Boston: Who did it? Why?
by Frank Scott on 17 Apr 2013 0 Comment

Before the USA begins vengefully bombing another nation, with Iran, Syria and North Korea high on the list of supposedly deserving targets, we should look at our own nest of potential terrorist murderers right here at home. Anyone, mentally ill or not, who wished to inflict horror on large numbers of people could do so at greater ease than it would take to acquire professional help for a disabling condition or find a friend understanding enough to listen to someone’s problems.


We are the most alienated, armed and dangerous population in the world and a person moving from guns to explosives as an expression of hate, distrust, anger or any other socially warped form of pain management really wouldn’t have that difficult a time. It may even be relatively easier to graduate from pistols to bombs given that there are at least some anti-gun forces at work - however unsuccessfully so far - while the anti-explosives movement does not yet exist.


Though it is as possible as anything seems to be in a rapidly spiraling into anything-can-happen-to-anyone-anytime environment, the tragic Boston bombings need hardly be a foreign exercised plot given that even a barely competent US insecurity state should have known about it if that were the case. At its previously incompetent state it failed miserably on 9/11/01 but since then has had ample time to not only clean up its act but also become one of the world’s biggest eavesdroppers on and invaders of its own people’s privacy.


Hard to believe a foreign entity could arrange with or set up people here to do something like this with no knowledge coming to a security industry which is close to listening in on every thought that takes the form of electronic blips on line, voices on phones or texts in print.


Unless it was the most sophisticated secret organization on the planet or the multi-billion dollar insecurity marketplace has produced a greater fiasco than the banking scam that cost Americans more billions, the “noise” made by the planning of such a plot would have to be heard, even by an incompetent and hearing disabled crew of counterspies. A more likely very small if not individually driven killer operation sounds more logically illogical.


The ability to create or purchase and then place bombs in a crowded area is unfortunately widely shared and really not that much more difficult than spraying automatic gunfire at moviegoers in a theater or children and teachers at school. Though frightening enough to make us all think even before this specific tragedy, it needs to be considered a possible action at any time by anyone driven to suicidal acts that take countless others with them.


As this is written, this one doesn’t seem the act of a consciously suicidal person or persons, though thinking that one could survive this and get away with it implies at least some form of delusional mental state. But any idea that a foreign nation was behind this attack should be further back on the burner than many war mongers and other drooling-for-blood advocates of mass murder would like us to believe. And the number lusting for a vampire feast of life sucking is probably larger than it was at the time of 911, given the state of public mentality after all these years of attacks on consciousness by military-industrial-media, the Washington staff of the warhead department, and lobbies constantly protecting Israel from biblically originating fear of obliteration and/or extermination as a result of being chosen by god for special status as scapegoat for everybody else on the planet.


All of these forces and sources have worked hard and spent much to create more hostility in an already delicately trip-wired environment. But before we go along with the program of public mass murder committed on innocent nations to avenge more private acts of brutal violence, we would do well to more closely examine the atmosphere and mindset of a society – ours – that might play a major role in creating these tragedies.


Frank Scott writes political commentary and satire which appears online at the blog Legalienate; his email is

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