For an era of clean politics
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Politics has become a dirty word, and is only getting dirtier thanks to a breed of politicians who have made politics an exclusive domain with privileged access to crooks, sycophants, dynasties, and the unprincipled. The common man is thus disenchanted with the entire political system. ‘Kuch nahin ho sakta is desh ka,’ and ‘Sab chor hain,’ are a common refrain.

We have established the Rashtriya Arya Raj Sabha (RARS) to take up the challenge to make the dream of every common patriotic citizen a reality by ushering in an era of clean and principled politics. RARS is not an immature unprepared reaction of emotional people against the current political (dis)order. It was launched on 14 December 2008 at Sir Chhoturam Stadium, Rohtak. Thousands attended, as the result of homework done over the last four years.

We have been connecting with people at the local level, telling them about our history, culture, purpose of living, patriotism and related topics. Through our camps we have built up a strong cadre base, initially in Haryana, and are going to contest four seats (Hissar, Rohtak, Sonipat and Karnal).

Our goal is to revive the politics of Ram and Krishna, that is, Arya or Hindutva “without any compromise.” Our agenda covers a ban on cow slaughter, uniform civil code, anti-conversion and corruption. We totally reject the politics of compromise.

It is our vision to establish an Aryan political-order as per the ideal of Ram Rajya, and to do this via representation in the Lok Sabha. We intend thereafter to contest the assembly elections in Haryana in 2010 and spread outwards thereafter.

RARS aims to end to the politics of hypocrisy and appeasement at the cost the majority, and to end the politics of casteism and divisiveness. It espouses strong cultural nationalism whereby the majority can live with dignity; and seeks to combat terrorism, corruption and attacks on Indian culture.

our education policy aims at teaching the true history of India; affordable education; job-oriented education with focus on personality development and communication skills; free quality education for the poor up to post-graduate level; compulsory primary education; revamping gurukul education; complete IT connectivity across all gurukuls and colleges; E-learning and teaching across the globe; and scrutiny of the education syllabus across all institutions to ensure that they are not against the values of nationalism and brotherhood.

The economic policy we favour includes the promotion of vernacular industries and trade; and making Haryana a hub for cultural tourism – gurukuls, ashrams, historical sites.


We are uncompromisingly for a complete ban on cow slaughter. Certain areas of Haryana witness cow slaughter daily, and we intend to end this practice. We intend to promote milch cattle rearing and the commercial use of subsidiary products like medicines, fertilizers,  energy derived from them. Goshalas will be established for old cows and derive commercial benefit from non-milk products obtained from them. In no circumstances will the killing of cows be allowed.

Arya and Aryavart

The concept of Arya is derived straight from the Vedas. It does not imply any race or religion, sect or creed. Instead, as Aurobindo put, it is the most noble word in any dictionary. Arya simply describes the best in our tradition, such as Ram and Krishna.

An Arya is a person who is a nationalist and can give his life for the motherland; has the highest personal integrity; strong morals; is truthful, rational, self-confident, fearless, dynamic; is proud of Indian culture and determined to safeguard and promote it; believes in equality, compassion and justice; and will contribute to making the nation a superpower.

Aryavart is the first name of this noble land, so named because it was a superpower and source of inspiration for the rest of the world.

Our vision of Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra is best explained in the words of Veer Savarkar, “...Hindus are bound together not only by the tie of the love they bear to a common fatherland and by the common blood that courses through their veins and keeps our hearts throbbing and our affection warm but also by the tie of the common homage we pay to our great civilisation, our Hindu culture.”

Thus our cultural and political goals are same as of those who dream of a Hindu Rashtra. We welcome patriots from all religions and sections of society in pursuit of this noble vision.


It is deplorable that millions have been converted to other faiths through dubious means over several centuries and the same continues even after independence. We are strongly opposed to conversion based on deceit, as allegedly used by several groups. We oppose efforts by certain groups to promote anti-national or anti-Hindu ideology through education or other means, taking advantage of minority rights and other approaches.

Shuddhi (purification) is a noble concept wherein a person, who himself or whose forefathers were converted to another faith by dubious means, is provided an opportunity to understand the glory of Indian culture and return home to his native culture.

There is no deceit, threat, or promotion of anti-national or anti-cultural ideology involved. We offer moral support to those involved in bringing the masses closer to our cultural roots.

In short, our vision is of an Arya Rashtra. We want Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Shivaji, Guru Gobind, Banda Bairagi to reverberate in every heart.

The author is an alumnus of IIT-Guwahati and IIM-Kolkata; he heads the youth wing of RARS and can be contacted at His blog is 

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