China and Russia prepare for a hot war with Eurangloland
by Jeff J Brown on 15 May 2016 0 Comment
The Sino-Russian alliance continues to prosper and expand, even though the two countries’ governments don’t want to call it that. Since the last installment of the Moscow-Beijing Express, I could write another article about all the visits, communications, deals signed, plans made, exports and imports: Suffice it to say that Russia and China continue to be tightly wound together strategically, commercially, economically and diplomatically.


But for this dynamic duo on the world stage – the only force on Planet Earth which prevents all of humanity from kneeling down to the boot heel of Western tyranny, their surrounding skies continue to darken, and they are having to respond in kind. You have to be brainwashed by imperial propaganda to not see and admit that Eurangloland and its military phalanx, NATO, are preparing for an eventual hot war, of some shape or form, with China and Russia.


On Russia’s western flank, Sweden, always a subservient tool to colonialism, is trying to, or being brow beaten, into joining NATO


Are there any countries left concerning Russia, which have not signed up? Even if the West’s verbal promise to not expand NATO eastward had been signed in blood, it would have been flaunted. When Western empire finds a treaty inconvenient, it just ignores it or creates a false flag to justify abrogating it. Meanwhile, colonialism’s Nazi Ukraine continues to spiral into oblivion and irrelevance, another CIA “success story”, in its pages-long list of failed states, puppet leaders, assassinations and drug running.


In Syria, an ally of Iran, which are both allied to all things anti-West, and thus allies of Russia and China, NATO continues to create another war-crime humanitarian disaster. How many humanitarian disasters has the West caused within and without its own borders, since Alexander the Great’s scorched Earth diplomacy, in the fourth century BC? You’d need to run the calculation on one of China’s Tianhe-2 supercomputers, still the worlds fastest, because the number is so gargantuan.


Moving to the Pacific theater, both China and Russia are saying loud and clear that the US should drop its plans to install a Theater High Altitude Area Defense missile system (THAAD) in South Korea, even though they both know that Uncle Sam is going to do it anyway, regardless. It is for this reason that I think China and Russia are letting Kim Jong-un continue to launch missiles and test nuclear bombs, as an asymmetrical response to the onslaught of Western aggression. and and


Which brings us to the ever-absurd American militarization of the South China Sea (SCS). At the last ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) summit in Sunnylands, California, February 15-16, 2016, the members stood their ground against Obama trying to force an “ASEAN Principles” declaration against China, in its own backyard. ASEAN includes every sovereign country making a claim in the South China Sea.


How did it turn out for Obama & Co.? It was a total failure. The final communiqué made no mention of, nor any threats against the People’s Republic. This colossal diplomatic humiliation was ignored behind the Great Western Firewall, for obvious reasons. But Uncle Sam continues to make these ridiculous aerial and naval intrusions in the SCS, to the irritation of everyone in the region, except maybe the Philippines and Japan.


Why did ASEAN’s leaders refuse to kowtow to American bullying? Maybe it is because they are more guilty than China in their actions in the SCS:


Next of course, is the pending “ruling” by The Hague, trying China vs. the Philippines, a case which legitimately should be adjudicated by the UN’s International Tribunal for the Law of the Seas (ITLOS). Everybody and their dead dog are already saying The Hague’s ruling is going to be a foregone denunciation of China. That says all you need to know about how much this court is a finger puppet of Washington, London and Paris. Russia can only hope it doesn’t get “convicted” there too.


Moving closer inland, the CIA and its thousands of NGO store fronts keeps fomenting “separatist” groups in Hong Kong, which is historically and politically delusional.

It worked in Ukraine. It will never work in China, nor Russia, although there were near success stories in 1989, in Tiananmen Square and then the socioeconomic rape of Russia, in the 1990s. To cover their blind sides, both Russia and China have passed the badly needed legislation to prevent any further color revolutions inside their countries.


Let’s skip all the phony ISIS crap for now, even though it is being used against Russia and China, along their borders and inside their provinces. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? ISIS really should be called “USIS,” for “United States Islamic Satraps”, including America’s royal weapons bucket brigade, in the Arab Gulf.


