Tamil Nadu in the grip of Jihad – XI
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Hindu Munnani leader Suresh Kumar

On 18 June 2014, Suresh Kumar, Thiruvallur district secretary of Hindu Munnani, was murdered in the cruelest fashion, near the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police situated close to the busy Ambattur Industrial Estate Bus Terminus. He was closing his STD booth when attacked with lethal weapons.


Suresh Kumar, who hails from Kanyakumari district, was living with his wife and two daughters in an area known as Padi, and was hence called “Padi Suresh”. A committed worker of Hindu Munnani, Suresh Kumar fought against encroachers and a conniving establishment to retrieve temple lands; he organized ‘Runs’ for the amelioration of Shiva temples.


On 20 July 2014, police arrested Kaja Mohideen of Cuddalore, as mastermind of the entire operation. A 17-year-old Polytechnic student from Chennai was also arrested, a part of the recce team. This juvenile’s arrest serves as testimony to the fact that terrorism is nurtured from a very young age.


Later, four persons, including two assailants, namely A. Mohammed Shameem alias Abdul Shameem (24) of Thiruvithangode village of Kanyakumari district and N. Syed Ali Nawaz (25) of Kottar in Kanyakumari district, Mohammed Shamiullaah and M. Sadiq Basha of Bengaluru were arrested from Bengaluru with the help of Karnataka Police. Earlier, Abdul Hakeem (44) from Vaniyambadi and Abu Tahir (37) of Padi were arrested in Chennai. 


It was learnt subsequently that another member of the gang was to leave for Syria to join the ranks of ISIS. However, refusing to accept the international link to the jihad being waged in the state, the Tamil Nadu Police treats every jihadi murder as an isolated incident. On this occasion, the State Police, instead of the usual ‘Real Estate deal connection’, asserted that Suresh Kumar was murdered for an inflammatory speech at a public gathering at Avadi in Thiruvallur district on 12 December 2013.


The documentary cites a peculiar occasion wherein the judge of the trial court refused custodial interrogation of the suspects after asking the Police if they were going to torture them as they belong to the minority community. Incidentally, the judge happened to be from the same community. Parameswaran, state secretary of Hindu Munnani, says, “This judge is in the Thiruvallur Court. When the police produced the murderers in the Court, seeking its permission for custodial interrogation, the judge refused permission and posed a counter question whether the police are going to torture the members of the minority community”.


It is understood that the man who identified Suresh for murder was hiding inside the local mosque and that members prevented the Police from arresting him. Parameswaran says, “Police arrested a Moslem who aided and abetted the murder; when the news of the arrest spread, all the Moslems of Padi area, including women, immediately indulged in ‘Road Roko’ agitation, charging that the police entered the mosque to arrest him. Today the situation is many murderers are hiding only in the mosques. Even in Cuddalore, they arrested a criminal only from a mosque. Increasingly mosques are becoming safe havens for such criminals and murderers”.


The documentary shows teary-eyed Bhuvana, wife of Suresh Kumar, “I had kept dough prepared for him; upon his arrival I wanted to prepare dosas. Normally I do not take rest at that time and wait for his arrival for dinner; but on that day I lay down for a few minutes to take rest, as I was feeling a bit tired. Suddenly, the girl next door came and told that Krishnaveni’s father was hacked. Only then I knew of the incident”.


Weeping inconsolably, Bhuvana says, “I did not know anything other than office and home. The education and other things for my children were all taken care of by him only. He was everything for me. Till this moment I am not able to believe that this has happened to him. I am not able to believe that he is no more with me. As he was taken to the hospital from the shop, so much of blood had been lost, and I just couldn’t imagine the plight he would have undergone then”.


The documentary shows the innocent and playful daughters, unable to realize the loss of their beloved father. The girls, upon cue, sing a patriotic song which they learnt from him. Suresh Kumar was a musician, a tabla player.


The visual documentation of the above can be seen and downloaded in the below mentioned website link (English) from 43.48 mts to 48.35 mts.



Hindu Munnani leader Vellaiyappan


When Aravind Reddy was murdered in Vellore in December 2012, Vellaiyappan, state secretary of Hindu Munnani, also based in Vellore, met Superintendent of Police Eswaran and insisted that the murder could have been committed only by jihadis. However, the district police, inexplicably, refused to investigate the jihadi angle and arrested some other persons with an intention to close the case. The blunder came to light after one year, when the notorious jihadis were arrested in Puthur near the Andhra border. But for this blunder, many Hindu activists could have been alive today.


Vellaiyappan, hailing from Sankaran Kovil of Tirunelveli district, had dedicated his life for the cause of Hindus in Vellore district. On 1 July 2013, he was waylaid near Ramakrishna Mutt and brutally murdered.


