Has Kejriwal a Pakistan connection?
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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been waging war against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At the drop of a hat he and his flunkeys drag the Prime Minister’s name in every episode, even where any legitimate legal action is taken against his team mates. In the history of post-independence India, never ever was a Prime Minister pilloried in such a crude manner as Kejriwal has been doing.


What could be the possible reason for such gross animosity towards the elected chief executive of the Indian state? It appears that Kejriwal is waging this virtual war against the Prime Minister at the behest of some anti-India group or country.


Kejriwal owes his political debut to the financing of his NGOs by Ford Foundation (which everyone knows works closely with the CIA). But that alone cannot be the raison d’etre for his targeting the Prime Minister, day in and day out. The reason for his jihad against Narendra Modi must be found elsewhere.


If we trace the rise of Kejriwal in the mainstream media, one finds that the Delhi Chief Minister enjoys the dubious support of some radical Islamic groups based in Pakistan, USA and Pak-occupied Kashmir. It is public knowledge that on December 7, 2014, Kejriwal was felicitated by a Dubai-based shadowy organization, ‘World Brands Summit’, with great fanfare. He was flown Business Class courtesy his friendship with Dubai-based money bags. 


While the Indian media latched on to the gross impropriety of a self-proclaimed messiah of the ‘aam aadmi’ (ordinary people) travelling Business Class, they failed to read the tea leaves of  his  Dubai connection. Nor did they probe the mystery of his subsequent gallop from Dubai to the USA. The inexplicable association of the Aam Aadmi Party with fundamentalist Muslim groups embedded in Pakistan and Occupied Kashmir was totally ignored by the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party.     


Suspected Islamists as Allies?


The proof of pudding is in eating. An advertisement by the Association of Indian Muslims of America appeared in the 1-15 February, 2014, issue of Milli Gazette, New Delhi, calling upon Muslims to vote for the AAP in the forthcoming elections. [1]  


The said advertisement ran as follows:

“An Appeal to Indian Muslim citizens and voters to support Aam Aadmi Party to remove the ills of corruption, influence peddling, abuse of religion and caste, money power, denial of justice, police brutality, from the society at large in the country. These ills have resulted from gross abuses by most political parties. The majority of Muslims being deprived people are hurt more than others from these ills. Hence, Muslims in large numbers should support AAP that is comprised of good people, and that is trying to cleanse the national political and governance system. We appeal to all to campaign for AAP, raise funds for them and vote for AAP candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections.”


Apart from the party symbol ‘jhaadu’, the advertisement carried a photograph of a skullcap-wearing Arvind Kejriwal, his shoulders draped in a keffiyah-printed muffler, interacting with Muslim leaders. The advertisement further urged the minority voters to ‘Join the Revolution’ – a description taken perhaps from official website of AAP.


Interestingly, the Association of Indian Muslims of America is an organization whose many members have been connected with Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai of Kashmiri American Council – a spy planted by the Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan in the USA. He was arrested in July 2011 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on charges of running an espionage racket to promote a lobby for supporting secession of Kashmir from India. FBI investigations revealed that Dr. Fai had received approximately US $4 million from his ISI handlers in Pakistan and that he was receiving instructions from ISI’s Brigadier Javed Aziz Khan.


Qayyum Endian applauds Kejriwal as Jaichand


In an interesting article posted on the website of ‘Covert Wires’ on November 17, 2013, two researchers, Somiksha C Mohanta  and Nazia Murtad, drew attention to the fact that the Kashmiri separatists were running online donation campaigns for Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party. [2] They claimed that the AAP leader was not a visionless man. He has a deep vision which enables him to get a proper sense of winning elections. He knows ways to get funding for the AAP from outside India.


It is known that Kejriwal has constantly claimed that the AAP was getting clean money from NRIs through its website’s donation section. Once AAP had boasted receiving INR 5 million from an NRI based in East Asia, which donation lacked transparency. The catch, according to the two authors, was that one can never prove if some foreign agencies were channelizing funds through NRIs located abroad and having stakes in those agencies. 


Somiksha Mohanta and Nazia Murtad highlighted that many Pakistani online forums were campaigning for making donations to the AAP. The Internet posts showed a screen shot of the donation process invented by a man who works in the Gulf for Pakistan. Also there was a recorded instance where an anti-India resident of India had donated two months’ salary for AAP.  


