Americans must accept their defeat in Syria, or
by Ghaleb Kandil on 07 Mar 2013 0 Comment

US President Barack Obama was quick to call his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin upon publication by the Russian ambassador to the Security Council a press release accusing the Rome Conference and its sponsor, the Secretary of State John Kerry, of being responsible for the support for extremists and terrorists in Syria. It was agreed during the conversation to hold an urgent meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries to develop a new plan on the Syrian crisis.


Strong message to Russia underlies an even firmer one communicated recently by the Syrian leadership to Moscow. Syrian leaders had shown great flexibility and positive statements had increased since the speech of President Bashar al-Assad, January 7. In this speech, the head of the Syrian state had proposed a plan to end the crisis after consultations with Russia, China and Iran, which had previously talked with some components of the Syrian opposition. These organized a meeting in Geneva to choose the path of dialogue and reject terrorism and foreign intervention.


However, the latest US measures, which consist of sending new shipments of weapons to the Syrian rebels and held conciliatory statements towards Syrian and regional extremists, are in contradiction with the recent positive climate by Russian diplomacy. These positive aspects imposed by political and military on the field had resulted in the removal of the condition for any dialogue consisting of the prior departure of President Assad.


The Syrian leadership measures American positions on the ground. Damascus knows that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, France, Great Britain and the Lebanese parties involved in Syria, are distributing roles among them. Syria knows that the command centers installed in Turkey under the direct supervision of American officers are more active than ever. Similarly, media centers operating in Dubai, Cairo and Beirut, continue their relentless campaign against Syria.


Syrian leaders test at these levels the true intentions of Americans, who are more belligerent than ever.


The first clause of President Assad's plan on the mechanism of cessation of violence, based on the end of the funding, arming and training terrorists is the entrance exam for American intentions. The opportunity for a political solution given by Syria will not last long and the Syrian Arab Army will not give attackers more time.


Limiting casualties among military and civilians is a priority of the Syrian leadership, which favored political solution to the crisis since the early stage. But if the United States decide to adopt a double standard, the army and the Syrian people are willing to pay the price it takes to destroy the enemies and impose a fait accompli on the American decadent empire.


The head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, will inform his American counterpart that Washington must stop procrastinating and must pay the political and moral price to force his Arab, European and regional assistants, involved in the universal war against Syria, to stop their war.


The author is a journalist

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