Examining his postmortem report thoroughly, veteran physician Dr. Chandrasekharan opined, “Upon seeing the manner in which he has been murdered, his nape, neck, head, leg and other places have witnessed cuts and the fingertips have been chopped, the number of cuts are more, he has been further slashed even after the murder, all these go to prove that it is a clear case of jihadi murder”.


Emphasising that Vellaiyappan was murdered because of his service for Hindu causes, his junior colleague Mahesh says, “Vellaiyappan was the voice of hapless women who were affected by Love Jihad. He rescued 15 girls in the district of Vellore during the course of about 2-3 years”. Mahesh adds that Vellaiyappan changed the plight of Hindu teachers who could not serve in Government schools. Citing one incident, he says, “Moslems indulged in agitation demanding the recall of a Hindu teacher and sought for a Moslem teacher and dutifully the administration transferred the Hindu teacher. Learning about this, Vellaiyappan organized agitations in support of the Hindu teacher and got him transferred back to the same school”.


Jalagandeswarar Temple is situated inside Vellore Fort. There is also another structure inside the premises under the custody of the government. Claiming that the ordinary structure is a mosque, Muslims organized protests demanding opening of the structure for performing namaaz.


Vellaiyappan organized the local people in huge numbers and under his leadership the locals defeated the hidden agenda of Islamic fundamentalist elements by proving that the ordinary structure was not a mosque. Mahesh says, “the focal point of the agitation was that the Jalagandeswarar Temple belongs to Hindus”. The state government’s Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department was also attempting to take control of the temple. Vellaiyappan brought Hindus together to protest against this attempt.     


When the three notorious jihadis, Bilal Malik, Panna Ismail and Police Fakrudhin were being brought to be produced before the Vellore Court, hundreds of Islamic fundamentalists lined up the streets and raised slogans in their support. Mahesh adds, “One Moslem lawyer, Mannadi Abdullah, arrived in the company of about 10-15 lawyers. All these persons crowded within the premises of the court. Among them were those belonging to Vellore and Gunavattam. They all belong to jihadi outfits such as Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, Thowheed Jamaath and other outfits and all of them raised their voices in support of the murderers”.


Resolving to carry on from where Vellaiyappan had left, Mahesh says, “Vellaiyappan has moulded persons to carry on his mission and we shall abide by his goals”. At his native place, Sankaran Kovil, Vellaiyappan’s nephews are bereft of their mentor-guide uncle. One of them lamented, “We have lost a soul who has been our guiding light. We are now directionless. Whenever there was a problem in the family, our uncle was always there at hand. And he would not disappoint us”.


Questions to the government


In each and every murder episode, the documentary cites the postmortem reports and establishes the fact that the victims have been hacked methodically on their necks, faces and finger tips.


The State Police, from the DGP to the lower level officers, branded these murders as intra-Hindu episodes, the fallout of financial transactions, real estate issues, kangaroo courts, personal enmity, etc. Hindu Munnani expressed outrage saying, “The hearts of these Hindus were devastated and inconsolably scarred by such fallacious and false accusations levelled against them before the three murderers, Panna Ismail, Police Fakhrudin and Bilal Mallik were arrested”.


These three terrorists have been travelling from one place to another and murdering Hindu leaders and activists, which is hardly possible without local support. While the State Police had the alacrity and cunningness to attribute reasons, except jihad, for all murders, they didn’t show the same alacrity and brains to find out the local supporters of the three terrorists.


Hindu Munnani rightly asks, “Who abetted these Islamic terrorists who have been arrested for the murder of six Hindus? And what action has been initiated against such abettors? These planned jihadi assassinations have not found any mention in the Chief Minister’s speech on Tamil Nadu’s crime scenario in the State Assembly. If that be the case, are the police scheming to find an escape route for the jihadists? Will Hindus get justice in these cases?”


In October 2014, Sub Inspector Kalidas of Ramanathapuram Police station fired in self defense when a notorious rowdy Syed Mohammed attempted to attack him with a knife. Later, Syed Mohammed died and the State Government gave a compensation of Rs 5 lakhs to his family and filed a murder case against the official. Citing this, Hindu Munnani asks, “What help did the same State Government give to the families of nationalists who had laid their lives, apart from casting slurs on their families? What would be the answer to these families that live in tears? Will these murders continue?”


But the Islamists are determined to continue their acts of terror. They say that they would eradicate their enemies (non-believers) by instigating their youth. Their plans include converting gullible Hindus at religious conversion centers named “Arivagam”, “Islamic History Research Forum”, “Tamil Nadu Development Foundation Trust”, etc. The new converts are used for jihad.


Further, the documentary clearly establishes the foothold of ISIS in Tamil Nadu. Having documented 12 murders out of 134 murders of innocent Hindus by jihadis, Hindu Munnani ends the documentary asking viewers, “Touch your heart and say - Is this path of peace? Whose duty is it to save the nation from the throes of this path of peace?


The visual documentation of the above can be seen and downloaded in the below mentioned website link (English) from 48.35 mts to 59.09 mts.



(To be continued…)

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