Nepal: The world converges to observe elections
by Arun Shrivastava and Silvia Germek on 17 Nov 2013 1 Comment

The Democratic Republic of Nepal goes to polls on 19th November to elect yet another Constituent Assembly with the hope of a Constitution to govern this nation of 29 million. Given the internal and external pressures from various genuine or fake stakeholders, polling is unlikely to be peaceful. Even if an assembly does get elected, drafting a Constitution will be an uphill task because powerful destabilising forces are at work.


The current situation


As of now there are 139 registered political parties of which about 125 are fielding their candidates in 240 ‘first-past-the-post’ constituencies and 361 ‘proportional representation’ constituencies. The five main parties are: (i) United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) or UCPN-M headed by Pushp Kamal Dahal and Baburam Bhattarai, (ii) Communist Party of Nepal-United Marxist-Leninist or CPN-UML led by Jhalanath Khanal and Madhav Nepal, (iii) Nepali Congress (NC) led by Sushil Koirala and Sher Bahadur Deuba, (iv) pro monarchy Rashtriya Prajatantrik Party (RPP) with influence limited to the Kathmandu valley, and (v) Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) led by Mohan Baidya Kiran who, despite his anti-India vitriolic, held party’s fifth politburo meeting in Gorakhpur in India.


The last Constituent Assembly [CA] was elected in 2008 but despite several extensions, it could not agree to a draft and its mandate ended May 2012. During the period spanning seven years [2006-13], i.e. from the end of the ten-year long brutal civil war [1996-2006] the nation has been ruled by one or other faction of the Left parties, chiefly by Dahal and Bhattarai, both now billionaires, and for sometime Khanal and others. The people now know how the Leftists have looted the Nepalese treasury. As such the main Left formation stands discredited; the misdeeds of other past political leaders have faded in popular memory. The current Left formation on the eve of the election is desperately seeking to refurbish its image with the blessings of the Western Governments. Worth noting is that when Khanal was not entertained by the Chinese he slipped out of Nepal to Washington to garner Barrack Obama’s support.


The splinter group of 33 parties led by extremist CPN-M leader Mohan Baidya Kiran have threatened violence if elections are held on the 19th November. An internal intelligence assessment says that this faction may garner 35% votes in the Terai region [foothills or plains areas of Nepal bordering India] but will likely lose the hill votes hence the attempt to disrupt election. Over 300 violent acts - arson, looting, planting of IEDs, etc - have been successfully carried out in recent months by various parties opposed to the elections.


The three main contentious issues are:

(i) Implementation of the peace process, mainly the question of integration and rehabilitation of former Maoist combatants which has the blessing of UN - Interagency Framework for Coordination on Preventive Action [The Framework Team, or FT] and West European Governments of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the George Soros-backed international NGOs led by Action Aid. The Jesuits in Nepal are also a ‘stakeholder’ because a large number of Maoists are converted Christians; both Dahal and Bhattarai are closet Christians. A number of West backed NGOs are modifying Nepal in their own image with focus on adaptation to the UN-Framework Team and US-UK-Israeli demands. Reassuring and deceptive Tavistockian phrases such as “transformational community-based conflict resolution” are employed to hide an NWO plot and engineered takeover of yet another country by the west.


(ii) Core values of the state and governance to be reflected in the draft constitution, an issue which has been pushed into an irreconcilable situation between competing power groups by peace and conflict management experts like Soros favourite Johann Galtung, of “if you want peace, abolish hunger” fame. This is complete nonsense: Nepal [in fact South Asia] is actually the birthplace of modern democracy and its core values were inscribed on stone tablets 2700 years before Jesus was born. [1]


(iii) The structure of the state, chiefly the question of ‘federalism’ or distribution of power between a central government and regions and districts down to the village councils. The European interventionists want federal structure and, as Wayne Madsen says, the option is being vigorously “promoted by the UN-Framework Team as the first stage towards Nepal’s break up.” [2] Nepal has five thousand years history of independent village republics electing a king; absolute kingship is a relatively recent phenomenon and autocracy was installed by the British East India Company. Nepal’s ancient structure was based on “the principle of subsidiarity;” that principle was adopted by the European political scientists on the basis of which the European Union works.


