Rahul Gandhi at the Press Club – Coup d’etat Boris Yeltsin style
by Radha Rajan on 30 Sep 2013 9 Comments

In what is seen as disgraceful and graceless exhibitionism, Rahul Gandhi walked unannounced into the Press Club of India on the 27th of this month and trashed the Government’s controversial ordinance which sought to nullify the order of the Supreme Court on convicted lawmakers.


Rahul Gandhi’s exhibitionism underscored yet again how this family, from the time President APJ Abdul Kalam refused to swear-in Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister, has consistently diminished this high office. By undermining the government when the country’s Prime Minister was abroad, and instigating the cabinet to revolt against their Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi and his scheming mother staged a coup d’etat.


In language hardly befitting the vice president of the party in power, Rahul Gandhi termed the ordinance “complete nonsense” which deserved to be “torn and thrown out”. A slavish English media projected Rahul Gandhi’s immature outburst as a an act of decisive leadership; worse, at least one English television channel which claims everyday at 9 pm to speak for the nation, reduced the President of India to the status of Digvijay Singh and wondered if the President would now refuse to sign the ordinance because Rahul Gandhi had rejected it!


Dancing obediently like puppets on strings, television news channels and newspapers with few exceptions made collective fools of themselves. Deliberately choosing to ignore facts to the contrary, the media credited Rahul Gandhi with defeating the ordinance. Watching Rahul Gandhi stomping out of the Press Club after staging his Cheltenham tragedy, the writer was reminded of Boris Yeltsin standing on top of a tank and thumping his chest in a similar self-congratulatory gesture.


Boris Yeltsin may have afforded the general world much mirth as President of the Russian Republic with his drunken antics, but it bears mention that America used Yeltsin, whose personal weaknesses were almost certainly known (like the British Government in India knew of Gandhi’s experiments with women), not only to apply the final pressure that caused the break up the Soviet Union but also as unchallenged leader of Russia for eight years to destroy Russia on all fronts – economically, socially, politically and militarily.


It is common knowledge now that Reagan and Thatcher cooked up the fantastic missile-shield defence programme only to push the Soviet Union into a financially crippling arms race. In the words of Margaret Thatcher –


It was the subject of SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) which dominated my talks with President Reagan and members of his Administration when I came to Camp David on Saturday 22nd December 1984 to brief the Americans on my earlier talks with Mr Gorbachev. This was the first occasion on which I had heard President Reagan speaking about SDI.


What I heard, now that we got down to discussion of the likely reality rather than the grand vision, was reassuring. President Reagan did not pretend that they yet knew where the research could finally lead. But he emphasised that - in addition to his earlier arguments in favour of SDI - keeping up with the United States would impose an economic strain on the Soviet Union. He argued that there had to be a practical limit as to how far the Soviet Government could push their people down the road of austerity. As so often, he had instinctively grasped the key to the whole question. What would the effects be of SDI on the Soviet Union? In fact, as he foresaw, the Soviets did recoil in face of the challenge of SDI, finally renouncing the goal of military superiority which alone had given them the confidence to resist the demands for reform in their own system. But of course this still lay in the future. What I wanted now was an agreed position on SDI to which both the President and I could lend our support, even though our long term view of its potential was different. (Margaret Thatcher, The Downing Street Years, 1993)


The future that Thatcher envisaged came in 1991 and the “long term view of its potential” was realised within a short period of seven years, in Moscow, in August 1991. Confronting the spectre of an economy in shambles caused by its war in Afghanistan, and by vain attempts to match America’s SDI,  and plagued by political unrest in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, Gorbachev begged to be invited to the 17th G7 meeting in London in July 1991. In London, when Gorbachev exposed his country’s gruelling poverty to the world, and when the G7 nations refused Gorbachev's plea for more western economic support for his country, Reagan’s diabolic SDI objective had been successfully met.  


The Soviet Union disintegrated within five months of the G7 meet and the role of Boris Yeltsin in the political chaos and the total economic ruination that followed the disintegration was no mean one. It would be perilous for Modi’s BJP which hopes to dislodge the Congress in the 2014 general elections, not to see the startling similarities of the conditions prevailing in India now and in the Soviet Union in 1991 before the cataclysmic disintegration – declining economy, weak national currency, debilitated national security, low national self-esteem and a restive army.


Gorbachev’s glasnost (Transparency in administration to make it visible to America) and perestroika (Rebuilding or reform according to American so-called liberal democratic institutions) weakened the communist steel frame which alone at that point in history had the ruthlessness and (even if this sticks in our craw), the interests of the nation and national pride to keep up with the diabolic SDI and retain its sphere of influence in world politics.


Under Gorbachev’s unwise and half-baked liberal political leadership, the Soviet Union, with strategic pressure from the Generic Church, imploded on August 19, 1991. Enraged by the public humiliation inflicted by the G7 nations on the Soviet Union and alarmed by Georgia voting for independence in April, communist hardliners in the CPSU staged a desperate coup with the help of a section of the Soviet army against President Gorbachev when Gorbachev was holidaying in Crimea. Thousands of protestors resisted the putsch and gathered outside their parliament as tanks rolled down the roads of Moscow.


