Narendra Modi: Subramania Bharati’s vision of rising India
by Radha Rajan on 15 May 2014 14 Comments

When the Election Commission conducted a surprise raid on the Varanasi office of the BJP, Times Now carried the slanderous (and as it turned out false) news that the EC had seized crates of liquor from the premises. What the EC did find was only election campaign material like posters, T shirts and pamphlets which is not unusual in election times. But even this was sensationalised by Times Now. It termed the campaign material “unaccounted campaign material” without explaining accounted to whom, and why should the BJP declare the numbers. Unless of course the Election Commission is a Congress hand-maiden and the Commissioners are dancing to the tune of the Italian Piper and Times Now for whatever reason is obliging the Congress with negative publicity against the BJP.


The nation wants to know why Times Now did not “say sorry” (Arnab Goswami’s second favourite phrase after “nation wants to know”) for the false ‘liquor’ report.


The writer has made the point several times in the last decade that ever since former President Abdul Kalam threw cold water on Sonia Gandhi’s prime ministerial ambitions, the lady seized control, in White Christian colonial SOP, of high institutions and for ten excruciatingly long years she was the de facto President of India, Prime Minister, CBI Director, CVC, CEC, NSA, NIA and the entire Cabinet; besides of course presiding over the unconstitutional parallel cabinet called the National Advisory Council.


The Congress president’s absolute control of high offices was made possible because all Congress men and women, and other officers who were appointed to these positions, had without exception reduced themselves willingly to the status of family minions.


Every individual who has held high office in the last 10 years of the UPA government, has held it at her pleasure; and as of the moment when the Election Commission raided the BJP office in Varanasi and when earlier the CEC refused to transfer the Varanasi District Magistrate for shameless double standards, all these worthies have served the lady and her family with the devotion typical of self-serving sycophantic dependents. Sonia Gandhi and the Congress party have defiled all high institutions including the Army, and even pitted the nation’s intelligence agencies against each other.


Sonia Gandhi embroiled even sensitive agencies like Military Intelligence to invent saffron terror and incarcerated Pujya Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pragya. It may be noted that they have not been charge-sheeted yet. This Sonia Gandhi managed to do because she successfully sold the Hindu terror lemon to leaders of Hindu organisations who believed they were the intended targets of Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pragya, and therefore failed to speak up for them and work for their release.


Let us not forget Machiavelli was Italian.   


Considering the scale of corruption involving Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra, it bears reiteration that the CVC has to work closely with the CBI to investigate and proceed against corruption in public life wherever it is located; and needless to say Robert Vadra could not have amassed his phenomenal ill-gotten wealth in just three years without the active political support of Congress Ministers and Chief Ministers. Of course Robert Vadra did not operate from any BJP-ruled state.


Again, Sonia Gandhi’s choice of PJ Thomas for the post of CVC was not accidental. Her plans came unstuck largely due to the noise made by the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha who had placed her objections to Thomas in writing. Sushma Swaraj drew the nation’s attention to the fact that there were corruption charges going back to the 1990s decade still pending against Thomas.


Vadra’s unnaturally quick and ill-gotten wealth was beginning to be whispered about in influential corridors and a pliant CVC and CBI would have been useful assets.  The nation now wants to know how Robert Vadra became a rich man right under the CBI and CVC nose, and under the collective noses of the Prime Minister, his cabinet, Parliament and of course the Congress president.


The Prime Minister with characteristic weakness stood by silently and watched Sonia Gandhi unleash the CBI against all those who took a public position against this wretched family and against Congress interests, as a pacifying/punitive measure against those who refused to be pliant or compliant. Almost all, but not quite all of them, have succumbed to the pressure and public ignominy.


The depredations of the UPA government have been detailed painstakingly by different writers and do not bear repetition. The nation today finds itself debilitated economically, militarily weak, and its social fibre weakened by politics of minority-ism. All exit polls point to a decisive Modi/BJP victory. Ordinary people have broken their habitual voting pattern and this time have voted for the BJP directly or the BJP’s political allies.


Hindu nationalists are consumed by the same sense of hope and passionate desire for change that gripped the country when Hindu nationalists like Tilak, Aurobindo and Subramania Bharati through their speeches and writings fired the Indian National Congress and the ordinary people of the country with raging impatience against colonial rule and the desire for political freedom from British enslavement.


Modi will not only be watched, but he will be stalked by the Generic Church if, as Rajnath Singh said, “Don’t think Modi’s government will do only what has been specified in the BJP manifesto; we will do other things too”. And as Modi begins to make the country once again an economic and military power, as Modi revives agriculture and as Modi begins to secure the country’s growing energy requirements, the writer expects the Generic Church’s dirty tricks department to foment crisis after crisis to keep Modi away from his declared nation building, nation strengthening exercises.


Communal riots, artificially triggered natural disasters, student unrest, insurgencies, disruptive AAP-like movements, jihadi terror attacks, tensions along national borders, and bringing the national currency under tremendous pressure, Modi will be forced to confront all such threats. The country saw in Modi Subramania Bharati’s impassioned vision of a resurgent India. The nation wears the face of its leader and when Bharati sang about his hopes about a new, young and free India, he could almost have been singing about a leader who will lift the country from the morass of neglect, despondence and collective listlessness.


Oli Padaitha Kanninai va va va

With eyes full of light

And a steadfast heart,

A voice filled with the exuberance of hope,

And shoulders of steel,

With a clear-thinking mind

And the gait of a lion

That rises up against pettiness

And surrenders to simplicity,

A nation that has lost its light,

Whose creative spirit has been killed

My young and new India

Like the new and young rising sun

Stand firmly over us, and

Dispel the darkness shrouding us.


Modi must rise up to Bharati’s exhilarating vision of a mighty India, tender but strong, determined but compassionate, and above all, with the fearlessness and majesty of the lion.


The nation does not need another Gandhi, another Nehru; Modi must combine within him the qualities of Tilak, Aurobindo and Sardar Patel.


Only a man combining in him the towering intelligence of Tilak, the courage and brilliance of Aurobindo and the steely determination of Patel can deal with detractors inside his own party, inside his country and a uni-polar world with America ceaselessly trying to arrange the world according to Yankee Doodle and Europe playing sidekick.  

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