A comment on the US Government’s Report on UAPs to Congress
by Come Carpentier de Gourdon on 18 Nov 2021 0 Comment

In the last months, much has been published and broadcast on the upcoming report on the ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’, popularly known as UFOs that the US Congress required from the Pentagon in a bill passed last December. In response, a 73-page classified document jointly prepared by all the major Defence and Intelligence agencies has been communicated to the competent Congressional House and Senate Committees and a 9-page preliminary report has been made public by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on June 25th.


As most experts in the field predicted, this summary contains no clear revelations or conclusions. However, it admits that several observations made in recent years by armed forces personnel have not been explained; it alludes repeatedly to the potential threat the situation poses to US national security and to the safety of military personnel and operations which are being disrupted by ‘unknown’ aircraft and submarine vessels displaying astonishing performances in speed and maneuverability, apparently beyond the capabilities of any known vehicle and violating the laws of physics (logging at 80 MACH speed and undergoing more than 5000G of pressure in specific cases). 


The full report to Congress, according to some early leaks, refers to futuristic energy generation and propulsion technologies used by UAPS and studied by special teams such as a secret ‘Group 6’ working out of military facilities such as Area-51 and Tonopah AF Base.


Anyone familiar with the history of the UAP phenomenon is aware that it did not begin in 2004 with the much publicized US Navy ‘Tictac’ sighting off the coast of California. Equally striking and well documented observations, backed by photographic, videographic, radar tracking and electronic evidence have been collected since the time of the Second World War by both official and non-governmental organisations. The 1947 encounter with ‘flying saucers’ by aviator Kenneth Arnold and the recovery of one or two crashed discs and their crews by the US Army Air Force in New Mexico soon after that year were widely discussed and documented.


In the early 1950s, a plethora of military and civilian top officials in North America and other countries openly admitted and discussed the undeniable passages and occasional landings of unidentified aerial vehicles, sometimes in broad public view. After several UFOS hovered over the Capitol in Washington DC, the testimony of General John Samford on behalf of the US Armed Forces to the Press Corps in 1953 was unambiguous, and President Truman was only the first Head of State to publicly state that UFOs are not American machines nor made by any other earthly power.


The longstanding USAF Regulation 200-2 specifically affirms that the phenomenon is real and not fictitious. Canadian official Wilbert Smith communicated the same conclusion to his government after conducting a detailed investigation called Project Magnet in the US on Ottawa’s behalf in the early 1950s.


The nationally syndicated columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reported in 1955 that a high level government source in the UK had told her about recovered crafts, ‘four feet tall’ bodies and an imminent top-level NATO staff meeting about Aliens. The matter was raised in the British House of Lords and the leader of the NASA Space programme Wernher von Braun, in 1959, made several references to ongoing contacts with very advanced ‘powers’ without being allowed to go into specifics.


By 1953, the Durant Report produced by the CIA-sponsored Robertson Panel had declared that the UFO phenomenon did not present a threat but could frighten the public and that it was advisable to deride it. This policy was henceforth applied by the US in relation to the 1947 National Security Act and other governments which incited the media to ridicule or ignore those who reported ‘alien’ sightings. The best known example of systematic obfuscation remains the patently biased and misleading 1969 Condon Commission report from the University of Colorado which strived to ‘debunk’ most of the UFO observations it reviewed, but had to leave more than seven hundred unexplained.


To make a very long story short, after and despite repeated military investigations in several countries, thousands of serious non-fiction books and articles, dozens of documentaries, TV and radio shows, literally millions of first person reports (including ‘abductees’) and evidence of unexplained phenomena such as widespread cattle mutilations and the sudden appearance of the mysterious ‘crop circles’, the UFO issue has invaded popular culture, but most governments still abide by the official Delphic statements or stony silence of the US.  


President Trump’s last National Security Adviser John Ratcliffe said that he had intended to submit a public report on UAPs before the end of the administration’s term, but found the information too overwhelming or complex to be condensed in a digestible format. Trump himself hinted to his eldest son on camera that he had learnt some very interesting things, but would not disclose them.


According to retired Israeli General Haim Eshed, who headed Israel’s military space agency for many years, Trump was told ‘by the Aliens’ not to reveal their presence for which ‘the people were not ready’. Years earlier, former President Ilyumzhinov of the Republic of Kalmykia had claimed on national Russian TV that he had been taken on board an alien spacecraft from his flat in Moscow in 1997 and told that humans were not yet ready to accept their existence.


Rather than ask once again the rhetorical question, “Are we alone in the universe?,” we can list briefly the predicament that the American State, and some other governments to a lesser extent are in, to help explain the deep embarrassment perceptible behind official reactions:


-        Since at least seventy years, some high level clandestine US agencies have known, probably earlier than other States, of several kinds of alien visitors from other regions and /or dimensions of the universe and clearly far ahead of the human race.


-        The official policy has been to keep the secret from those not in the need to know (including at least some US presidents and most legislators) and to gain maximum advantage of any discovery or technical breakthrough that could be achieved. Allied and even more so Non-allied countries were to be kept in the dark. When other nations gathered some valuable information some limited cooperation might be established for acquiring further knowledge, but without giving away the critical data the US possessed.


-        Much of the research was outsourced and contracted to private corporations (some of the so-called Beltway Bandits) and US Intelligence front companies (cutouts) in order to parse and segregate the information and knowhow among many agencies that could not communicate with one another and thus not get the full picture.


-        As a result, an extra-constitutional unacknowledged organisation, part of the non-elected government, occasionally alluded to even in the mainstream media, came into being decades ago and remains unanswerable to elected officials. To reveal all that has been done for so long without any democratic scrutiny and supervision poses a major problem which no US executive leader, judicial authority or legislator has wanted to confront so far.


The likelihood of direct contact and collaboration between certain government-related bodies and non-human intelligent beings and organizations makes it even harder to disclose the truth, especially when it involves the admission that many of our dominant religious, historical and scientific notions – or rather beliefs – are due for drastic revision. Humans are primitive organisms in comparison with those who perhaps created or re-engineered them. Physical reality is only a screen projected by our minds out of coded sensorial impressions. How many are ready to adjust to this disclosure and how long will it take?  


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