Unwilling to mow down civilians in the thousands, the communists and the army backed down and the ill-planned coup died a natural death. When the threat had died down and the menacing tanks didn’t look quite as menacing, America encouraged Boris Yeltsin to jump on top of a tank and beat his breast in victory. Keeping time with a perfectly scripted plot, on 31st August 1991, Boris Yeltsin as President of the Russian Federation declared Russia’s secession from the Soviet Union and declared Russian independence.


On Christmas day, 25th December 1991, the Generic Church had reason to celebrate when Gorbachev resigned as President of the Soviet Union and his resignation officially disintegrated the country. Under Boris Yeltsin, Russia sank deeper and deeper into poverty and political chaos, and her people were mired in despair and distress until Putin would take over the reins of the government exactly eight years later, in August 1999. The world, as America wanted it, was uni-polar again.


Sonia Gandhi waited for Dr. Manmohan Singh to leave the country before despatching her son to stage the coup against the Prime Minister. The ordinance in question which Rahul Gandhi trashed as “complete nonsense” was approved by the Congress Core Group headed by Sonia Gandhi; but this inconvenient detail was ignored by a fawning media which rushed to sing hallelujahs to the messiah.


Shamefully, the media also chose to ignore the fact that the President had expressed serious reservations about the ordinance, which fact would have been communicated to Sonia Gandhi & Son promptly. When the media, with rare exceptions, chose to project Rahul Gandhi’s opinion on the ordinance as an attack against the Prime Minister and a signal of the new replacing the old, they chose to blackout the fact that if this were simply about the ordinance, then the attack was equally against Sonia Gandhi too.


The theatrics of Sonia Gandhi & Son at the Press Club of India was therefore never about the ordinance. Rahul Gandhi’s diatribe against the ordinance was in reality a test of loyalty for Congress Ministers, MPs, and all creatures great and small within the party – are you with the family or are you with the Prime Minister?


This was unmistakably Sonia Gandhi’s coup d’etat against the Prime Minister.


The discord between Sonia Gandhi and the incumbent Prime Minister, like the discord between Sonia Gandhi and PV Narasimha Rao, former Prime Minister, was no longer state secret and this discord was similar to the discord between Gorbachev the President of the Soviet Union and Boris Yeltsin the Mayor of Moscow. The discord, it must be recalled, was never resolved.


The Prime Minister was scheduled to meet not only the American President but also the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of the annual UNGA meeting in New York; and in a diabolic thrust, Sonia Gandhi used Rahul Gandhi to send the signal to the Prime Minister and to world leaders about who called the shots in the Congress.


With little thought to the consequences of humiliating the country’s Prime Minister just hours before his meeting with the American President, Rahul Gandhi willingly allowed himself to be used by his mother as a weapon against national interests. Instead of battling the enemy in the country’s neighbourhood, the Prime Minister was forced to battle enemies within his government and party.


Barely had Rahul Gandhi closed his mouth than Ministers in the Indian cabinet began one by one to declare Rahul Gandhi was their leader, and that Rahul Gandhi’s views were the views of the Congress party. These ministers shamed themselves, their nationality, their country and their Prime Minister. Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, also declared his loyalty to Sonia Gandhi when he referred to Dr. Manmohan Singh as “dehati aurat” or ‘rustic woman’ in the presence and full view of Indian journalists and media persons who, as expected, did not protest, much less react to the insult to their country’s Prime Minister.


Narendra Modi has been saying repeatedly that the country should defeat the Congress in 2014 because Gandhi himself said the Congress must be disbanded. Modi should know, because this writer knows, Gandhi’s motives were not noble. The Indian National Congress was a colonial instrument crafted to weaken Hindu nationalism; and Imperial London handed over the control of this instrument to Gandhi after they had forcibly removed Tilak, Aurobindo and Savarkar from the political arena. Gandhi wielded total, absolute and despotic control of the Congress for thirty long years - from 1918 until his death in January 1948. Gandhi used this instrument skilfully and effectively to vivisect the Hindu nation.


If Gandhi asked for the Congress to be disbanded, Modi should know that the Congress was what Gandhi had made it.


The Indian National Congress once again has a foreigner as its President – this time a Roman Catholic from Italy. Sonia Gandhi and her family must be forcibly removed from India’s polity - as forcibly as the British removed Aurobindo, Tilak and Savarkar, not because Gandhi said the Congress must be disbanded but because Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are antithetic to the Hindu nation and actively hostile to Hindu interests.


Sonia Gandhi is so consumed by ambition to rule the Hindu nation that she and her son sabotaged their own Prime Minister and diminished their own cabinet. Modi would do well to remember that the Generic Church like a predatory animal will wait patiently and for as long as it takes to make the last definitive lunge to kill its prey.


Narendra Modi, notwithstanding the intended six Westinghouse nuclear reactors to be located in Gujarat, is America’s enemy number one. Sonia Gandhi and the Congress as it has become, deserve no mercy. Sonia Gandhi is the Generic Church’s agent in India. Modi only has to remember what Sonia Gandhi and her infamous domestic minions in government and administration have done to Modi himself, to Swami Aseemanand, to Sadhvi Pragya, to the RSS, and to all those who have stood in her way.


Modi should not seek refuge in Gandhi to do what needs to be done. Modi declared openly that he was a Hindu nationalist. Nationalism should be Modi’s only refuge. He should begin his dharma to the Hindu nation by ridding the polity of Sonia Gandhi and her son.       

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