The failure of the war against Syria
by Ghaleb Kandil on 08 Feb 2013 0 Comment

The controversy caused by the statements of the Doha coalition leader, Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib, announcing that he was willing to meet with members of the Syrian government, proves that this structure, created upon an American decision, is only a façade of the Muslim Brotherhood. That organization has publicly terrorized al-Khatib to push him not to communicate with the Syrian authorities in exchange for “two conditions”: the release of detainees and the renewal of the passports of the opponents installed abroad. Two points which are anyway at the core of President Bashar al-Assad initiative and the government’s agenda, which is responsible for implementing the presidential plan.


Analysts have explained the position of al-Khatib - in the meantime, he changed his mind under the pressure - as a sign of changes on the ground and in the international climate. The leader of the Doha coalition expressed great disappointment by Western countries, which have not kept their promises, while the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, openly recognized that the Syrian case is no more the priority of the West. The failure of the meeting of the “Syria friends” in Paris, Monday, January 28, reflects these comments. 50 countries and organizations participated in the conference, against 108 in Marrakech, on December 12.


Western countries also expressed disappointment by the coalition of Doha and its alleged military wing, called “Free Army.” The structural and organic relationship between the qaïdiste al-Nosra Front and the armed units of the Muslim Brotherhood explains the intransigence of the Doha coalition and his defense of al-Nosra, since this group has been placed on the US list of terrorist organizations. We must remember that “the fighting vanguard”, the military organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, participated in the founding of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in the 80s, after it was defeated by the Syrian Arab Army.


Realities on the ground showed the failure of the stupid and naive Hillary Clinton’s proposal, adopted by France, which was to encourage the creation of “liberated zones” controlled by the armed opposition, which is that a mixture of bandits, terrorists and rebels, killing each other for the booty. Therefore, the formation of an exiled government by the opposition fell into the water, after the counter-strike launched by the Syrian Arab Army.


The political and military developments accelerated in parallel with the preparation of a Russian-American summit that should discuss the Syrian issue. The acceptance by the US of the mechanism of violence cessation, proposed by President Bashar al-Assad, is the key to any new process in the Syrian crisis. This mechanism passes through the stop of arming and funding terrorists by the Western countries and their Turkish and Gulf allies.


Americans could blackmail in the coming period to improve their positions in the political solution. To this end, they introduced the Israeli parameter in the Syrian crisis. However, it is clear that any Syrian army advance on the ground and progress of the State towards the Syrian-Syrian dialogue will push the imperialist-colonial coalition to recognize the failure of his Syrian project and the victory of Syria resistance. Certainly, the destruction of terrorist groups that have taken root in different parts of the country will take time. But Syrian State knows how to rid the country of these forces of evil and destruction.



We must always keep in mind that despite the talks of freedom of expression and human rights and democracy, and the pretense that what is happening as a conflict between a government and an opposition, actually the conflict is between the homeland and its enemies, between the people and killers, between the citizens’ bread and those who are depriving them of all these rights. They have killed civilians and innocents; assassinated qualified and distinguished people; sabotaged the infrastructure; deprived children of schools. They have cut off power, communication and fuel supplies, leaving the elderly and children suffering from the cold. Is that what they call “revolution”?


Last week, Israel forces bombed the Center for Scientific Research in the Damascus countryside to achieve for terrorists what they could not achieve.

It is important to make it clear that the Syrian government has never refused a political solution. President Dr Bashar Al-Assad did not stop initiatives to resolve the crisis in Syria, the latest which began last month and included three main stages. First, the obligation of concerned States to stop funding, arming and harboring militants and terrorist groups for terrorist operations. Second, a comprehensive national dialogue to preserve Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Third, the formation of a new government and holding a general conference of national reconciliation and a general amnesty.

At the international level, some Western countries have worked to exploit the events in Syria to achieve their own agendas to weaken and fragment Syria; some countries supported its territorial integrity and independence. India has repeatedly refused to intervene in the internal affairs of States and destabilise the region. We also fondly remember Russia, China, Iran and the BRICS group.




Syria is under attack from terrorists, most of whom are non-Syrians, who call themselves Jihadis. The crisis has other dimensions. Regionally, there are parties who seek to divide Syria, others to weaken it, and some are providing the criminals with funds and weapons, support and training.


But another form of terrorism was played by the Media which deformed the truth, fabricated facts and even tried to disturb the peaceful co-existence by provocative sectarian propaganda.

The last attack on a research centre in the countryside of Damascus, which has been met by international community with complete silence, is condemned and proves that the struggle is the only way solution for Syrian people to free their occupied land by Israel.


The author is a journalist

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