a criminal ruling class as do-gooders. It could have reformed today’s closely integrated global society; instead it shamed and discredited our profession. Since these rogues have chosen to be the minions of the ruling class, many more young girls and minor children and many more nations will be violated.                

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