UPA enslaving India
by YOURS FRANKLY: Leo Rebello on 12 Aug 2008 0 Comment

A Service Provider (pun intended) skillfully poached the MPs of rival parties to gift a faux victory to the UPA, its new foe-turned-friend, which thus emerged victorious from the 22 July 2008 parliamentary vote. This prompted a wag to quip: “The 2 of US took 7 circles and become 1.” The dominant Congress Party can now be expected to become ever more brazen and manipulative, as the CPM has been effectively sidelined.


Mumbai’s (money) Magic is said to have worked as a charm in securing this denouement – now the subject of a parliamentary probe. Whatever the truth, UPA has won only a pyrrhic victory. Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, realizing his reputation has been tainted by association with the regime, hints at a premature retirement. Should that happen, pasa palat jayega (the dice will turn) and there may well be another attempt to bring down the Manmohan Singh-Sonia Gandhi regime.


If UPA is allowed to continue, we will become a colony of USA; it is likely that America will demand that we allow bases on our soil. Hitherto we have been respected for our independent stand on all issues, now friends will turn foes and fanatic elements in Pakistan and Bangladesh will play more havoc, as per the intended design of Uncle Sam.


Once, somebody asked how many states are there in America? Dr. Charles Mercieca, President of the International Association of Educators for World Peace, USA, replied: 52, including UK and Israel! Now the joke can extend to India, thanks to the ruling dispensation.


The British Empire was officially expelled in 1947; yet today over one thousand MNCs are fleecing us, selling anything from deadly drugs, vaccines, chewing gum, bottled water, chips, pizzas, condoms, GM food, telephones, i-pods, arms and ammunition, and now nuclear reactors. This wide-ranging dumping is destroying our indigenous science, technologies, medicine, and simple lifestyles at the altar of consumerism and conspicuous consumption.
We do not realise we are being controlled, destroyed and enslaved in the bargain. Yet this is so unnecessary as America is on the fast track to failure in view of the dollar collapsing and pressure to attack Iran


The enslaving started with the imposition of anglophile Jawaharlal Nehru as Prime Minister by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. If only Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had been made Prime Minister, history would have been different.


The rummaging of the Indian economy started with Dr. Manmohan Singh taking over as RBI Governor. I had gone to meet Dr. Singh when he was the Finance Minister; his followers were brazenly shouting slogans that he would be the next Prime Minister. A senior IAS officer had to ‘admonish’ them for shouting slogans at the official residence of the FM. At that time we all discounted the possibility of this ‘soft sardar’ becoming PM, because late Madhavrao Scindia was far more popular and acceptable to everyone.


Then Scindia went to his heavenly abode, Ms. Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin went against her, and the unbelievable happened. Worse, an unlikely friendship with George Bush grew stronger and stronger, so that Dosti Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega virtually became the motto of the current dispensation in South Block. The Oxford-educated economist disregarded the fact that one billion proud Indians cannot be taken for a ride despite the business lobby and their controlled media.


Whatever capitalists and controlled media may orchestrate, the fact is that the Left has always opposed the N-deal. Its only mistake was supporting the government from outside. Had the Left joined the Cabinet and cornered important portfolios, the current mess would not have arisen.


Nations which have followed in the footsteps of Uncle Sam have been systematically ruined by a Trinity of Evil, namely, the US Weapons Industry, US Construction Companies, and US Oil Enterprises. This Trinity of Evil works hand in hand: 


r     The US Weapons Industry, through the US Military, destroys the infrastructure of cities, for example Iraq.

r     US Construction Companies step in to rebuild the destroyed cities at a tremendous price amounting to billions (Iraq again), and

r     US Oil Enterprises step in to confiscate Iraqi oil using US political figures to force deals with the puppet Iraqi regime.


Nor should one not forget the mafias that sell spurious drugs ostensibly to save the war-ravaged people, and kill them as part of a population-control agenda.


American media rarely informs the American people of the abuses that go on in their name, on a daily basis. The same thing is now happening in India.  Indira Gandhi was the only man in Indian politics who could tell the American Armada to cool off in the Indian Ocean! Sadly now, if the nuclear deal is not cancelled, the US Navy will have regular sorties by right in Indian waters and will establish bases, and the CIA, FBI, FDA will have a free run of this country.


Brasscheck TV, based in San Francisco, California, regularly brings out news about what the Trinity of Evil is doing and how it is alienating the countries in the region and the world. The site (http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/370.html) contains a 10-minute video about American women working for Halliburton in Iraq (the erstwhile company of Vice President Dick Cheney); the women were seriously abused by fellow nationals working for the same company, shaming them and ruining them psychologically for life. This scandal is in fact being discussed on many American websites.


A virtual American ‘invasion’ of India will push away friends like Russia, and the Russian experience of 1991 will be our fate as Manmohanomics leads to our inevitable downfall, just as Gorbachov willy-nilly broke up USSR, the only superpower that kept USA in check. Instead of India assuming a leadership position in the comity of nations, New Delhi will be subordinated and ruined. In the dollar-euro duel, the rupee will slump and instead of 9% euphoric growth, run away inflation will ruin our country. It is already 12%, so beware.


Dr. Leo Rebello is World Peace Envoy, International Association of Educators for World Peace

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