Donald Trump vs. the Deep State Revolution
by Israel Shamir on 24 Jun 2020 7 Comments

We made it! As a man after prolonged illness gets up on his feet, slowly and uncertainly, and makes his first steps, so mankind is rising from its sickbed. There are nurses, doctors, heirs and lawyers who want to keep the patient in bed forever so they will enjoy a free run, but he is rising, his own master, despite their frighteners. Now is exactly the middle of the year AD 2020. From Christmas to Midsummer, the day grows; from Midsummer to Christmas, the night increases. St John the Baptist Day adds a religious meaning to the cosmic significance of the events, amplified this year by the solar eclipse.


In the US, the pivotal event is a Trump rebound. At Tulsa, Okla he began to regain lost ground. The situation was not looking good for him. Twitter again trolled Trump by flagging his joking presentation of the Fake News Media. The Supreme Court rejected two of his initiatives, offering additional protection to LGBT identifying people and to young illegal immigrants in regard to DACA. The Army demonstrated its hostility to Trump, apologising for a photo-op with their Commander-in-Chief. The Secret Services leaked the President’s whereabouts. More and more officials declared their allegiance to the New World Order by kneeling to it rather than to God.


Trump had been made irrelevant, the man in the bunker, whose authority hardly reaches the fence of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. American cities did not recognise his rule; police were resigning en masse. The mass media made a superhuman effort to torpedo his Tulsa rally. They reported non-events, such as “six staff members had tested positive for the virus” as the main headlines. The rally attendees were scared off by the promise of violence and disease. There was not a single Trump-friendly mass media source; even Fox News followed the agenda set by the New York Times. In addition, the venue had been overbooked by a factor of a hundred by DNC agents who played dirty (yes, they said the kids did it).


Trump managed it all right. He called for the reopening of schools; he joked about slowing down the charade of virus testing; he proclaimed that monuments should be cherished, not destroyed. Yes, he could have done better. He could have declared the faux pandemic officially over, instead of giving out irrelevant masks to the audience. (Those who wanted masks weren’t likely to come to the rally). He could have called for the arrest of seditious mayors, for the breakup of the media monopoly, for a windfall tax on Twitter, for looting Wall Street for the benefit of Joe Public. He could have learnt from his own mistakes. But still, he made the grade. Now he has some time to grow, to enlarge his base, to sow fear and dread in the hearts of his adversaries, for they are too cocksure of their victory.


Trump should learn the lessons of the Bolton Affair. It was a mistake to bring Bolton into the White House. Bolton was a warmonger and a top agent of the Israel Lobby, the man who made it his sacred task to do what Israel wants. Such people always conceal the dagger in their sleeve to stab you in the back. Iran and Korea are two big mistakes of the Trump presidency bearing the Bolton footprint; but his whole foreign policy was a long series of errors.


Trump should have listened to his own speeches from his own election campaign 2016, and follow them to the letter. Bring home GIs; make peace with the countries of the world. Let Russia and China, Venezuela and Cuba, North Korea and Syria live as they see fit.


Donald, you were right when you promised to end the “invade the world, invite the world” policy; why didn’t you stick to this promise? On December 7, 2016 you promised, “We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes”. Why didn’t you? Do it now; you still have four months to run. Fulfil your promises now. The Talmud teaches: a man won’t be judged for failing to be a Moses, but he will be judged for failing to be himself. Be yourself, and you will win.


Do not bother with racism or anti-racism. It is a faux-agenda, like gay or homophobe, like fem or trans, like toilet gendering. Real people aren’t interested in this sort of nonsense. Blacks are not interested in anti-racism, either. It is mainly White Wokes that are, and they will follow whatever the newspaper tells them to follow. Seattle has very few blacks but many Wokes, that’s why it is the centre of the ‘anti-racist’ campaign. Even if Trump went around kissing the sneakers of black youngsters, he wouldn’t change anything. Blacks are not hostile to him, not at all, but people who speak for them, the Dem Wokes, definitely are.


Trump should do something, and I do not mean responding by Twitter. He is not a Hitler, but is that good enough? President Trump does not send troops to meet the rioters, he does not arrest the mayors of the cities who told him to buzz off, he does not depose the generals who apologize for taking photos with him, and he does not take action against the corporations that support the rioters. The popular satirist C.J. Hopkins argued in his column in the Unz Review that this is smart. Trump refused to play the role of Hitler, and didn’t give his opponents any reason to remove him and seize power.


Yea, he won’t make a convincing Hitler. But he will do an excellent Yanukovych, the Ukrainian president who was afraid to act against the colour revolution instigated by the State Department lady, Mrs. Nuland, and in the end was forced to flee to the Russian city of Rostov.


Opponents of Trump do not pull any punches. Read their headlines.

-        The Seattle mayor told President Donald Trump to “go back to your bunker”.

-        Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser: Trump is living in my backyard.

