The West-Al Qaeda-Wahhabis manipulating Muslims and Islam
by Shenali Waduge on 30 Jun 2014 10 Comments

In July 2013, European Parliament identified the Wahhabi movement as the source of global terrorism and a threat to traditional and diverse Muslim cultures of the whole world. The Wahhabi cult was a creation of the British. It should make Muslims happy that the EU Parliament has identified not all Muslims as terrorists, but Wahhabis. Al Qaeda was a US creation, as Hillary Clinton admits ( The version that the US is now fighting Al Qaeda is a story too hard to believe. In short, it appears that ‘Muslim’ fundamentalist organisations can all be sourced back to the West. This requires Muslims to seriously take cognizance of ground realities sufficient to realize how they are being manipulated through Islam.


In discussing US foreign policy or any US policy for that matter, it is essential that we realise that US policies are all about what America’s corporate elite desires and have nothing to do with ordinary American people who are victims themselves of US corporate elite policies. Politicians are puppets of America’s corporate elite.


Muslim fundamentalism is just one aspect of policies that are engineered to serve a handful. The choice was simple. To destroy the Soviet empire was more important than creating Islamic fundamentalists or arming terrorists. Thus, the very nations that claim to be champions of human rights are its worst violators. Behind most of the world’s terror outfits, blamed largely on Muslims, are the US, UK and their unholy alliance of elite corporates.


What is unfortunate is that the West has roped in Muslim states to fund a global initiative to use Islam against Muslims themselves. The US State Committee admitted in 2003 that Saudi had spent $87billion to promote Wahhabism globally. Wahhabis deal harshly with moderate Muslims and silence them. Wahhabism has been exported globally with petrodollars funding schools, colleges, mosques, Islamic centres, missionary work of fundamentalist imams and it is on this basis that opposition to madrassas funded by Saudis rise in non-Muslim majority nations. Wahhabi teachings have caused sharp divisions among Muslims as well as contributed to tensions against Muslims by non-Muslims. Source Wahhabi to its origins and we know who is manipulating all these global troubles.


Today we do not know who is handling whom and how far these terror groups themselves know what they are doing. There is little point spending billions to curb terror when behind the scenes the same countries are creating terror and terrorists. Muslims need to take stock of these ground realities.


-        The links have been obvious – roots to Boston bombers, killers of the British soldier in the UK, Al Muhajiroun, Chechnyan violence, majority of hijackers of 9/11 were from Saudi radicalized in German mosques.


-        Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted on CNN (June 13, 1997) that the US trained and supported bin Laden (Mujahadin) to fight the Soviets


-        CIA director & Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in his memoirs ‘From the Shadow’ (1997) confirmed that the US backed the Mujahidin in the 1970s. Moreover, CIA aid to the Mujahidin was given six months before the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan on 24 December 1979; President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid on 3 July 1979. It is likely that the Soviets were mischievously drawn into Afghanistan just as US has done with Ukraine.


-        The American Government created Al Qaeda under the authority of President Reagan on 27 March 1985 through National Security Directive 166. American universities even published text books to be distributed in Afghanistan amongst children extolling the virtues of jihad and killing communists. J. Michael Springmann, chief of visa section at the US consulate in Jeddah, says that the CIA insisted visa be given to Afghanis to be sent for training to US and then sent back to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets.  Just as CIA is alleged to have provided visas for the 9/11 hijackers. Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds a former FBI translator, claims Bin Laden worked for US as US outsourced terror operations to al Qaeda and the Taliban.


-        President Ronald Reagan in fact met Afghan Mujahideen commanders at the White House in 1985. This negates the notion that Al Qaeda was founded by Osama bin Laden. Al-Qaeda is an organization totally under the control of the intelligence agencies of the US, Israel, Britain and France. Osama bin Laden or “Colonel Tim Osman” as he was called, was chosen to head Al Qaeda.


-        Salafist, Deobandi, Taliban and Al-Qaeda militant groups are paid agents of US imperialists. UN reports confirm that militant Salafists have infiltrated Syria from 29 countries! Mohammad-Hassan Asafari, member, Iran Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, says thousands of al-Qaeda-linked terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan and other countries have entered Syria in recent months to fight against the Syrian government and have been provided with intelligence support by the Israeli regime. 


-        CIA is said to have given one year visa in 1990 to Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman though he was on a State Department terrorism watch list.


-        The alliance between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia helped spread the ideology of fundamentalist Sunni Islam all over the globe and targeted countries that US elites consider a threat to their economic and geopolitical interests. Sunni extremists are Wahhabis and Salafists. Invariably the victims become moderate Sunni’s and Shiites. However, Wahhabis are not representative of entire Sunni Muslims.


-        It is now very clear that Al Qaeda is not only a creation of the US/NATO and their allies, but also a tool fighting on their behalf against the interests of Muslim unity and resistance to Western hegemony in the Muslim world. Why is it that these Al Qaeda terrorists who claim to be Muslims only kill other innocent Muslims?


