Modi’s ‘allied worldview’: Realpolitik or Gandhian folly?
by Radha Rajan on 19 Aug 2013 31 Comments

These are exciting times. Narendra Modi’s adversaries pen profound theses every day about the malevolent twitch of his left eye and his barely audible post-lunch burp; but these are also times when Hindu nationalists watch him like a hawk and examine his every word and move which have a bearing on Hindu interests. Thus Modi’s glowing reference to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s good governance in his speech at a public meeting in Hyderabad on August 11 is cause for serious concern; as was Modi holding out his hand in invitation to Chandrababu Naidu.


When the BJP dislodged the Congress and the rag-tag coalition from Delhi prematurely in 1996, hesitantly in 1998 and decisively in 1999, India’s polity changed forever; but the BJP-led NDA was only minimally different from the Congress. Both Atal Behari Vajpayee and LK Advani clung tightly to the Gandhi-Nehru ‘Idea of India’ and like Gandhi and Nehru made the deliberate choice to offer Hindus and the Hindu nation as sacrifice at the altar of what the BJP inappropriately labelled “coalition dharma”; it was actually realpolitik and the BJP whitewashed compulsion as dharma.


The NDA comprised then, besides the closely knit BJP, Shiv Sena and the Akali Dal, jihadi Farooq Abdullah, unashamedly blackmailing Chandrababu Naidu, fickle Jayalalithaa, and other opportunists like Ramvilas Paswan, Sharad Yadav and Naveen Patnaik, among others. The BJP-led NDA looked exactly like Gandhi’s unreal and motivated Idea of India which he thrust down the throat of submissive Hindus with his characteristic despotism.


Hindusthan belongs to all who are born and bred here and who have no other country to look to. Therefore it belongs to Parsis, Beni-Israelis, to Indian Christians, Muslims and other non-Hindus as much as to Hindus. Free India will be no Hindu-raj, it will be Indian raj based not on the majority of any religious sect or community but on the representatives of the whole people without distinction of religion. I can conceive a mixed majority putting the Hindus in a minority. Religion is a personal matter which should have no place in politics. (Radha Rajan, Eclipse of the Hindu Nation: Gandhi and his Freedom Struggle, page 362)


For all the highfalutin language which Gandhi used for effect, his description of Hindustan had the tensile strength of an empty egg shell; only, no Hindu political thinker in Gandhi’s lifetime had the courage to break it then or thereafter.


Weighed down by the Gandhian millstone around its neck, the BJP could not move half an inch towards building the temple at Ayodhya, towards total ban on cow slaughter, abrogating Article 370, bringing in Uniform Civil Code or banning religious conversion. The NDA was dominated by a motley bunch which was ideologically committed to Politics of Minority-ism; political parties within the NDA and those extending outside support used Gandhi’s poisonous notion to weaken and debilitate the Hindu nationalist BJP. As a result, in 2009, when again the BJP failed to dislodge neo-colonial Sonia Gandhi from Delhi, the party lost the faith of every Hindu who catapulted it to power.


Just as Tilak, Savarkar, Bhagat Singh, Bose, Patel and Rajaji could not overpower and sideline Gandhi within the Congress and steer the freedom struggle towards creating a Hindu State to protect the Hindu nation, Vajpayee and Advani could not overpower the opportunists in the NDA to protect the party’s self identity or fulfil its raison d’etre. The BJP led first by Vajpayee and then by Advani, became what Farooq Abdullah, Sharad Yadav, Jayalalithaa, Naveen Patnaik, Chandrababu Naidu and Ramvilas Paswan wanted it to become.


Both Vajpayee and Advani chose to de-Hinduise the face of the BJP and Advani’s insistence to privilege administrative good governance over ideology cost the BJP the elections in 2004 and 2009. Indians have the right to expect good governance from any political party but Hindus want good governance only as a matter of routine from the BJP – a party we thought was committed to reasserting the Hindu face of this nation. Hindu nationalists want Modi to put Hindu nationalism back into the BJP’s self identity; and not in the half-apologetic manner in which he admitted he was a Hindu nationalist.