-        Armed Group Protects Confederate Statue in Kentucky: Arrest Them for Insurrection and Sedition.

-        Trump Exposes 1100 Graduating West Point Cadets to Possible Coronavirus Infection So He Can “Dominate” the Weekend Media.

-        This Is Deadly’: Trump Scraps Protections for Transgender Patients and Those Seeking Abortions.


But Trump is folding and retreating. They told him – how dare you to stage a rally on June 19? After all, this is a holiday for Black Americans, the day when Lincoln freed the last slaves. On such a holy day, it is impudent of Trump to show his face in public. And Trump retreated, shifted the rally to the June 20, although there were ostensibly thousands of requests for the rally.


I’m not a conservative, no way; I am not a supporter of the current regime. I think that a revolution – even the fake one, organized by Soros out of the GayLib crowd, lightly sprinkled with Africans for colour – will do some good for America and the world. The American troops are already leaving Germany after only 75 years of occupation. There are more than 100 major bases overseas that can be evacuated if the revolution persists. Fine and dandy.


But, Mr. Hopkins, do not tell Trump that he has chosen the right survival strategy. As if everyone will respect his authority if he doesn’t get provoked. Let’s be frank, comrade. Tell Trump: if his main consideration is first of all not to be called a ‘bloody tyrant’ by a liberal site, there is a place for him in hospitable Rostov, next to Yanukovych. Let him decide. He can buy a villa over there for a good price.


Alternatively, let him try to regain some ground, and if he is called Hitler by some freaks, let him answer with ‘no more Mr. Nice Guy’, like the protagonist in Mel Brooks’ film The Producers. Let him defeat the colour Revolution of Masks, before it devours him.


Our colleague Andre VItchek suggested we should not describe the process going on in the US, as a ‘colour revolution’. Firstly, the protesters shouldn’t be discouraged, let alone ridiculed. Secondly, all these revolutions are different, he says. These are weak arguments. First, I endeavour to understand and explain events, and I leave encouragement to others.


Second, colour revolutions are revolutions made for the benefit of oligarchy. They remove the ruler who is too strong-willed or social-minded for the billionaires’ liking. And they utilise legitimate grievances of the people. They ride on the people like a rider rides a horse. It means that a colour revolution can shift and turn into the real thing, like a horse can throw down the rider and gallop away, but this is not the usual turn of events.


The Mask Revolution in the US has too strong a support from corporations to be anything else but a colour revolution. “Black Lives Matter Receives $100 Million from Foundations, in addition to more than $33 million in grants to the Black Lives Matter movement from George Soros through his Open Society Foundations”, says Policemag (the article was removed but can be accessed via


It can’t be decoupled from the Covid pandemic, or rather, from the lockdowns. These unusual means of disease control are deadly for small businesses and for free-lancers. Big corporations survive and even grow fat; small ones die. Control over the population increases. Free-lancers are forced to join the regular labour force and work for a large corporation; or die. The actors of the revolution will be destroyed by the success of their enterprise. We shall know the revolution became a real one, when the revolutionaries fight the corporations. Likewise, the enemies of the colour revolution should not fight Blacks and minorities; they should fight the corporations that use the Blacks as their cannon fodder.


Because of this connection between lockdowns and the Mask Revolution, Trump should end the lockdowns. If there is one thing we have learned from first half of the year it is that lockdowns do not help. We have to live with the virus, even if it that means dying. If you have no lockdown, you’ll have no second wave. The Swedes did it; everybody can do it. Those who want to lock us down would lock us down forever.


And now, another reason why I disagree with Vltchek. It is not that BLM or DNC are better or worse than Trump’s warriors. DNC and BLM are close to a hegemonic power. They are loved by the media, by the Masters of Discourse. If the Democratic candidate wins the 2020 elections, the West will be united behind him. He will humiliate China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran; the Deplorable will be deplored; European nationalists will be eliminated; the New World Order will proceed at double speed. No, thank you, Andre. It is better to have America and the West divided under Trump rather than united under the DNC.


P.S. A Jewish angle of the story. Israel has reserved this time for the annexation of the Jordan Valley and of the Jewish settlements located in the West Bank. This was the electoral promise of Netanyahu. He is loath to fulfill it, and he can’t find a good excuse to escape (unless the second wave of Covid will conveniently occur). His generals aren’t keen, either. His new partner, General Ganz, does not want to be blamed for derailing the annexation.


Israelis feel they have now a window of opportunity to take this land, as no American President save President Trump is likely to allow it. Trump does not care what the Israelis do, as long as it keeps American Jews divided about Trump. This is a sensible attitude; naturally it annoys Biden and Democrats (they want Jews united for them), but this is to be expected. However, there is a snag. Jews are ambivalent about the annexation, and perhaps on the whole they would prefer the temptation (offered by Trump) to pass.


This article was written with the assistance of Paul Bennett

Courtesy Israel Shamir

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