The sober truth about Climate Change
by Tony Ryan on 13 Nov 2019 3 Comments

In the 1960s, scientists warned us about an approaching Ice Age. As this failed to catch the public imagination, the new clarion call was rebranded as Global Warming. Because the dire forecasts of cataclysmic oceanic rising and concomitant rising of Earth’s temperatures failed to materialise as predicted, precipitating derisive mirth within the more analytical conversation hubs, it was decided to change the title to Climate Change. After all, it was reasoned, climate change cannot be denied, it having occurred constantly for four billion years.


The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a committee made up of rogue scientists and investment bankers, called for a reduction in industrial carbon dioxide (CO2), which suited the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Bank for International Settlements (BIS) because this would hasten the decline of western economies, making these easier to absorb as part of Globalisation. Thus, the campaign against “Anthropogenic Climate Change” was launched.


Thousands of scientists from around the world condemned this campaign for being supported by dubious computer modelling, rather than empirical evidence. These scientists lost their funding and jobs, which were transferred to more malleable candidates. Independently funded scientists sought to address university audiences, but found themselves locked out of faculties.


Denied access to the public media, these scientists have taken refuge in the Internet and have attempted to advise citizens that life is carbon and carbon is life, and that the planet actually would benefit from more atmospheric CO2, which would assist in much-needed reforestation.


The reality is that there was five times more atmospheric CO2 during the Jurassic Era, which was this planet’s richest environment for both flora and fauna. Likewise, today’s flora and fauna would benefit from enhanced CO2.


More level-headed scientists suggested that the evidence points overwhelmingly to climate change being caused by solar activity, and that increases in atmospheric CO2 are due to deforestation. This hypothesis is supported by a matching reduction in oxygen. Obviously then, the more atmospheric CO2 there is, the better.


Meanwhile, the globalist investment bankers want the opposite. They want food shortages to drive up prices. They want famine and diseases to reduce the world’s population, to reduce social security expenditure (the now-notorious Agenda 21). In partnership with the public media owners (led by Rupert Murdoch), compliant journalists convert every weather event into evidence of catastrophic global warming, without a shred of empirical evidence.


The most recent campaign is headed by a hysterical 14 year old girl, providing ironic testimony to the vast distance we have travelled from a world led by Science. Also exposed is the approaching collapse of public education, with the three most recent generations bereft of general knowledge and analytical vocabulary, enabling the media to manipulate their thinking and behaviour with consummate ease.


Remarkably, not one of the breast-beating scientists who support cataclysmic global warming alarmism has thought to correct the daily-broadcast myth that the island of Kiribati is being inundated by rising seas. Kiribati, which lays midway between Hawaii and Fiji in the central Pacific Ocean, is one of the most isolated countries in the world. The truth is that Kiribati is sinking, as are many other places in the world, as part of continental drift; but who cares about the truth?


The seas are not rising significantly, but the planet is warming, as it naturally should only 250 years after the Little Ice Age, which created vast ice sheets and tundra from the year 1400 to 1850. Greenland, then named for its endless pastures, turned to tundra, killing off most of its Danish inhabitants. The cold created many glaciers and zones of Arctic pack ice, which are now melting. This is all cyclical, the planet responding to solar activity cycles.


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