Omar pleading for Pakistani militants
by Bhim Singh on 27 Mar 2013 4 Comments

Delhi Police has exposed a deep conspiracy of the ISI to destabilize India via Jammu and Kashmir by arresting a Pakistani national, Liaquat Ali Shah, who had crossed over to Pakistan 23 years ago and voluntarily adopted Pakistani nationality. He was definitely on the ‘pick-up’ list of militants who have crossed over to Pakistan for military training to fight India.


Liaquat Ali Shah who was arrested by the Delhi Police was holding a Pakistani passport along with his five colleagues when they landed at Kathmandu Airport last week. Liaquat Ali and his colleagues were provided I-cards by an official of the Government of J&K after they entered Nepal.


Liaquat Ali refused to accept the I-card where he was stated to be an Indian citizen residing in J&K. Under the protocol signed between India and Nepal, an Indian citizen can travel to Nepal and return when he establishes his Indian nationality. The same case applies to a Nepali citizen visiting visit India.


More than 250 Pakistani nationals holding Pakistani passports have succeeded in sneaking into Indian territory from Nepal in just the three months of 2013. They were comfortably facilitated by the State Government to enter J&K under the guise of the so-called Surrender & Rehabilitation Policy. This so-called policy was adopted in January 2004 (Cabinet Decision No. 32/3 dated 31.01.2004) and was applicable to terrorists who were residents of J&K and who surrendered after 31 January 2004.


The Cabinet Order was specific that this policy shall be applicable in respect of a) known militants who surrender with weapons and b) hardcore militants even without weapons. It was made clear without an iota of doubt that this policy shall operate in respect of the terrorists having Indian nationality and residents of J&K. This policy was not in any way applicable to foreigners as foreigners could not have surrendered in J&K as the place of surrender was made categorically clear in clause-iii of the policy memorandum.


This is pertinent to mention that Omar Abdullah government in 2010 made a drastic change in the policy by giving an open call to terrorists residing in Pakistan to return to J&K by offering them big incentives like payment of Rs.1.50 lakh to each surrendered militant in the shape of an FDR, besides Rs. 2000/- as monthly stipend. The State Government also announced that Rs. 3 lakh will be deposited in the name of the surrendered militant with assurances to provide him social security and rehabilitation.


It is on record that nearly 4000 militants have surrendered according to the Surrender & Rehabilitation Policy, and 2881 surrendered militants have been rehabilitated by providing them work/ jobs besides a fixed deposit of Rs. 3 lakh and monthly relief of Rs. 3000/- per militant. Intelligence reports suggest that most of the surrendered militants who received incentives and fixed deposits have disappeared.


Five CRPF jawans killed in Bemina, Srinagar, were victims of a group of surrendered militants enjoying full protection and patronage of the Govt. of J&K. It is a matter of record that more than 250 Pakistani nationals were invited by the Omar Abdullah’s government to J&K. Their return from Pakistan to Nepal and then movement from Nepal to J&K was facilitated by the State Government. The State Home Minister of J&K admitted on the floor of the House last week that 243 militants had returned from Pakistan via Nepal.


It is a sensitive issue that militants involved in heinous crimes violated national and international laws, escaped to Pakistan with the help of the Pakistan Army and ISI from time to time, and received arms training. During the past five years the Indian Army did not let these militants enter the State. Omar Abdullah’s government has been agitating against the Army mainly because the Army had become an obstacle in the movement of militants in J&K.


So Omar Abdullah abused the Indian Army and even challenged the Accession with the Union of India on the floor of the Assembly. He was advised that no cognizance can be taken on the words spoken on the floor of the Legislative Assembly. But the central leadership failed in totality to understand the real agenda of the Sheikh Parivar which Omar Abdullah is determined to accomplish. This agenda was exactly the same which Sheikh Mohd Abdullah, grandfather of Omar Abdullah, had announced in R.S. Pura (Jammu Pradesh) in August 1953, three days before his dismissal and arrest.


Sheikh had fallen into the American trap and sought to implement the Dixon Plan which suggested dissecting the Muslim-majority areas of Jammu Pradesh to carve out a Greater Islamic Republic of Kashmir. Nehru had no choice but to arrest Sheikh Abdullah.


Omar Abdullah, the media and vested interests have twisted the entire episode connected with the arrest of Liaquat Ali Shah as if he were a hero coming from Pakistan to surrender. The truth is otherwise.


As the author pointed out in a meeting with Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on March 26, 2013, how could a Pakistani national holding a Pakistani passport enter Nepal, and then cross the borders and enter India. Does the J&K Rehabilitation Policy override international agreements with Pakistan or Nepal for the movement of their respective citizens into Indian Territory? Does Nepal border agreement apply to foreigners entering into Indian Territory from Nepal without any I-card issue either by the Govt. of Nepal or by the Govt. of India? Does this policy directly interfere with the Constitution of India vis-à-vis the Citizenship Act? How can a foreigner holding Pakistani nationality enter India and be facilitated by the Govt. of J&K to enter the State with the tacit support of the Govt. of India?  Has this act of Govt. of J&K threatened the security of the state, endangering peace and sovereignty of India?

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