If country is less than nation, then citizenship is lesser than nationality and patriotism is not a patch on nationalism. A Hindu nationalist is conceptually different from a patriotic Indian who is born a Hindu.


Gandhi had reduced this ancient nation-civilization to a patchwork country of Justice Markandey Katju’s latter-day imagination – “We are a nation where 95% of the population are migrants”, said Justice Katju, picking up and expanding the Gandhian Idea of India – Parsis, Beni-Israelis, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, where Gandhi placed Hindus last on the list of those to whom the country belonged and where Justice Katju comically referred to Hindus too as migrants.


Is the BJP merely replacing Advani with Modi and will Modi replace good governance with ideology? Hindu nationalists cannot jump on the Modi bandwagon without answers to this fundamental question.


Modi made laudatory reference in Hyderabad to Jayalalithaa’s good governance model which, Modi told Hyderabadis, is worthy of emulation. We do not know which individual from Tamil Nadu fed Modi with selective information about Jayalalithaa’s good governance, but because Modi has held out his hand to Jayalalithaa hoping their personal friendship will lead to political alliance in 2014, other lesser-known facts about her good governance need to be placed in public domain; just three facts which raise serious doubts not only about what Modi-led BJP will stand for in 2014 if the BJP continues to woo the likes of Jayalalithaa and Chandrababu Naidu (and horror of horrors, Mamata Banerjee?) but also about Jayalalithaa as a political ally of the BJP were Modi to assert Hindu nationalism over good governance.


Three less-known facts about recent events in Tamil Nadu which Modi should know because they best exemplify Jayalalithaa’s Politics of Minority-ism:

1.      Tamil Nadu government and Innocence of Muslims

2.     Tamil Nadu government announcing memorials for “freedom fighters” Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali

3.     Tamil Nadu government embarrassing the Director-General of Police in the exact same manner and for exact same reasons as the UPA government embarrassed the Army Chief after the Poonch ambush


Muslim mobs and Innocence of Muslims: A year ago, starting Friday, September 14, 2012, Muslim outfits staged violent protests against the film Innocence of Muslims. A 2000-strong Muslim mob in Chennai came out of their mosques after Friday namaaz, marched along Anna Salai and began to pelt shoes, stones and other improvised missiles at the walls of the American consulate. Similar violence was unleashed by Muslims in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan, Amdavad and Kolkata.


Jayalalithaa and Modi, good friends that they are, almost certainly would have exchanged notes on the violence and how they both dealt with it. Chennai Commissioner of Police JK Tripathy was not allowed to arrest any Muslim for the organized rioting but at the end of five days of violence, Jayalalithaa in conformity with her patented brand of Politics of Minority-ism, made Commissioner Tripathy the sacrificial Bakr Id lamb and gave him his marching orders.


Amma’s Canteens and Modi’s reference to Jayalalithaa’s “skill development initiatives”, whatever it means, may be good governance (we do not know if the wealth of Hindu temples appropriated by successive state governments under DMK and AIADMK is funding the state’s freebie schemes including Jayalalithaa’s ‘good governance’ freebie measure of sending 500 Christians every year to Jerusalem) but presiding benignly over rioting Muslim mobs and compelling the police to take the fall? Hardly!


Modi’s Sardar Patel versus Jayalalithaa’s Tipu and Hyder: Emboldened by the state government’s tacit support for an ascendant Islam, Aslam Basha, MLA belonging to a Muslim political party Manithaneya Makkal Katchi, demanded memorials to jihadis par exemplar, Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali in Tamil Nadu.


Her heart abounding with compassion and patriotism, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa as yet another measure of ‘good governance’ readily accepted Basha’s demand and on May 15, 2013 declared on the floor of the State Assembly that the Tamil Nadu government would build memorials for Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali in Dindukkal. The memorials will be built by the State Government because, said Jayalalithaa, and hold your breath, Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali Khan were great freedom fighters!


