The Mask Revolution
by Israel Shamir on 13 Jun 2020 2 Comments

Who could have guessed that the Floyd protest is the best Coronavirus vaccine? The same people that warned us that the virus is the deadliest plague and staying-at-home is the only escape, now commanded us to march amongst throngs, shoulder-to-shoulder against police! It appears they have the dreadful pandemic under their command, on tap: now it’s coming, now it’s not. Not every demo has the same curative potential: it is very dangerous to demonstrate against lockdown, but it is perfectly safe to demonstrate against police, they say.


Rarely has the gear-change been so smooth. Yesterday it was lockdown, today – let it burn. The masks they insisted we should wear have also changed their meaning. It is not the amulet against the plague anymore, a piece of cloth magically scaring the virus away; now it is the insignia of revolution. After the colour-coded Orange, Purple, Green revolutions; after the flower-coded Rose and Tulip revolutions, welcome to the Mask Revolution!


The mask is a sign that you accept the official Covid story for the real thing, just as wearing garlic implies you believe the vampire attack is imminent. Covid is the New Normal; now it is integrated with the Woke narrative. Beautiful white faces at the demo are protected with masks; handsome black faces do not need masks, for it is obvious they are on the right side.


The masks are necessary to cover the defeat. Coronavirus didn’t work. The virus has disappointed its admirers. Our colleague Anatoly Karlin promised Corona Will Kill Millions & Crater the World Economy. Oops! Not only did his beloved Corona-chan not kill millions, it could not even, in many places, provide its fair share to improve on last year’s death count. Look for example at Norway’s death toll. With Corona (in 2020), fewer people died than without Corona in any one of the preceding five years. And Corona didn’t contribute much to the total, the freeloader hussy!

[See link for tables – Ed.]


Norway went through a very painful lockdown to achieve this unnecessarily low record-breaking toll. Its neighbour Sweden had no lockdown at all. Swedes were and are free to move, to go to the café, to work, to play. Swedes did not stop the normal course of their lives. And the result is fine. Swedes died this year with Corona like they did without Corona in, say, 2018.


Corona added – not millions, not thousands – just 400 deaths to the previous crop of 2018. And seeing this result, the Norwegian Prime Minister said: we should have been more like Sweden. Such an admission was hard for a Norwegian, as there is an old rivalry between the neighbours; but she did it anyway.


All over the world, recognition that “we were duped” grew on people. In sober Germany, the special committee of experts established that millions were not cared for as a result of government measures. Up to 125,000 patients who will die /have already died due to postponed surgery. Thousands committed suicide; life expectancy shortened; millions have severe psychiatric problems, they concluded, as a result of lockdown. (The German government tried to hide the report; German media kept mum).

Lockdown saved no lives and may have cost them, said Nobel Prize winner, professor Michael Levitt of Stanford University. He predicted that the UK would be rid of Covid within weeks – and his prediction became true within a fortnight.


Coronavirus is vanishing so quickly in Britain that we can’t find enough contagious people to make viable vaccine trials on healthy volunteers, said an Oxford researcher, and some scientists are considering purposely infecting volunteers with the virus. It is very far from the dreams of vaccine makers, of Bill Gates and the WHO, of Contagion the movie, of billions waiting for the saving vaccine. There are not enough sick people even to test their products.


The story of coronavirus is over. It will live with us like so many viruses, but it won’t be accompanied by its more potent twin, the fearvirus. Some people are very upset. The Coronavirus fantasy of “millions dead” collapsed, but the lockdown strategy did crater the family economy and created windfall profits for Deep Pockets. In the UK, thousands of renters are about to become homeless. In the US, 40 million became unemployed, but Deep Pockets added half a trillion dollars to their wealth.


Now they have to justify their actions, otherwise people will demand an answer. Maybe, God forbid, they will demand a special 105% Pandemic Windfall Tax. They, and their media, jumped on George Floyd’s death as a great opportunity to change the agenda in mid-air.


The Masters of Discourse have formed the public agenda for years; there are people formed by the agenda. They think and do as they are told. They march when they are told. They stay at home when they are told. They are good people; they want to be righteous; they like virtue and signal that; they are easily swayed by claims of moral superiority. They take their marching orders from leading liberal newspapers. They are short of critical facilities; just tell them what is right and good and they will act accordingly. Ostensibly, they are better human beings than self-conscious egotists who despise virtue and embrace every prejudice. Alas, their moral superiority is based on a lie.


