The Telephone Call of the Century
by Michael Robeson on 11 Oct 2019 3 Comments

Doesn’t anybody in D.C. read John le Carré anymore? In his novel The Russia House, he writes about a British double agent who convinces his American and British handlers to give him a list of everything they want to know about Russia’s nuclear weapons program.  The spy’s handlers understand the risk – The questions, when answered, would give them invaluable knowledge about their enemy’s military capabilities. But the questions, by and of themselves, would clearly reveal their lack of intelligence on Russian capabilities.


Let’s think, for a moment, like John le Carré – By asking his now infamous questions about Crowd Strike and about Joseph Biden’s business dealings with corrupt Ukrainians, Trump (apparently) reveals his gross ignorance about these subjects. His questions show his weakness, something anathema to any presumed narcissist/ego maniac. And they, apparently, reveal something else, something that up to now has gone unnoticed – Trump, the commander in chief of the world’s most powerful and all-knowing intelligence gathering agencies, is not asking his apparatchiks for this information. Doesn’t he have any friendly contacts among the tens of thousands with Top Secret clearance? One would guess not, for he openly, almost naively asks the president of one of the most corrupt countries in the world to do him a favor.


Powerful people don’t ask for favors. Wouldn’t it have been easier, not to mention less potentially incriminating, for the man accused of being in Putin’s back pocket, as well as in his zipper compartment, to get the information directly from the current  Hitler/Devil incarnate himself?  And what about the notorious Anonymous? The alleged pro-Trump deep source secretly pumping out occasional grist for the pro-Trump drain the swamp crowd? Isn’t there some anonymous pro-Trumper anywhere in the alphabet soup of Intelligence Agencies who would offer his or her services for salvation of his country from the Clinton Cabal? Or at least for the destruction of the free world to the benefit of Moscow’s Darth Vader?


Apparently not. This unreality of presidential powerlessness is necessary to maintain the storyline that the egomaniacal Don behaved like a B-movie gangster. But for American audiences breast-fed by the Dream Factory, it gets forgotten, along with the lessons of John le Carré, that when dealing with Swampy Bottom, as when dealing with Tinsel Town, appearances are everything.


And the telephone call that launched yet another show of media hysteria, clearly offers medication for both sides of those suffering from TDS. For Trump haters, his questions show him to be not only really dumb for asking them so soon after dodging the Mueller bullet, but also show him to be weak and, Intelligence wise, alone, an easy target to dethrone at impeachment time.


For Trump supporters, his questions show how deserving  he,  so weak and alone,  is to be rescued from dethronement, and also how brilliantly he plays 3-D chess while his opponents are playing with uhh…checkers. They also interestingly put Joe Biden and business dealings behind the 8 ball. How will his presidential ambitions, not popular with many Democrats, play out under investigative questioning? No surprise that he has not been among the Democrats leaders loudly demanding impeachment hearings.


Whatever the outcome of the efforts, and as of this writing, they have Mueller redux written all over them, one thing is clear - Trump supporters will gain additional grievances in their vendettas against those who consider them deplorables. And Trump haters will console themselves believing that, in 2020, after electing a female president who appoints a cabinet peopled with LGBT’s all manner of things will be well again, just as they were under a Black president. And outside observers, not under the protection of the Empire’s nuclear weapons arsenal, will see the nation as a whole taking additional strides towards its eventual and, for them, long awaited break down, and break up.

(Courtesy shamireaders) 

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