This must surely delight the Romila Thapar-Irfan Habib brand of historians. No one, no one until Jayalalithaa had described Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali as freedom fighters. Referring to the book by Fra Paolino de San Bartolomeo, a bare-footed Carmelite monk who lived in India for thirteen years and travelled along the Malabar Coast, and whose memoirs in Italian were published in Rome in 1796 after his return to Europe, KP Padmanabha Menon in his monumental work ‘History of Cochin’ (Malayalam) quotes Fra Bartolomeo’s narrative about Tipu Sultan -


First a corps of 30,000 barbarians who butchered everyone on the way followed by the Field-Gun Unit under the French Commander M Lally led the army. Tipu Sultan was riding on an elephant behind which another unit of 30,000 soldiers followed. Most of the men and women were hanged in Calicut. First mothers were hanged with children tied to the necks of their mothers. That barbarian Tipu Sultan tied naked Christians and Hindus to the legs of elephants and made the elephants move about till the bodies of the helpless victims were torn to pieces. Temples and churches were ordered to be burnt, desecrated and destroyed.


Christian and Hindu women were forced to marry Muhammadans and similarly their men were forced to marry Muhammadan women. Those Christians, who refused to accept the honour of being converted to Islam, were ordered to be killed by hanging then and there. The above version of the atrocities was obtained from the sorrowful narration by the victims who escaped from Tipu’s army and reached Varapuzha, near Alwaye, to the Carmel Christian Mission located there. I myself helped many victims to cross the Varapuzha River by boat.

(History of Cochin, p 53, as translated into English and reproduced by Vedic Science Research Centre in their power point presentation on Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali)


Narendra Modi, who is now building a towering 182 feet tall statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and is seeking allies for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, would do well to take note of Jayalalithaa’s motivated description of jihadis Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali as freedom fighters. The contrast could not be more ironic – Modi builds the world’s tallest statue to Sardar Patel and his good friend and possible BJP ally Jayalalithaa will build memorials for Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali!


Nothing was to be seen for a distance of four leagues; nothing was found but scattered limbs and mutilated bodies of Hindus. The country of Nairs was thrown into a general consternation which was much increased by the cruelty of the Mapillas who followed the invading cavalry of Hyder Ali and massacred all those who had escaped (Hyder’s marauding army – writer) without sparing even women and children, so that the army advancing under the enraged multitude of Mapillas, instead of meeting with continued resistance, found villages, fortresses, temples and every habitable place forsaken and deserted.

(Vedic Science Research Centre quoting Tipu Sultan:As Known in Kerala by Ravi Varma, p 461)


Fra Bartolomeo’s narrative about Tipu Sultan is an authentic historic commentary of Islamic barbarism by an Italian Christian monk. Hindu nationalists must remember even if White Christian and secular Indian historians ignore the fact, that just as barbaric, brutal and genocidal as Islam was Christianity in its conquest of Africa, Asia and America. For the first two thousand years after their creation, the two Abrahamic cults embarked on their world conquering objective with identical weapons of war.  


The Portuguese Inquisition in Goa and the depredations of Portuguese fanatic Christian colonialists the Dutch and British East India Company in Indonesia and India were no less bloody and rapacious than the armies of Genghis Khan, Timur the Lame, Aurangzeb, Tipu Sultan, Hyder Ali, the Muslim League and the Mapillas.


In India, Hindus have always been the targeted victims of genocidal Islam and Christianity. If Jayalalithaa goes ahead with her intention to build memorials for Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali, then Modi should know that sometime in the future, other opportunist political parties may build memorials for Ajmal Kasab, Afzal Guru and Palani Baba.


If Gandhi used the Ali brothers as symbols of his purblind and sentimental interpretation of Islam, then Jayalalithaa is using Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali as similar symbols in her Politics of Minority-ism. Hindu nationalists will watch to see if the BJP under Narendra Modi will first acknowledge and then confront the enormous challenge that the two genocidal Abrahamic cults in India and their overseas support-base, the Generic Church and Saudi Arabia and its vassal states, the UAE, pose to Hindus and the Hindu nation.


