The road ahead in Syria
by Waiel Awwad on 25 Apr 2014 1 Comment

On 19 April 2014, two religiously motivated terrorists, one of them on a motorbike, blew himself up near a bakery factory in my small city Salamiyeh, after which apparently a Libyan suicide bomber driving a car loaded with ammunition blew himself up to kill the maximum number of bystanders; indeed, scores of civilians got killed and injured.


Many hearts are broken for the loss of loved ones who were blown up... Immediately, I received a message from my niece trying to console me and informing me that her brother escaped the blast but many of his friends were either killed or injured and she wanted to inform me of what happened before the signal or the power went off.

What struck me were the pictures of two trucks leaving for the besieged city of Aleppo, loaded with humanitarian products like milk powder, rice, sugar, medicines and other essential commodities. They want to deprive and deny our children food to starve them to death as a collective punishment and for insubordination. These dark forces have no heart for any living being in the world and in Syria in particular, because they do not believe we are humans and true believers since we do not subscribe to extreme forms of Islam like Wahhabism and Salafism.

Those “Human Drones” have an agenda .They are trained in the sheikhdom territories loaded with hatred, venom and guns that are sent through Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq into Syria to kill our people. 

The world is silent to what is happening in my country; foreign governments are happy to see their radical products leaving for Syria to kill and get killed, as their coming back alive will be disastrous for their respective countries. It is ok as long as these radicals do not return alive. Only when their national interest is under strategic threat do they step in to secretly seek help from the Syrian government about the terror networks and the terrorists in captivity, to learn more about their sleeping cells back home.

I would like to know why each country does not deal with radicalism in its own territory. Why has Syria to deal with their radicals? Why are all those released from Guantanamo finding their way into Syria?

Arms and mercenaries are freely siphoned into Syria. Petrodollars from sheikhdoms are paying the bills and “rented NATO” countries are providing volunteers and training. Even young girls from Austria, USA, France and some Arab countries are recruited to do a “Holistic Jihad al Nikah” to satisfy those foreign mercenaries before they are sent to heaven to meet the rest of the “70 Vestal Virgins” in their “martyrdom operation.”

In Syria, civilisation is on the brink of destruction. The world is watching the ruthless killings that continue unabated. More than half a million Syrians have lost their lives, mostly civilians, jawans and security forces. Major cities are destroyed, the infrastructure totally ruined, more than half of the population internally displaced and thousands have fled. Many have lost their lives while trying to sneak into Europe; either they are shot at by the border guards or their boats are sunk in the deep sea and the world is silent.


The blame game is all about who started the fire. We are living in the age of Sacred and Holistic Horror and Terror.

The US and the west nurtured the seeds of the terror by promoting suicidal elements to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and, when the aim was achieved, the US and NATO forces decided to stay back in Afghanistan against the wishes of Al Qaeda leaders whom they recognised as terrorist organizations. When 11 September occurred, they attacked Afghanistan and occupied Iraq also.

The roots of terror were planted in Iraq and expanded to Syria with the unprecedented appointment of US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford. Ford was then rejected by Egypt as the next envoy of US because of his background of training and forming militia groups in Iraq and Syria.

The Sarin chemical attacks on Syrian civilians exposed the nexus between the CIA, Ankara and Qatar, who tried to implicate the Syrian government to legitimize military action by US and NATO. Ironically, when I wrote about the plot, in the beginning few agreed, but when Seymour Hersh exposed it in his book “The Red Line And Rat Line”, everyone reported it!

The Qatar prince and his notorious foreign minister were removed by Washington. Then, the former Saudi ambassador to US, Bandar Bin Sultan, considered the godfather of Al Qaeda and a good friend of the Bush family, stepped in to convince the US administration that with the help of his mercenaries and the Afghanistan operatives, the Syrian government would be toppled and Bashar Assad would go.

To the US’ disappointment, he failed and fooled the US and the West, so he was sent on long leave. Next in the firing line is Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, the prime accused in major crimes against Syria; turning his country into a police state, harboring terrorists and then sending them to Syria. His main objective is to annex Aleppo and the northern part of Syria if Syria disintegrates. The operation led by his henchmen in Kassab, the northern resort part of Syria with an Armenian minority, is a plot to divert attention from what is being prepared for the final onslaught on Aleppo.  

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan offered “humanitarian help” to the Armenian population for safe passage and not to stop his mercenaries and perpetrators from destroying their houses. Christians were crucified by extremists because of their faith, in Raqa, Kassab, Homs and Maaloula, the ancient town of Christianity where Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ, is still spoken.

The world is only blaming the Syrian government and has closed one eye and refuses to look with both eyes to the crimes committed against the Syrians by sponsored terrorist groups. Heads are decapitated and played football with; dead bodies are chopped and publicly displayed. Children are forced to take up arms, watching those horrific scenes. Girls above 12 years are exploited and forced into prostitution; fatwas are issued to legitimize these acts as those of the faithful to satisfy the perpetuators, so they can perform better in the war against the Syrian army. The world is still watching in silence.

The turning point

The Syrian army is closing in on armed groups in many parts. In rural Damascus armed persons are surrendering en masse, in Homs city they are tightening their grip and in the coming days it will be cleared. Aleppo, the commercial capital, will be decisive and the turning point before the proposed presidential election which are due on 3rd June 2014.


Turkey and its allies are trying hard to isolate Aleppo to jeopardize the election process and call it a farcical exercise. But the Syrian government is determined to counter their plan and end the siege to the city.

The military success on the ground by the Syrian army has produced disappointment in the other camps and this has resulted in retaliatory attacks by armed groups against civilians. This was clear from the extensive shelling of many civilian populated areas with rockets. The message is clear: the dark forces have to be defeated. Those countries supporting and sponsoring terrorism in Syria are now realizing that it could turn on them.

The worrisome factor is a misadventure from the Jordanian border. The US Ambassador to Jordan made a visit there on Sunday. This has to be watched as Washington may resort to the last straw of interfering in the Syrian internal affairs and enact a destabilization policy.


The author is a senior journalist

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