They are devoted members of the Alternative Jewish-for-Gentiles Woke Church of the West. Some of them are fanatical believers; others are hypocrites or just regular worshippers. Bear in mind the quasi-religious quality of this movement; in vain will you look for logic or plain sense. As they are a Church, they delegitimise all other lines of thought and behaviour. If they were led by wise and good shepherds, they could form an important moral force in the world. But no such luck.


The creation of this obedient ‘woke’ flock is the greatest achievement of the Masters. The Coronavirus panic enhanced it. People became psychotic, mentally weak, malleable. The Masters provided the narrative of moral superiority: they claim their adepts do not lock themselves up out of self-preservation, but to save the frail and old from certain death. Whoever does not agree with them, wants the frail to die for the GDP. Whoever does not wear a mask, wants to kill old people, as in this dialogue:


Paul Williams@thepaulwilliams

Me - Can't wait for rugby and tennis to return.

Twitter - Are you saying you want everyone to die from Covid and you're happy to cough in the face of pensioners, whilst simultaneously licking the rims of their teacups, Paul?


This is surely a lie. It is not just GDP that has suffered, as our colleague Karlin claimed invoking Dulce et Decorum Est Pro GDP Mori! in his attempt to keep the high moral ground; you know, we care for old men, but you – just for soulless GDP. We speak of thousands of lives lost due to lockdown, and of an immeasurable loss of freedom.


Not that I despise the GDP. The economy is important, especially for the poor and the middle class. The Deep Pockets have it even better with lockdown. So if you want to play the moral one-upmanship game, you can reply with “Stay-Locked-Down For Wall Street”, or “Stay-at-Home for Deep Pockets”.


After they encouraged demos for Floyd, they called their own bluff about the terrible contagion of the coronavirus. And their next cause is based on a lie, too. “Whoever does not march in blessed memory of George Floyd, is a bigot. Whoever does not take a knee is a killer.” This is a silly claim.


The Christians have better answers. We do not have to repent for somebody else’s sins. We do not have to repent for slavery or for the killing of Floyd because we didn’t enslave and we didn’t kill this guy. The very idea of collective guilt is foreign to Christians. It is a Jewish idea, though the Jews aren’t silly enough to accept any collective guilt. They like to ascribe collective guilt to goyim, making even Americans guilty of holocaust, but never to themselves. If you mention the prominent part Jews played in the slave trade, you’ll be called an antisemite, expunged from polite society and asked: “Did ALL Jews trade in black slaves? Surely not!”


However, the Woke Church provides the very important feeling of togetherness, as every church does. Now we are united sitting at home and saving lives by wearing masks. Now we are marching together wearing masks and saving lives. Human beings need moral guidance and togetherness, and some voluntary deprivation, and sexual frustration; the Woke Church supplies it all.


It is a New International, call it WokIntern. There are demonstrations all over the world in support of American Revolution, reminding the universal support of the Russian Revolution 1917. There is an important difference: in 1917, industrial workers of the world stood by Soviet Revolution; in 2020, the world hipsters stand by the Mask Revolution.


The Mask revolution goes exactly by the book, Dr Gene Sharp’s book. This piece of lore speaks of building the revolutionary base, of having a symbol, of exploiting to the full the killing of a citizen by police. It was practiced in the Arab Spring, and in Eastern Europe, too. You’ve got to have a victim, this is a sine qua non. In Egypt, the death of the young Khaled Mohamed Saeed launched the Arab Spring; in Tunisia, young Bouazizi set himself on fire after some rough treatment by the police; in Algeria, his feat was followed by Bouterfif. In Russia in August 1991, three young men were accidentally overrun by a tank, and their blood was the fuel for Yeltsin’s coup. George Floyd is just the last in this long list of names of the victims brought to the altar of revolution.


Following another admonition of Sharp, the Masters delegitimise the current Trump regime and sabotage its support within the police and armed forces. In the space of one day, three judges (Clinton and Obama appointees) forbade the White House to ban a misbehaving journalist from its own press conferences. Molotov cocktail throwers were sentenced to house arrest by a Brooklyn judge. The Washington Mayor called on President Trump on Friday to pull back all federal law enforcement officers and National Guard troops; earlier she demanded the removal of the troops and she had her way. President Trump wants to deploy 10,000 troops in Washington, but his Defence Secretary Mark Esper does not agree. Mad Dog Mathis attacked Trump. Senior Republicans Bush, Romney and Powell withdrew their support from Trump.


Media control is the most important thing in Sharp’s list of what-to-do. The revolutionaries have full control of newspapers, and now are struggling for dominance in the social networks. Facebook employees stage virtual walkouts to protest Trump’s posts. Trump’s own Twitter messages have been flagged as ‘fake news’. This was a turning point. Twitter started the avalanche. It attacked the President and showed that there was little price to pay for the choice. Top corporations followed. They are the main beneficiaries of the Mask Revolution that will complete dismantling of the state as we know it.