Jayalalithaa did to the TN police what AK Anthony did to the army: Immediately after the deadly ambush by Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) in Poonch on August 6, 2013, which killed five Indian soldiers and grievously injured the sixth, Defence Minister AK Anthony issued a funny statement in Parliament where he attributed the attack to 20 Pakistani terrorists dressed as Pakistani soldiers.


The statement of the Defence Minister was in shocking contradiction to the press release on the incident issued by the Defence Ministry barely minutes before the Defence Minister’s statement. The Defence Ministry press communiqué issued from Jammu was an accurate record of the input received from the Northern Army Command tasked with protecting the sensitive national territory of Jammu and Kashmir.


It is anybody’s guess which forces pull Sonia Gandhi’s strings which in turn pull the strings of the UPA government; but tragically and shamefully, the Defence Ministry issued a second statement regretting the release of the earlier press communiqué and the Chief of Army was compelled to go along with the tragic-comic government gobbledygook until national outrage forced the government to pin the blame squarely on the Pakistani government.     


Emboldened by the fact that the Tamil Nadu government will handle them tenderly and with kid gloves, Muslim outfits escalated their jihad against leaders of Hindu organizations. Beginning in October 2011, the series of murderous attacks against Hindu leaders culminated in the jihad of ‘Auditor’ Ramesh, the state General-Secretary of the BJP on July 19, 2013. It was the late 1990s decade all over again.


Sensing the intense anger of Hindu organizations over her persistent refusal to deal with Muslim outfits and their propensity for violence and rioting, Jayalalithaa is reported to have summoned the Chief Secretary, Home Secretary and the Director-General of Police to Kodanadu, her own Camp David.


On returning to Chennai, the Director-General of Police issued a formal statement to the effect that not all attacks by jihadis against Hindu leaders were communal in nature.


The writer knows the incumbent DGP to be an exemplary police officer with long years in the state intelligence force. DGP Ramanujam was DIG Intelligence, then IG Intelligence, ADGP and finally DGP Intelligence. To underscore the faith that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister reposes in the officer, Jayalalithaa who also holds the Home portfolio, in May 2011, promoted and posted DGP Ramanujam as DGP Intelligence with full additional charge as DGP Law and Order.


Eighteen months later, in November 2012, barely a few days before his retirement from service, Jayalalithaa appointed K Ramanujam Director-General of Police with full charge of Law and Order, a post he will hold for two years. A man of very few words and almost invisible like all good Intelligence officers, the Director-General of Police in a serious departure from his style of functioning, issued a press statement immediately after his return to Chennai from Kodanadu.


The tragedy of the statement lies in the fact that the Director-General of Police does not enjoy even the limited freedom that vests with the Chief of Army to speak the truth if the truth is different from government fiction. The political statement that the Tamil Nadu DGP issued to the press should rightly have been issued by the Chief Minister who is also Home Minister or by the Home Secretary. Press statements on terrorism, Law and Order and National Security when issued by the highest officers in the police and the army carry greater credibility with ordinary citizens than those issued by political leaders.


That is exactly why the Tamil Nadu government got the police chief to say that not all attacks by jihadis against Hindu leaders was not communal in nature. This blatantly misleading statement swept away in one fell stroke 11 jihadi attacks between October 2011 and July 2013, against leaders of Hindu organizations – the RSS, Hindu Munnani and BJP.


Ascendant Islam means unchallenged jihad


Murderous attacks not resulting in death:

·        October 28, 2011 – Pipe bomb placed on Advani’s yatra route between Srivilliputhur and Thirumangalam

·        October 26 2012 – Senior BJP leader H Raja attacked by jihadis at Ilaiyankudi where he was addressing a public meeting

·        November 6 2012 – Jihadis attack RSS Tirupur District Secretary at Mettupalayam; RSS functionary suffered grievous injuries

·        April 15, 2013 – Jihadi attack against Manjunath, senior Hindu Munnani functionary

·        April 17, 2013 – Two days after the attack against Manjunath jihadis attack against three more Hindu Munnani workers as retaliation for Hindu Munnani posters which sprang up in the region condemning the attack against Manjunath.