The Left is effectively dead, worldwide; the burial was overseen and blessed by George Soros. In Nepal, the Left parties have been deliberately promoted, financed and armed as anti-Hindu, anti-upper castes and anti-India by the West. The British colonial officials gave it a name ‘Secularism’ because it was politically convenient; that is the mantra of the Vatican, INGOs and Soros funded institutions in South Asia. Denounce Hindu and gain respectability and trust of the Western powers. This Soros funded secularism is directly responsible for Nepal’s political logjam. Perspicacious Nepalese thinkers have observed that “the degree of servitude the government and academics show to foreigners these days” can rightly be called intellectual slavery and this mentality has also affected the political parties.


Make no mistake, the Nepali leaders, their Indian counterparts and all the leaders of South Asia know that European feudal order has reinvented itself behind the mask of democracy and these leaders are totally complicit in their insane globalist-corporatist agenda; they are active partners because their ill gotten gains are in the vaults of the Western Banksters. Intellectual slavery ensures high net worth and regular cash flow safeguarded by Rothschild and Rockefeller.


In essence, the main political formations are slaves of the Europeans or Americans, the difference is only in the degree of influence exerted by either the US+India or NATO at any given point in time. All groups blame India for interference in Nepal’s internal affairs; rumours were flying that the Constitution is being drafted in Delhi. India’s dreaded Research and Analysis Wing [RAW] itself has two groups; the globalists work closely with the CIA, MI6 and Mossad which has gained primacy during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s tenure, the nationalists at the moment are marginalised. CIA and RAW agents are all over rural areas of Nepal especially where CPN-M have popular backing as well as that of European Governments. A report of the Nepal Investigation Department is to be submitted to present caretaker Head of the Government Khil Raj Regmi, himself a man of questionable loyalty and integrity.


Former RAW chief CD Sahay, summarising the main political trends two years ago, said that ‘deep ideological divides, mutual suspicion and differences in core values and political philosophies, instability continue as before.... perhaps at a more intense level. His recent observation that the results of CA election “should not [be interpreted] as an overwhelming popular endorsement of [the] political philosophy of any one faction [because] the people of Nepal did not give [any] even a simple majority, actually reveals the widespread confusion about the purpose of this election. [3]


In fact, in the past six months it has become clear that people do NOT want secularism, federalism and/or ethnic states. The majority is also sick and tired of West instigated Maoist violence. This means that the main political parties, without exception, are harping old tunes while the people have summarily rejected their ‘NWO symphony.’ Internal intelligence assessment confirms that (a) 80% want Nepal to be a Hindu Republic, (b) not more than 40% want the dethroned and discredited King to return, and (c) all want peaceful economic development.


The Asian pivot and destabilizing forces


Nepal is Obama’s true Asian pivot with high hegemonic expectations of his European allies because the Himalayan region including the Tibetan Plateau is the heart and soul of Asia. For this reason, after Tibet’s annexation by China [and China sensed the strategic importance of Tibet in the 1950s], western powers identified Nepal as a potential base while the British had already created Kashmir as potential hot spot in 1947. Loss of Tibet is still considered CIA’s biggest failure.


As early as 1959 a decisive push was made to eliminate pro-China King Mahendra [ruled from1955 to 1972] with the direct involvement of Swiss Embassy in Nepal (who had mapped the deployment of Nepalese soldiers) working closely with the Israelis (who had supplied weapons) and then Prime Minister BP Koirala who was pro-Israel and pro-west. The plan was scuttled. Koirala was arrested, charged for treason and jailed. King Mahendra strictly proscribed any activity by foreign agencies except the UN system.


When then UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim came to know of King Mahendra’s decision to ban the entry of International NGOs, he threatened to cut off all aid to Nepal. Kurt Waldheim, only 15 years prior had been an officer in Hitler’s Army Group E in fascist NDH Croatia in the Jasenovac mass killing grounds whose meteoric rise to Secretary General of the UN took place in little more than a decade after his WW II war crimes. [4]


Despite such threats, the Nepalese Governments right up to 1989 largely succeeded in keeping international NGOs, the Trojan Horses of western imperialism, out. They allowed the UN to set up International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development [UN-ICIMOD] in 1983 which has mandate to gather crucial data not only on Nepal but Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar and Pakistan. ICIMOD has immense database on natural resources, especially plant materials, Himalayan herbs, strategic minerals and water resources and local socio-economic specificities. The collapse of USSR changed the agenda and direction of the UN system dramatically. All UN agencies came to serve the interests of European imperialists, as was originally planned by the Rockefellers, and a new phase of covert activities started.



