Swine flu and the usual suspects
by Sandhya Jain on 03 May 2009 9 Comments

America reported its first swine flu death, of a 23-month-old child in Texas, on April 29. After triggering worldwide panic over a virus for which there is NO known cure – despite hysterical and heartwarming (for the pharmaceutical company) sales of something called Tamiflu (useless during the previous pandemic called Avian flu, which also spread and vanished mysteriously), Washington now says the high tide of the disease may be ebbing.

That makes Swine Flu sound like Yesterday’s Disease, something we can safely put behind us. But given the now fairly wide international exposure of the truth that Western Democracy is little more than a façade for private corporate control of western polities, this might not be such a wise move.

Indonesian Health Minister: Swine Flu Man-Made

Indonesian Heath Minister Siti Fadilah Supari was among the first political leaders to opine that the deadly swine flu virus could be man-made: “I’m not sure whether the virus was genetically engineered, but it’s a possibility.”

She has in the past asserted that Western governments could be making and spreading viruses in the developing world to boost pharmaceutical companies’ profits. Indonesia was among the worst-affected countries hit by the bird flu virus which killed nearly 250 people world-wide since 2003.

Since 2006, Ms. Supari has refused to share all but a handful of Indonesia’s bird flu virus samples with WHO researchers, saying the system is being abused by rich countries to develop profitable vaccines which poor countries must buy

Three species, three continents

The Mexican Swine Flu is unusual because it combines virus segments from THREE different species - birds, pigs and humans - from THREE different continents - Europe, Asia and North America.

The Wall Street Journal reported that besides genetic material associated with North American swine flu, the strain has gene segments associated with European and Asian swine flu, North American avian flu and human flu.

Epidemiologists and virologists need to explain this, especially in view of the Indonesian health minister’s apprehension that the pandemic might be man-made, a fear shared by ordinary persons all over the world [www.WashingtonsBlog.com]

Designer virus

Fred Cederholm feels it is “particularly interesting that ground zero for this most recent designer virus was Mexico. This nation was already on center stage because of raging drug lord wars occurring in the border towns which Mexico shares the US… Will the quarantines and stay-at-home orders be expanded to these warring border communities and produce a much needed cease fire (and temporary peace)? This might allow government forces to gain some upper hand on both sides of the border and ultimately force them to deal with both the drug and the illegal immigration problems? Hindsight is always 20/20.

Swine flu panic spread in Mexico after it was confirmed that human-to-human transmission was taking place, and that the virus is a BRAND NEW STRAIN and seems to be affecting young, healthy people the worst. The bug is a never-before-seen inter-continental mixture of human, avian and pig viruses from America, Europe and Asia, which certainly suggests a SYNTHETIC CREATION [http://www.opednews.com/populum/link.php?id=88416]

Paul Joseph Watson (Prison Planet.com) quotes an Associated Press report: “CDC officials detected a virus with a unique combination of gene segments that have not been seen in people or pigs before.” Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director, said” “This strain of swine influenza that’s been cultured in a laboratory is something that’s not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza that’s been identified.”

The disease is affecting persons who have had no contact with pigs at all. Indeed, all American cases (a man and his daughter in San Diego County; a 41-year-old woman in Imperial County; two teenagers in San Antonio, Texas) had no contact with pigs. Dr. Wilma Wooten, San Diego County’s public health officer, said: “We have had person-to-person spread with the father and the daughter. And also with the two teenagers in Texas, they were in the same school. So that also indicates person-to-person transfer.”

Understandably, panic is spreading in Mexico, where 800 cases of pneumonia in the capital alone are feared to be related to swine flu. Mexico shut schools and museums and cancelled hundreds of public events to control the spread of further infections among the people.

Tamiflu sales

The World Health Organisation insists the outbreak has “pandemic potential” and has been stockpiling supplies of Tamiflu, known generically as oseltamivir, a pill supposedly useful in treating flu and preventing infection.

It is now well-known that those with a stake in the Tamiflu vaccine include top globalists and Bilderberg members. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld played a major role in hyping an outbreak of swine flu 1976, when he urged the whole country to get vaccinated. Many batches of vaccine were contaminated, resulting in hundreds of sick people and 52 fatalities.

Given that the virus is a BRAND NEW STRAIN, how are public health officials so confident that mass vaccination will work to contain it? Observers fear this wouldn’t be the first time deadly flu viruses have been concocted in labs and dispatched with the intention of creating a pandemic.

When the story first broke out, Czech newspapers queried if the shocking discovery of vaccines contaminated with the deadly avian flu virus and distributed to 18 countries by the American company Baxter were part of a conspiracy to provoke a pandemic (see Man-Made Flu below).

As the probability of mixing a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually NIL, this suggests the contamination was a deliberate attempt to WEAPONIZE the H5N1 virus to its most potent extreme and distribute it via conventional flu vaccines. The infected population would infect others to a devastating degree as the disease went airborne. This is not the first time that vaccine companies have been caught distributing vaccines contaminated with deadly viruses.

In 2006, it was revealed that Bayer Corporation had discovered its injection drug used by hemophiliacs was contaminated with HIV virus. Internal documents prove that after learning positively that the drug was contaminated, they took it off the US market and DUMPED it on the European, Asian and Latin American markets, knowingly exposing thousands, mostly children, to the live HIV virus.

Documents show that the FDA colluded with Bayer to cover-up the scandal and allowed the deadly drug to be distributed globally. No Bayer executives ever faced arrest or prosecution in the United States.

In Britain, a 2007 outbreak of foot and mouth disease originated from a government laboratory shared with an American pharmaceutical company, mirroring the deadly outbreak of 2001, which was also deliberately released.

And last time there was a significant outbreak of a new form of swine flu in the US, it originated at the army base at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Man-made flu

On 6 March 2009,
www.opednews.com reported that Baxter, an International pharmaceutical company based in America, was caught mixing live Avian Flu virus (H5N1) with common flu virus, in a flu vaccine. The company’s research facility in Orth-Donau Austria shipped the contaminated flu vaccine to other facilities in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. This was discovered by a technician in the Czech Republic, who injected ferrets with the vaccine as a normal test procedure – and they died.

But for this timely discovery, many persons immunized with the Baxter vaccine could have been infected with the deadly avian flu.

H5N1 is not easily transmissible between people, but the common flu virus it was mixed with easily infects people. The real danger here was that the two viruses could have mixed genetic material and mutated when injected into tens of thousands of people; in turn creating a deadly and transmissible hybrid virus.

This was a Level-3 Bio-Hazard with the potential to sicken and even kill people. The incident was covered by the Canadian and European press, BUT not the American “free” press. Not one word.

Given the cynicism with which corporates operate with fulsome support from governments, developing countries would be wise not to blindly trust their advice on the treatment of new diseases that could be of laboratory origin. Nor should there be a blind race to stock vaccines with NO proven utility in stemming or curing these designer diseases.

These murderous corporates and their complicit regimes should be cut-to-size by good old consumer resistance and boycott. That is all it takes.

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