Jihadi attacks resulting in death of Hindu leaders:

·        July 4, 2012 – Jihadis murder BJP functionary Pugazhendi in Nagapattinam

·        October 23, 2012 – Jihadis kill Dr. Aravind Reddy, Secretary BJP Medical Wing, Vellore

·        March 19, 2013 – Jihadis murder BJP functionary Murugan in Paramakudi, hometown of BJP senior leader H Raja who was attacked in October 2012

·        July 1, 2013 – In Vellore, Jihadis hack to death Vellaiappan, State General-Secretary, Hindu Munnani

·        July 19, 2013 – Jihadis kill BJP State General-Secretary Auditor Ramesh in Salem    


It speaks volumes for the Tamil Nadu police that notwithstanding the terrible statement which the government forced the police to issue about the increased jihadi attacks against Hindu leaders, the police have arrested several jihadis for the attacks and are hunting down others who are on the run.


Hindu nationalists have good reason to be apprehensive about Jayalalithaa forging an alliance with the BJP before or after the elections, given her disinclination to serve Hindu interests and her commitment to Politics of Minority-ism.


Modi’s Independence Day speech: Without getting into issues of propriety over Modi’s public announcement to upstage the country’s Prime Minister on Independence Day, Modi’s speech was essentially anti-Congress; it must have warmed the cockles of his adversaries’ hearts that it was not even remotely Hindu nationalist in tone or content.


When Modi becomes Prime Minister, his Hindu nationalist credentials will be tested on three crucibles:

1.      Will Modi build a grand temple at Ramjanmabhumi just as Sardar Patel built the Somnath Temple?

2.     Will Modi check and reverse the de-Hinduisation of this nation’s polity and public spaces?

3.     Will Modi put a decisive end to Politics of Minority-ism?


Tamil Nadu will prove to be Modi’s Kurukshetra when he begins to deal with Politics of Minority-ism. One good indicator of this cancer is the quantum of foreign money coming into the country for churches and Christian NGOs. Tamil Nadu is being as rapidly Christianised as it is being Islamised and this cancer has begun to manifest itself in public spaces.


Churches, Christian NGOs and now Christian political parties are not only proliferating like cancerous cells but are becoming assertive in the state’s polity which spells doom for the Hindu nation. Tamil Nadu, if it has not already, is well on its way to becoming another Kerala.


Data analysed from the FCRA website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for the years 2009-2010, and 2010-2011, of NGOs receiving more than one crore rupees every year, reveal that Indian churches and Christian NGOs constitute more than 80% of all such NGOs.


In Tamil Nadu, for the year 2009-2010, 291 NGOs received more than one crore rupees. World Vision received a whopping 208 crores, 94 lakh, 19 thousand and 387 rupees while all other churches and Christian NGOs received anything between 10-25 crores that year alone! which received more than one crore rupees in 2009-2010) which received more than one crore rupees in 2010-2011)


If we recollect that one crore is 100 lakh rupees, then the astronomical amounts of money that is sent by foreign governments and foreign Christian funding agencies for fomenting unrest in the state and creating communal tensions through religious conversion, political goonda activism, for buying vast expanses of real estate in every nook and corner of the state, for building more and more offensive churches near every temple big and small, it should send shudders down the spine of every Hindu nationalist, including Narendra Modi.


The prospect of Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister is bringing excitement back into the 2014 General Elections. But Hindu thinkers and Hindu nationalists want more, much more than just dislodging Sonia Gandhi from Delhi. Sonia Gandhi must be dislodged not because her party and her government were corrupt and venal, but because the Hindu nation cannot be ruled by a White Christian. Politics of Minority-ism must end and Modi’s BJP must stand tall and stand alone if need be as a Hindu nationalist party headed by a man who proclaimed, albeit diffidently, that he is Hindu nationalist.


The writer is an author, political analyst, and animal activist

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