The head of the UN Interagency Framework for Coordination on Preventive Action, Gay Rosenblum Kumar has been meeting Buddhist, Tibetan and Nepali representatives regularly. The US Ambassador to Nepal, Peter W Bodde, is the son of post-WW II career diplomat William Bodde Jr., who was in Austria in 1962-1965 and later US ambassador to different countries when Waldheim was UN representative in Austria. Peter W. Bodde, who had served on the Transitional Government in Baghdad, was appointed US Ambassador to Nepal in September 2012. Bodde has been closely coordinating with Asia Foundation advancing their specious Transformative Community-based Conflict Resolution agenda specifically targeting the Dalits and ethnic minorities, fomenting intra-community political strife.


This western circus has the Danish Ambassador to Nepal Kirsten Geelan travelling rather intensely and meeting up with the youth in rural areas along with the German Ambassador to Nepal, Frank Meykey, appealing to voters ‘not to vote for the parties that frequently resort to protests’ specifically targeting Mohan Baidya Kiran’s faction. Both German and Danish Ambassadors are under investigation by Nepal’s Election Commission for making public statements which amount to foreign interference in the Nepal’s election process. More experienced diplomats have gravitated to Kathmandu too: Andrew James Sparkes, the newly appointed British ambassador to Nepal recently completed the Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo and he is former British ambassador to Kosovo and Congo. Glenn White, the new Australian ambassador in Kathmandu, director of counter-terrorism operations in Australia, has served in Jordan, Baghdad and Riyadh. To assist these rogues Ian Martin is still there; Haitian activists have carefully documented his role in enslaving this Caribbean nation. Martin was then sent to, among other places, political hit man. Considering the number of seasoned diplomats who seem to have been picked based on their experience with wars and engineered soft coups, this begs the question: What is the western plan for Nepal?


The International Foundation of Electoral Systems, headed by Peter G Kelly and William Bill Sweeny, backed by an entire soft coup team of the State Department such as National Endowment for Democracy (NED), National Democratic Institute (NDI), US Agency for International Development (USAID), and others are actively manipulating people and processes. EU has sent Rensje Teerink recently as Head of the EU Delegation to Nepal. Earlier she worked in Bhutan, Nepal and South Asia as Deputy Head of the EU-Unit.


USAID has been forcefully promoting Genetically Engineered seeds in Nepal, making great promises to scientists and unsuspecting farmers alike which actually undermines Galtung’s call of “if you want peace, abolish hunger” with “plant GMOs to accentuate hunger and slow death.” In fact the recent arrival of US-Military Expeditionary Force in Nepal was directed by the USAID.


Included in these special interest groups are also the Jesuits. Their one-point agenda for over two centuries has been to break the cohesiveness of the Hindu society, fomenting ethnic and caste strife through well planned social engineering which takes advantage of cultural sensitivities against upper caste Hindus. It was a collective effort of Soros-funded socio-cultural soft coup operatives in INGOs and local NGOs, West European Governments and the Jesuits to force a non-Hindu ‘secular’ state on Nepal. Despite billions invested by Jesuits on infiltration, fomenting of social strife and religious conversions, over 80% of Nepal remains devoutly Hindu.    


Adding fuel to fire, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have established full-fledged embassies in Kathmandu this year, ostensibly to serve the 1.9 million Nepalese working in their respective countries. In reality, these embassies are suspected to serve as Wahhabi terrorist coordinating centres. About 5% of Nepalese population is Muslim but with manipulation by agenda-driven pro-Zionist Muslims such as Saudis and Qataris taking such increased interest in Nepal, they have enormous potential to light fuses between Hindus and Muslims. One need only look at the example of Myanmar where Saudi money and western NGOs sparked a deliberate scorched earth campaign between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims to understand that this could easily be created along the 1300 kilometres of Indo-Nepalese border already tense with illegal migration from Bangladesh and infiltration of Pakistan trained Muslim terrorists.


