In the Matter of George Soros: He’s Guilty as Sin
by Phil Butler on 09 May 2018 4 Comments

Once again the liberal world order’s fairytales about Putin and bad old Russia seem to be unravelling. Prime Minister Theresa May’s “Thatcheresque” warnings to Russia’s president, the Keystone Cops and #hashtags #Novichok and #Skripal, and the reality of chemical warfare are blowing up in Her Majesty’s face as I type this. Meanwhile, billionaire western oligarchs George Soros and Jeff Bezos are somehow left out. Here’s a short take on what two of the world’s most diabolical men are up to.


I often find myself in a bit of a quagmire when researching the who, what, when, and where of the ongoing crises of Earth. What I mean is that every subject one digs into inevitably leads to yet another pack of lies and deceit. A case in point today [April 8 –ed], a Washington Post author named Griff Witte. Following his stories for technocrat boss Jeff Bezos, it’s like viewing one of those 1950s propaganda reels. Take the story “Once-fringe Soros conspiracy theory takes center stage in Hungarian election,” for instance.


The fact Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his countrymen are sick and tired of Soros’ undermining and manipulating of everybody east of the Rhine, it’s fodder for Witte to leap up in defense of poor pitiful George the altruist. Yeah, gimme a break too. George Soros is not the defender of the faithful and archangel of refugees. Soros has helped weaponize refugees in order to bring down the EU. This is fact, not conspiracy (see Global Research and Gearóid Ó Colmáin). Witte, who’s worked his way up through the ranks of WaPo since 2004, is another talented reporter caught in a mental and ideological loop.


George Soros has more apologists and media minions than Fagan of Oliver Twist fame had pickpockets. Another of the most skillful of these is Armenian hating Melik Kaylan, who recently pecked out “Why Populists Hate George Soros And How It Started,” for Forbes, on his keyboard. Yes, the same guy who asked the world to believe that “…the Turks are a defenseless civilization unable to bear the unjustified attacks they must endure from everyone,” on the Armenian genocide question, asks you to believe Soros is really a philanthropist. Discussing his ire over the evil billionaire’s plight as victim, Kaylan reels off the same ad nauseum bullshit Open Society Foundations does:


“In country after country I heard the same refrain, that Soros used his money to set up foundations and funding sources to uphold the entire community of pro-democracy intellectuals, former dissidents, open-society politicians and the like.”


You can read the Soros apology for yourself here, and how poor George’s foundations “suffered” expulsions by Putin and the Russians. The writer goes so far as to demand we treat George Soros “with honor” – and this after he has robbed and ruined the lives of millions. Good God man! You must try and veil your amorous zeal for defending killers.


The truth about George Soros is 180 degrees about-face from the liberal view. You can learn more about Soros’ real agenda reading from journals such as “Catholic Online,” which reflects a far more realistic Christian view of the amoral Hungarian/American hedge funder. In reaction to Soros’ contributing $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, the journal of Catholic resources reported:

“These foundations, which have been set up around the world, provide grants to promote democracy, human rights, and support other causes consistent with Soros’ ideals. It is a direct and overt effort on his part to shape the world, using his fortune.”


I could go on endlessly presenting you with Soros defenders and attackers. But here is where I feel compelled to damn George Soros for what he really is. There is no defense for the man if we weigh the evil versus the supposed good he may have done. I am sorry, for God tells us it is not our prerogative to judge one another. But here is the Soros reality, in not so many words.


For the sake of logic, what kind of philanthropist breaks the Bank of England by selling off currencies in what became known as “Black Wednesday?” No one I have read delved into how ordinary taxpayers were affected when Soros’ Quantum Fund busted the pound. Also, very few analysts have ever discussed how the liberal order henchmen of today were spawned onto our world by Soros’ derailing of John Major, the PM at the time of the pound catastrophe. I’ll save space here and let you answer how philanthropic such Machiavellian mores are. Let’s move on.


Documents obtained by Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks show that Soros was directly colluding with the ruling houses of Europe to incite a refugee crisis that is tearing the continent apart. And it is now being suggested that he is the head, or at least a very significant member, of the 7th Floor Shadow US government revealed in the most recent Wikileaks disclosures. Please answer me, how is this philanthropy by any stretch?


Let me enlighten many readers with a quick excavation of how Soros has worked in Eastern Europe. This WikiLeaks cable shows how Soros contributed to the mafia-like privateering in the former republics of destroyed Yugoslavia. In the cable from the Serbian government to various US agencies shows then Serbian Deputy Prime Minister, Bozidar Djelic wheeling and dealing for Soros in what was later shown by e-novine launch a series of research stories “A Great Plunder of Serbia.”


It should be noted that e-novine is a left leaning pro-western and pro-NATO paper in Belgrade, one which receives funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Miraculous, isn’t it, how the truth tends to rise to the surface, no matter what. By the way, Bozidar Djelic was appointed as Managing Director of Lazard Ltd’s Sovereign Advisory Group, based in Paris.


Few readers will recall that in 2008 Lazard and Soros were co-defendants in a case where a Manhattan developer sued conspirators over an alleged rigging of the $1.4 billion sale of the General Motors building. Of course, developer Harry Macklowe was wrong too, George Soros is a giant of a philanthropist, not a mercenary money grubbing thief! And, it’s a surety that Lazard, former PM David Cameron, and George Soros have never been in bed together pirating UK investors in share selloffs.


Summary Judgement


Not surprisingly, fellow billionaire profiteer, Richard Branson describes George as a “giant of giving for the greater good.” Branson is another poster boy for this liberal world order bashing tradition in the head with a brickbat. And for those of you who think I am the only one beating up on media hamsters like Witte, here’s a scathing criticism on Disobedient Media that bloodies the WaPo writer’s nose but good. Melik Kaylan, Melik Kaylan, Melik Kaylan – here’s the most dangerous kind of Soros goodfella – an analyst who turns the world upside down just like our CIA. Reading his rendition of Dr. Evil Putin, I cannot discern whether the CIA or deep state created the narrative, or if somehow Kaylan has created singlehandedly the globalist plan for world domination. Read this upside-down account of how the Caucasus was NOT a US/NATO affair. The Kyiv Post loved it, which means the Ukraine Nazis are on Kaylan’ side.


And there is the gist of it. The sides. Which one do you choose? On the one hand we have the elite monarchs who have failed humanity miserably. The only people who have benefitted from the US backed liberal world order’s machinations are in fact the same apologists and sellouts that support them. At the other end of the spectrum, the moderators of the America-Russia divide call for another look at Putin, Russia, and exactly what the hell Vladimir has taken over lately. Sevastopol? Really? Who at the Pentagon would not have figured that Crimea move out ahead of time? No, Putin is not guilty of anything but serving Russians. As for Soros, he’s served himself and his partners in the biggest crime against humanity ever.


Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” Courtesy 

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