Claiming to be one Qayyum (probably a pseudonym), the man who called himself Qayyum Endian donated INR 45,000 to AAP and took screenshots of the form showing the payment process and receiving a Transaction ID. His post on Internet, according to the two journalists, was inspiring Pakistanis to donate at least INR 100 to AAP. The reason for so doing was explicit in his hope and prayer while sacrificing two months’ salary to AAP, viz, a message in Urdu which proclaimed, “mujhe yakeen hai aap log India mein Islami huqumat qayam karogey” (I am sure you guys will establish the  Islamic rule in India). [3]


The pro-Kejriwal online activist, Qayyum Endian, described the situation created by AAP as a historical turning point. He hailed Kejriwal as the new Jaichand who will initiate the second phase of Islamization of  India. Qayyum Endian further asked Kejriwal to provide assistance to Muslims. His message posted in the online campaigns clarified that the citizenship filter is a deliberate security breach and that anyone could sign as Indian citizen in the form checkbox. Qayyum suggested that it was a nice way to shoot two targets with a single arrow, managing to create a public perception that they were receiving no foreign funding, but were getting only NRI money. Thus one could still make a donation to them. When a person successfully makes payment through credit/debit card, he will receive a Transaction ID like Qayyum did. 


According to the   two researchers, this post supporting Kejriwal’s AAP was first found on a Facebook page titled, “Our Kashmir Our Concern” running from Muzzaffrabad in Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir. It aimed at promoting the separatist causes in Kashmir and supporting the Pakistani Army. (See https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=232217923619106)


A more critical question is whether the AAP really aims at promoting the cause of “Indian Muslims” by Islamicising India, as claimed by Qayyum “Endian”?


Kejriwal’s avowed admirer, Qayyum Endian, cited several reasons owing to which the AAP must be supported by all Pakistani and Indian Muslims and even “Good Hindus” (fellow travellers). One reason was that AAP was the most bold critic of the BJP. Qayyum Endian argued that Aam Aadmi Party suits the Muslims because it has fooled the Indian masses. For instance, the AAP blamed Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for provoking communal riots in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, without any proof.


Prima facie, the AAP appears to have received funds from anti-Indian operatives based in Pakistan, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and from Gulf-based doubtful entities. Incidentally, the aforesaid article was posted on several websites, including asansolnews

(http://asansolnews.wordpress.com). Yet there was no response from Kejriwal. No Indian media has tried to unravel the truth about AAP’s support from anti-Indian groups operating abroad.


Kejriwal in Afghanistan Times


Baloch journalist Aamna Shahwani, The Afghanistan Times, Kabul, March 4, 2014, brought to light Kejriwal’s shadowy Pakistan connection:  


-        After Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party won 28/70 seats in the Delhi Assembly elections of 2013, the Pakistani media was full of praise for AAP. Although the Bharatiya Janata Party won a few seats more than the AAP, the well-known Pakistani newspaper, Dawn, totally ignored this fact and emphasized the AAP victory on its front page. The Pakistani media also started praising Kejriwal for his spectacular success. He suddenly became a darling of the Pakistani media and chatterati.


-        There were celebrations in different cities of Pakistan, especially in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Prima facie there was no explanation for the jubilation over the AAP’s impressive debut in the Delhi Assembly elections.


-        There was a spurt in online donations from Pakistanis to AAP. More support was likely because the ISI wanted a puppet regime in New Delhi.


-        In February 2014 some Pakistani journalists and media groups interviewed Kejriwal. Even Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif proclaimed that the victory of Kejriwal will help in resolving the Kashmir dispute.


-        An important reason for Pakistan’s love for Kejriwal was the AAP’s anti-India stand on Kashmir. The Baloch columnist pointed out that at least three AAP members had openly delivered anti-India and pro-secessionist statements on Kashmir favouring a referendum or plebiscite, one being founder-member Prashant Bhushan.


-        Many AAP members pleaded for sparing the life of Ajmal Kasab, the sole surviving butcher of the Mumbai 2008 carnage.


-        Aamna Shahwani further alleged that no attempt was made by Kejriwal during his regime to recover the long-pending electricity bills running into several lakh rupees from the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid.  


Even before the Delhi Assembly elections, Kejriwal had a two-hour long meeting with Maulana Tauqueer Raza Barelvi (November 2013), a well-known radical. During the visit of  US President George Bush to India in March 2006, Kejriwal’s friend and benefactor,  Maulana Tauqueer Raza, announced a reward of Rs one crore to anyone who  killed  the US President. Later, in 2007, the Maulana announced a reward of Rs 10 lakhs for killing Taslima Nasreen, the famous author of the book, Lajja.  


These facts explain why Kejriwal has been carrying on a vitriolic campaign against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The matter needs in-depth investigation by intelligence agencies, especially because of the claim by Qayyum Endian that Kejriwal is Jaichand Reborn who will establish Islamic governance in India.



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