Demublicans vs Republicrats: The Neo-Lib-Con Job
by Frank Scott on 31 Jan 2016 0 Comment
We started 2016 by ending 2015 with a holiday shopping frenzy falling short of what the private profiteers needed but the public losers really didn’t, foreign policy moves to more war that the military industrial profiteers need but we don’t, and the end of the first phase of a presidential campaign that like shopping and war profits the few at cost to the many, which is hardly what we need. So what else is new?


The already long and mostly irrelevant campaign, which is likely to get worse, has at least presented two extraordinary major party contenders for the CEO position of our floundering corpora-nation. A truly decent social democrat who calls himself a socialist and excites socialists who should know better while repelling others who might not understand even when it’s explained, and an outspoken billionaire populist who thrills many and frightens others with rhetoric ranging from the extreme right to the slight left of his opponents, furthering evidence that we are a very confused and divided people. Repeat: So what else is new?


We are moving to more military confrontations not only with supposedly easy to defeat nations that we cannot defeat, but great powers like China and Russia, with none of our corporate warlords really wanting a war they cannot win - and we all might lose - while the daycare center mentalities passing for political leaders rattle swords and threaten more lives in total denial of material reality. To mention only a few more situations which most of our grandmothers could handle with more intellectual and humanitarian decency – especially if foreign born and not formally educated in America:


North Korea conducted an atomic bomb test, which caused the blood lust bigotry among some political-media vampires to go completely berserk. Calls for regime change, invasion, bombing and other democratically inspired practices were far more deafening than the explosion itself. North Korea suffers from more innocent American ignorance and ugly American hatred than any other nation we almost destroyed in the past.


During the Korean war - the most brutal direct confrontation with communism until Viet Nam - the USA destroyed most of North Korea and dropped more bombs on that tiny country than had been used on the total Pacific area during the second world war. And that prior war involved a murderous fire-bombing of Japanese cities that made Nazis look humane; No ethnic cleansing and shipping people to camps or murders followed by cremation but American one-stop-shopping that burned them to death as they sat down to dinner. We killed more people in Tokyo than we did with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And we exceeded that holocaust, in tonnage of explosives and brutality, with our savaging of the North Korean countryside, cities and population.


That nearly destroyed nation is now deemed “fanatic” for seeing the USA as not only its past enemy but an ongoing military threat, with ships patrolling its waters and US military maneuvers conducted on its borders. Any weaponry it has clearly exists as a defense against constant menacing from South Korea, a relative colony of western capital run by saber rattling anti-communists under the control of the USA. But we are taught the North Koreans are a fanatic danger, a threat to humanity and that their system is failing while our exceptional nation, a master race of self-chosen people teaches the world how to spend billions on weapons, cosmetics and pets while reducing tens of thousands of it citizens to homelessness. SWEIN?


A tiny group of religious fundamentalist ranchers take control of a small nature preserve in Oregon unknown to 99% of the public and are transformed into an armed menace to security, peace, freedom and other cherished American values like gun ownership and identity politics. A simple and alienated band of possibly misguided people whose estrangement from power and a government dedicated to everything but their interest are dangerously being set up for scapegoating and possible horror as every justifiably aggrieved sector of the population is manipulated into thinking they are at the root of what is wrong with America.


Even Native Americans have been pushed forward to accuse them of occupying Indian land, as though the entire nation wasn’t once an Indian homeland and hundreds of thousands of Indians hadn’t been slaughtered and ethnically cleansed by our ancestors. Why if these crazy armed militia types get together with skinheads, racists and North Korea, will Americans be safe in their beds? Don’t ask one of the presidential candidates because the answer you get might make ISIS, talk radio and 911 Truthers sound thoughtfully logical.


But wait. Some real Semites of the Middle East – unlike their pretender euro-brethren - from what might be called Saudi Israelia’s ruling family murdered a group of political prisoners, including a Shiite leader. In their usual fashion they chopped off heads and though this has never seemed to bother consciousness control or mind management in the USA unless done by ISIS (SWEIN?), Iran reacted in anger, as might be expected. This led to threats of war and smiles from those who profit most from it; military industrial corporadoes from the USA. But no more than small murmurs from American leadership with no criticism beyond urging talks and not nuclear war.


Meanwhile, the Saudi-Israelis unite in not only exercising incredible control over American politics with their wealth, but causing many to wonder how the real Semite Saudis do it, without a lobby like the Israeli-Zionist mob that buys, rents and leases much of the government. Bulletin: Weapons purchases from, and petro sales to, our warfare-fossil cabal guarantee a degree of power to the tyrannical fundamentalists who taught ISIS/Daesh everything they know.


If nine Israelis had been among the twin tower bombers, can anyone imagine that we would still have the same married-at-the-wallet relationship that disgraces our supposed democracy? Yet nine Saudis among the terrorist crew meant nothing, with even many Truthers still seeking a Zionist behind the scenes rather than noting who actually played the leading roles. And created arch-villain Bin Laden? A Saudi too. Mossad may be taking lessons from them in how to save money, though Israel would have to buy even more weapons than it already does and somehow steal more Middle Eastern oil to sell.


In the midst of this and more, the demublican-republicrat charade plays out, with possibly more meaning than usual now that two of the candidates - deemed extremist and given no chance by established politics and its media handmaidens - are participants in the multi-billion dollar marketing fiasco that passes for “our” democracy.


Bernie Sanders is written off by a liberal banking establishment and Donald Trump ridiculed by a conservative financial cabal, even though neither is critical of American policy towards Israel. Their mutual transgression, however different their messages may seem, is to contradict much of the party line politics that a majority of Americans find intolerable. This in itself is a healthy sign of change, even if the initial steps can seem frightening. After all, America was and continues to be the destroyer of nations and lives in the middle east, a problem existing long before their candidacies and one that creates the terrorist threat no one, least of all mainstream liberals and conservatives, has done anything to change in any substance beyond rhetoric, while continuing to vote for the very people responsible for the policies that do the killing and create the terrorists.


So maybe there will at last be something new come election day 2016. Especially if it helps people who slumber through the multi-billion dollar marketing-branding campaign wake up to the need for a new politics and a new party. Jill Stein and the Greens do not have the money of the sincere but fake anti-establishment major party neo-lib-con job candidates, but she, the Greens, and we need staying power that will create more than simply electoral change now and well beyond 2016.


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