-        US and Al Qaeda elements are collaborating in all of America’s interventions in East Europe, Middle East, Africa and now Asia in a bid to dismantle socialist or quasi-socialist nations (USSR, Yugoslavia and Libya became targets). Gaddafi’s killing had nothing to do with liberating Libyans but the anger of the West for Gaddafi’s terms for Western oil companies and his attempts use the wealth of Libya to make Africa independent of Europe and America. The press does not reveal that the radical Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, or LIFG) were former Mujahedeen’s who fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan. The UK cannot deny that 250 British special forces troops were deployed inside Libya before NATO bombing. US special forces had been sent to Libya in February 2011, a month before NATO bombing began. LIFG is said to have been funded by British intelligence to assassinate Gaddafi in 1996 (ex-M15 officer David Shayler $160,000).


-        In 2011 US joined Al Qaeda to take over Libya similar to the Bosnia 1992-95 and Kosovo 1997-98 exercise where the local conflict was created to enable a ‘humanitarian intervention’ helped by Western manipulation and false facts spread through its corporate media. Mass rape was reported but only four women were willing to back up story.


-        It is now known that Bosnia was a set up. Muslim atrocities were never highlighted because these were part of the plan to oust the Serbian government. The foreign mujahidin in Bosnia were all US engineered. It is also known that from 1992 to 1995, the Pentagon assisted the movement of thousands of Mujahidin and other Islamic groups from Central Asia into Europe to fight with the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs. These home truths were made available by Prof. Cees Weibes of Amsterdam University in his report ‘Intelligence and the War in Bosnia’ exposing the secret alliance between US Pentagon and radical Islamic groups from the Middle East. Osama bin Laden is said to have trained members of the Kosovo Liberation Army; his military commander led an elite KLA unit during the conflict. Yet US listed the KLA as a terrorist organization in 1998 for transporting US$ 2billion worth of drugs annually into Western Europe! Perhaps these terror listings are a smokescreen to fool the world? In fact US intelligence is said to have trained KLA before the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.


-        Just as heavy vehicles and other equipment suddenly disappeared and accidentally found its way into the hands of the LTTE, the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) left before the airstrikes; its satellite phones and global positioning systems were found with the KLA! These terrorists were closely in touch with NATO and Washington. A former US army captain David Hackworth confirms that US military contractor MPRI (Military Professional Resources Incorporated) trained KLA and fought with them! It’s all about drugs in Kosovo! It’s all about drugs and gas in Afghanistan. It’s all about oil in Iraq, Libya…


It has not mattered to the US Government that the wars the US is entering leave its public in trillions of debt – totaling all forms of debt including government, business, mortgage and consumer – Americans are in $54.4 trillion debt.


It has not mattered to the US Government that the wars the US is entering leave thousands of soldiers either dead, disabled or hooked to drugs and suffering psychological traumas because the corporate elite that makes the decision to wage war ends up securing the deals in all of the ‘humanitarian’ military interventions now taking place with the tacit approval of puppet UN officials.


The American public suffering is no different from that of the rest of the nations where these corporate elites have unleashed terror (using Islamic fundamentalists they have trained) or used economic sanctions, dictators and regulations through the UN that have nothing to do with the democracy they preach. The American public is kept docile by Patriotic Acts, National Security Acts, and because ignorance has made them give away their liberties to these corporates and their henchmen.


As for the Muslims, they need to wake up and realize that if their religion does not preach violence then no Muslim should take a gun in defense of Islam. The links and origins of Islamic terror to US/UK and Allies shows how far Islam has been manipulated and requires Muslims themselves to take action. If the majority of Muslims are for peace, for this to be relevant and meaningful they must not allow fundamentalists to rule them. It is these fanatics who are killing, taking over mosques and madrassas and indoctrinating people and youth and silencing the majority. The silent majority should not remain silent. The Russian Communists ruined Russia, Chinese Communists did colossal damage too, Japan too has a history of killing, Tamils were silent for 30 years allowing LTTE to prevail. Peace loving people cannot become irrelevant by choice.


Muslims need to first realize that the brand of Islam causing havoc the world over is handled by the West for geopolitical and economic agendas. When US says it was monitoring Muslim radicalism in Sri Lanka a decade ago, we need to realize that the US was preparing the next wave of trouble in Sri Lanka. All new incursions that the people have opposed, which Muslims did not practice earlier (halal labelling, sharia banking, sharia laws, loudspeakers, madrassas, Arabian mosques, Arabian schools, animal sacrifice, increasing numbers of hijab wearers) have been encouraged with the intention of creating disharmony and inciting emotions of non-Muslims against Muslims. These are perfect pressure points where Muslims are made to make demands and non-Muslims to question why a minority religion should dictate how the majority live and eat. Muslims submit to manipulation which leads to tensions.


In summary, we need to realize that America is not controlled by Americans or its politicians. Both Americans and American politicians are puppets in the hands of a handful of corporate elite who use the power of the country to wage wars/interventions/invasions upon nations, initially using American soldiers as cannon fodder, and now outsourcing that to corporate partners in the Middle East, to produce the Islamic groups to fight each other and ensure that the elite of US/Allies prevail in all countries. All countries the US is supposed to have liberated are in total chaos ruled by the people the Americans hand over power to. The supposed ‘liberated’ people find they have not only lost their country but country’s resources as well!


The people can reverse the trend. The choice of course is theirs.  

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