God Bless You, America
by Israel Shamir on 13 Feb 2016 5 Comments

New Hampshire is a wonderful news. After many years of frustration, we see America we want to bless: America that rejects its money-making machine of Wall Street and its death-churning machine of Pentagon. Both leaders of the President race are good, Sanders for the Left and Trump for the Right are good and great, exactly what is needed, and now let the best man win, for us the foreigners anyone of them will do fine. Both are non-interventionists, both want to fix America rather than interfere overseas. People rejected war-mongering candidates of the establishment, and that is what matters.


It is good to see Left and Right struggling for the good of the country, instead of forming a shapeless centre and hanging there. Both the Left and the Right are good and needed by society, just as the left leg and the right leg are needed for standing up. The Right is the conservative force, good for nature and tradition. The Left is the moving force of society, the guarantee of its liveliness, of capacity for change, of social mobility. A society without its Left would rot; a society without its Right would collapse. The Left provides movement, the Right guarantees stability.


In New Hampshire, American people defeated the pseudo-Left and the pseudo-Right, and gave a chance for the real thing. It is good to see Mme Clinton being defeated by the old socialist, and Mr Bush by the bragging and brash dealer. They felt high and mighty, like aristocracy born to rule, but the Republic has its healthy democratic instincts. It is good to see that both leaders reject bankers’ diktat, both want to give Americans good socialised health care, both disagree with the way America went until now.


It is good that democrats rejected identity politics, that young American women said ‘no’ to the feminist witches who tried to ride on the sister solidarity. It is good that republicans weren’t scared by the media machine that called Trump “a new Hitler”.

Both candidates are bad for Israel Lobby. Sanders is for peace in the Middle East and for the Palestinian rights, Trump is for spending money at home. Sanders is of Jewish origin, Trump has a Jewish daughter, and these connections may smoothen liberation of America from the Lobby.


Both candidates are good for the US-Russian relations. Trump or Sanders – the Russians will love them. Trump or Sanders – the danger of the Third World War will move away.


Russians are very willing to play ball with America. The Russian success in Syrian war could not be achieved without President Obama’s cautious neutrality. An American president could turn this excellent Russian adventure into sheer hell, even without going to war. Let us give praise where it is due: Washington quietly allows the Russians to save Syria, despite Israeli wailing and Saudi shrieks.


Russians’ positive attitude to the US was made obvious during the recent visit of Henry Kissinger to Moscow: he was received as a special ambassador of American elites, though it is possible this was just a visit of an old gentleman to a place he is remembered.


It goes without saying that New Hampshire primary is not the presidential elections, and the Establishment and the Lobby have a lot of time to recover, to besmirch the present leaders, or even kill them like they killed Huey Long. Any one of these good men can disappoint in future, like Barack Obama has disappointed.


But now I want to bless you, America: your heart is in the right place. You are not the monsters your present Establishment wants you to be. Whatever happens, we shall remember that.  

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