In a recent report Wayne Madsen revealed that “all communications from the Himalayan region are being monitored by a system called XKEYSCORE, which operates from a CIA/NSA Special Collection Service operations centre at the US embassy in New Delhi, intercepts satellite and Internet traffic transmitted to and from the Indian subcontinent including the countries and territories of the Himalayan region.” [5]


Himalayan resource-plunder agenda


The Nepal situation should be seen in the light of what happened in Bhutan. It was evident why the political process was manipulated by foreign powers to defeat pro-China Prime Minister Jigme Thinley - “the man whom the mighty (India and Western powers) feared” and replaced with pro-West and pro-India Tshering Tobgay - whom no one fears - and who has reversed all the reforms. Tobgay’s strategy to invite World Bank and IMF and facilitate private investments in large hydro-electric and tourism projects will destroy Bhutan’s fragile ecosystem and sink it into debt. Nepal’s foolish politicians are also eyeing similar wholesale resource plunder of exploiting Nepal’s estimated 83,000 megawatt of hydro-electric potential with financial assistance of WB and IMF without paying attention to the widespread disaster that destroyed Uttarakhand state in June 2013. [6]


Twice in the past US special forces with the help of mountaineers have planted plutonium powered Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator [RTG] tracking stations, one on the Tibetan side of Mount Everest and the other on Northern side of Nanda Devi [Uttarakhand] as far back as 1965. Both are now missing. Yoichi Shimatsu said that although “the Indian government says there is little danger of the plutonium breaking out of its protective sheath [which is 25 mm thick], the menace can’t be ruled out and once that happens, the waters of the Ganges, one of Asia’s biggest and most sacred rivers, will be poisoned.” The Himalayan waters serve the irrigation and drinking water needs of 1.6 billion Asian. [7]


The duplicitous Americans are converging on China from two directions: from the Pacific region and from South Asia. Europe, and particularly Scandinavia, have played similar duplicitous roles and have often confided to Indian researchers that since they are resource-short, they must offset this by controlling vital developing nations.


The international circus in Kathmandu


Kathmandu airport is suddenly going to be short of parking space for the aircrafts of election observers from around the world. Former POTUS Jimmy Carter is already there and his Carter Centre has sent 95 observers. EU has sent 100, UK 4, Australia 5, the Asian Network for Freedom 100 and many from Scandinavian countries as well. All SAARC countries have sent observers. India is sending its Deputy Chief Election Commissioner. Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai Governments are also sending observers. With so many observers around, and the SUVs of international NGOs, USAID, and UN team converging on Election Commission office every day, the well paid, suave Election Commissioner has decided not to reveal the number boxes and ballot papers that will be sent to each polling booth. The US soldiers will remain in Nepal until 27th November. For all one knows, the ruler will be selected in Kathmandu itself.




[1] Political institutions of Nepal and Galtung’s gambit, see two publications:

(a) Development of Panchayats in Nepal; U.N. Sinha; originally published by PC Dwadash Shreni & Company, year not given but perhaps between 1966 and 72. The authors have a copy. The democratic system of ‘Panchayats’ evolved in Nepal and other parts of India centuries before the Greeks had one.

(b) Johan Galtung has been a regular visitor to Nepal from the time George Soros planned the Himalayan surgery.


[2] An important expose by Wayne Madsen on how the UN system has been reshaped to destroy institutions of governance in the third world countries with special focus on Nepal:


[3] Former RAW chief CD Sahay is member of the governing body of the prestigious Vivekanand Foundation in Delhi. A close observer of Nepal situation for over two decades, his critical articles can be found here: Opposing the views and analysis of Vivekanand Foundation is the Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation funded by RAND Corporation which is a Tavistock institution.


[4] Ellsworth Bunker and Carol Laise have almost continuously been in South Asia from 1959 to 1973. Bunker was US Ambassador to South Vietnam 1967 to 1973 and Carol Laise was in Kathmandu from 1966 to 1973. They got married in Kathmandu and Bunker used to frequently fly down to Kathmandu. Among other things, Carol’s job was to identify bright students and get them US scholarship for higher studies. Many went to the University of Hawaii where Obama’s parents had also studied. Many of these have returned and hold senior academic positions.




[6] The hydro-electric potential of the Himalayan region has been assessed at 500,000 megawatt of generation capacity. The World Bank and Asian Development Bank have been pushing for destructive hydro-energy policy. In June 2013, the Uttarakhand state adjoining Nepal has a cloud burst in which according to our rough estimate about 10,000 people perished. The impact of the disaster was accentuated by high concentration of dams on every major river and its tributaries.


[7] Yoichi Shimatsu has written extensively about the dangers of plutonium powered surveillance equipment planted on Himalayan region.


Arun Shrivastava is a former professor of strategic management and a researcher; Silvija Germek is an intelligence analyst  

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