In sum, to see what it feels like to be Chinese, here are the tables turned on America’s brainwashed populace: Someone on The Saker should do a similar map for Russia.


So, like the ants in Aesop’s fable preparing for winter, err… war, while the profligate Eurangloland grasshoppers bankrupt themselves, in order to maintain their tottering, 500-year old global empire, China and Russia are sensibly preparing for the worst. Honestly, do they have any other choice?


Both China and Russia are ramping up testing of hypersonic and globe-spanning missile systems.


Last month, China again tested its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the DF-41, for the sixth or seventh time. It can strike anywhere in the world, dropping six to ten regional nuclear warheads. It takes a brisk 30 minutes to strike up to 12,000km away, which happens to be the diameter of Earth.


In April, China also tested its DF-ZF, an 11,000km per hour zinger, equipped with a nuclear warhead, that glides straight down from the edge of space. There are no known missile defense systems to protect against it, including THAAD.


Russia is also flexing its “take your THAAD and shove it” muscles. In March, it tested the Zircon missile, which has similar, hypersonic speeds as China’s version. Russia upped the ante by testing the Zircon from a nuclear powered submarine, making THAAD and other NATO and Israeli anti-missile technology even more obsolete.


Like China, Russia is testing a similar ICBM, using the SS-19 system:


All these systems are so uncannily similar, it makes you wonder if the Chinese and Russians have not been sharing technology and advice with each other. After all, they have a mutual, arrogant, imperial enemy, Eurangloland and its NATO Wehrmacht, to worry about.


In the air and on the ground and seas: Russian and Chinese Ministers of Defense, Sergei Shoigu and Chang Wanquan, respectively, met on the sidelines of last month’s international security conference, in Moscow. These savvy military strategists know a common threat when they see one and announced that their militaries will increase air, ground and sea exercises, while strengthening security and defense cooperation. Chang and Shoigu spoke to each other’s national news agencies, obviously to send the message back to both peoples that this is the real deal.


That didn’t take long: a week later, Russia and China announced that they will be conducting their first ever computer-assisted joint military exercise, later this month. This, so that the two countries’ militaries can familiarize themselves with their respective command structures and data transmission processes. This is of course the key to winning any hot war with NATO, since in the modern era it all depends on electronic communications.


In a sense, this is all very encouraging to Anti-West forces, since the exponentially growing Sino-Russian alliance is the only credible force that can stand up to Eurangloland, and hopefully win. But is it enough to create a new, 21st century “Mutually Assured Destruction” (MAD) deterrent for both sides?


From 1945-1978, the United States and its global client countries were ascendant against revolutionary China, where the communist government was spending its money and resources to dramatically improve the living standards of one-fourth of the world’s people. But then, starting in the Eighties, the People’s Republic began its grand and history changing entrance onto the world stage.


The Soviet Union was equal to the West’s threats, 1945-1990, and humanity survived, thanks to a lot of luck and MAD. Then for a brief decade, 1990-2000, the West was ascendant to a bankrupted, boundary torn Russia. Now in the new century, like China, Russia has roared back to the world’s economic and geopolitical table.


In the meantime, since the Vietnam War, Eurangloland began and continues to show all the signs of a fading, overextended, corrupt empire. History tells us that empires, if they don’t implode quickly (like the Western Roman Empire, in 476 AD) and thus not having the time to react, often resort to war with its enemies, to stave off their inevitable demise (like the Eastern Byzantine Roman Empire, in 1453 – a thousand years later).


So, in another sense, everything explained above can be downright depressing, as history and the trend line suggest that a hot war between the West and the Anti-West may be unstoppable. The Romans did not have thousands of nuclear warheads. Today the West, Russia and China do.


With war criminal Hillary Clinton in the White House, the vortex towards mutual annihilation becomes that much more plausible. If Donald Trump makes it into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who knows? In either case, like the 20th century version of MAD, let’s hope this century’s Act II is blessed with unbelievable luck.


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