You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. Media control is good; police demoralised is excellent; judges on your side is perfect; the army neutralised is wonderful; but you still need young people ready to dirty their hands and actually fight.


The Wokes were always stronger on shrill than on punch. This deficiency brought the excellent movement Occupy Wall Street to naught. It seems that so-called Antifa is a tiny movement numbering a few dozen activists for the whole of the USA. This is the attraction of the black underclass: they are pugnacious enough and can be directed whenever necessary. If some of them will follow George Floyd, it is even better: revolution needs martyrs.


Our colleague The Saker thinks it can’t be a revolution “for a revolution to take place there must be a force capable of changing not the person(s) in power, but fundamentally change the regime, the polity, itself and replacing it with another one.” He is an old romantic. Colour revolutions do change regime from strong Presidential power to direct rule by corporations as it happened in so many countries.


We have confirmation straight from the horse's mouth. In The Atlantic, a chief purveyor of RussiaGate, Franklin Foer, confirms: “What’s happening in the streets—and with officials refusing to cooperate—is a lot like the revolutions that toppled dictators in Serbia, Ukraine, and Tunisia… What the United States is witnessing is less like the chaos of 1968, which further divided a nation, and more like the nonviolent [and fully paid for by George Soros et al – ISH] movements that earned broad societal support in places such as Serbia, Ukraine, and Tunisia, and swept away the dictatorial likes of Miloševic, Yanukovych, and Ben Ali. And although Trump’s time in office will end with an election” [if the election fails to oust Trump, there will be a new election, under new improved rules, until he is gone, as it was in Serbia and the Ukraine – ISH].


Naturally, in the US it will look different from Serbia or Georgia. It will shift into Atlantic, or Globalist mode. The US will become again the leader of NATO; American troops will stay everywhere abroad; wearing masks will be enshrined in a constitutional amendment; schools will switch to remote education in perpetuity; vaccinations will be obligatory unless you are prepared to stay indoors for the rest of your natural life.


Christian faith will be marginalised. It already happened, when Christendom (both West and East) had no communion, no liturgy for months. Anglican bishops asked to postpone opening churches, because know: attending Divine service is much more dangerous than an anti-police demonstration. The Episcopalian Bishopress of Washington DC sided with the rioters who burned the Presidents’ Church against the President who came to the church. “[Trump] did not pray,” said Mariann E. Budde, the Episcopalian bishop of Washington. “He did not mention George Floyd, he did not mention the agony of people who have been subjected to this kind of horrific expression of racism and white supremacy for hundreds of years.” Clearly, this lady belongs to the crypto-Judaic Woke Church, and the Episcopalian Church is as good as dead.


Perhaps police will disappear. Some very woke cities have already sought to eliminate police. “Cities ask if it’s time to defund police and ‘reimagine’ public safety, says The New York Times. - In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, some cities are asking if the police are being asked to do jobs they were never intended to do. Budgets are being re-evaluated”. The corporations behind the revolution do not need police – they have their own corporate security, perfectly able to cope with their problems. And they do not care whether your block will be policed, or you’ll be forced to guard your streets at night with your faithful Colt. They do not mind if you stay locked down or are mugged or are looted, that’s the price of freedom, a.k.a. new digital feudalism.


The Mask Revolution is now in its early stage: it keeps the shock troops prepared and enthusiastic. The next stage will come after the elections, when a Trump victory will not be recognised by the competition. ‘If Voting Made a Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It’, said an American wit. And this time, the election won’t be decided by vote; that is, unless the Americans will vote for the Democrat. After four years of preparation spent in demonising and disqualifying Donald Trump, after half a year spent in bringing the adepts to fever pitch, the Dems, led by the Woke Church will seize power even if they don’t get the vote.


Perhaps Donald Trump and his supporters would do well to strike before it is too late. There are many good fat objects in need of systematic looting, first of all Wall Street. The black underclass is not interested in them banks; but the state can loot them very well, without breaking any glass. The state can take over social networks and other useful things. Trump’s decision to return home 10,000 GIs from Germany is the right one. Speedy return of veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq, from Philippines and Japan should follow. They will enjoy Washington DC and Silicone Valley. It’s better for Trump to forget about China, Iran, Russia and concentrate on his survival. He definitely should prepare for November 4th and be ready for the breakup of the Union if worst comes to worst.


Courtesy Israel Shamir

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