The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Uncertain Conclusion
by Peter Koenig on 11 Jun 2022 0 Comment

On 26 May the 2022 WEF concluded not with a bang, but with a whimper. When mainstream journalists start questioning the usefulness of the WEF, the world should listen. They asked to what extent WEFs slogan, “Committed to Improving the State of the World”, was relevant. Improving the state of the world – Really?


What did the WEF and all the illustrious attendants of the Davos meeting do to stop the Ukraine War? – Nothing. Zilch.


Professor Schwab didn’t even offer to mediate for Peace? Instead, he introduced President Zelenskyy of Ukraine on video, who addressed the WEF in his brown T-shirt – a brown that may otherwise and during WWII have been associated with the Nazi-colour – coincidence?


In an aggressive tone, Zelenskyy demanded from the West more billions of cash and weapons to kill more Russians. He was very clear that Peace was not an option, but more war against his arch-enemy, Russia.


Winning that war is indeed not the slightest option, despite all the western propaganda. And Zelenskyy knows it. So, why continue a useless war that kills thousands and thousands of innocent people, more Ukrainians than Russians? Instead of accepting Putin’s / Lavrov’s proposals to talk, to negotiate? – What’s the hidden agenda – or perhaps not so hidden, as NATO, not Zelenskyy is calling the shots?


Instead, Zelenskyy got a standing ovation from the WEF crowd, presumably for Zelenskyy’s aggressive, belligerent tone and requests for more fire- and killing power from the west. The applause was like enhancing the propagated and truly indoctrinated hatred for Russia within the Forum and around the world. The Forum, consisting of luminaries dubbed the “Davos Man”, for individuals who are bought and sold by “Davos”.


But, Professor Schwab, the founder and eternal CEO of the WEF, the overlord of the world’s good-doers, the one who is “Committed to Improving the State of the World”, did not offer Peace mediation with one world. – How would that have been received by the world? – Maybe the WEF wants to keep its ambiguous image between “doing good” and “doing right” – or both, or neither? Can you imagine? – Not one word towards Peace, towards seeking a negotiated solution for Peace.


Strangely, Peace and what could be done about it rather than sending more killing materiel, was hardly mentioned throughout the WEF’s 4-day Forum. Doesn’t that speak for itself and for the WEF’s irrelevance? Perhaps not. Let’s see.


Of course, there was a multitude of behind close-door sessions taking place. They were secret. Not accessible to the public at large. That’s where the game-making decisions are and were taken. What was playing out in the open Forum was sheer diversion, with a hint of mind-manipulation.


In comes Henry Kissinger, the famous “Realpolitik” statesman, close to 100 years old, he who is credited with “opening” China for President Nixon and subsequent US Administrations. He dared suggest, that for Peace, Ukraine may have to cede some territory to Russia. He was referring to the mostly Russian Donbas area, of about 45,000 sq. km, and 4.1 million people. Compare this to the entire Ukraine, about 604,000 sq. km and roughly 44.1 million people, rapidly declining, though, due to war refugees leaving the country.


This is, of course, “Realpolitik”. Any serious analyst would agree. However, Zelenskyy was furious and aggressively rejecting the idea; Kissinger was verbally insulted with four-letter words by one of Zelenskyy’s aides.


As to the overall gist of the globalist WEF, Kissinger’s attempt to seek a solution didn’t match the globalist’s agenda – another move away from globalization by Henry Kissinger? Is the world listening? Or is it just a farce?



Shortly after WEF’s closure, President Emmanuel Macron of France and Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany, proposed to President Putin to sit down with Zelenskyy for Peace negotiations. It was not clear whether the two were also proposing to moderate these talks. Mr. Putin immediately accepted, saying he and Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, had proposed such talks on several occasions, but were always rejected.


Will they be accepted this time? Zelenskyy hasn’t responded yet. Of course, NATO has to be involved and NATO has to give “green light” … Logically, NATO knew, or even initiated the idea. Otherwise, the overture by the two leaders (sic) – both scholars of Klaus Schwab’s academy for “Young Global Leaders”, wouldn’t have been possible.


Why are we made to believe something that isn’t? Are we being fooled? Remember, nothing is coincidence, and nothing is what it appears, and you are trained – by media and endless highly sophisticated propaganda – to believe the truth is a lie and vice-versa. And so, they keep you confused, so that you laugh, when you should scream and vice-versa.


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete, when everything the American public believes is false.” – William J. Casey, CIA Director (October 2020)



Most surprising, or not, were Ms. Van der Leyen’s remarks, when she praised the Ukraine army for the progress, they made against the Russian Bear (not her words) … and this coming from a former Minister of Defense (Germany). It is surely not naïve, but sheer lie-propaganda – to attract more money from the world’s billionaires, the EU and individual EU countries? – Or to fool you once more, into believing that Ukraine really made progress against Russia and may be at the verge of winning this war?


It’s hard to believe by cold logic. But when it comes from her, THE Eminence of the EC, plus as former German Defense Minister, well-versed in war games – it must be true. And this, despite all the reports from independent journalists in the “field”, commenting directly from the war zones.


They are also telling us that the atrocities on the Ukrainian civil society are not perpetrated by the Russian army, but by the Ukrainians themselves, for example by the Nazi-Azov battalion(s) – yes, there are more than one. Yes, they are deadly “false flags” inflicted by the very Ukrainian compatriots, and the western news casters know about it, and so does Ms. Van der Leyen. Why would the journalists lie? They have all to lose by telling the truth. They are doing an independent job, exposing their lives, not only for being at the front line, but also because they are telling the truth.


If blatant lying is necessary at the WEF and that from the – let’s face it – unelected – President of the European Commission (EC), then, the WEF has been sinking very deep – and maybe seriously losing its grip on “globalization” – Schwab’s dream, a “Global Governance”. – Good riddance!


That’s what we hope. But are they really losing out on Globalization? Because one deception chased the next, and we don’t know any more what is real and what is fake. That’s the purpose. Our brains are getting weaker and weaker. Eventually we believe whatever the Matrix-commanding authority says, jumping from one belief to the next. At the end we jump from the bridge to our death, if the commander says it’s the best thing we can do for society. Confusion makes us compliant.


And the world will notice this deglobalizing trend, the intellectual world anyway – even those who have been staunch adherents to the WEF’s annual oligarch get-together.


What was also remarkable and should be noted, in connection with the WEF’s “declining usefulness” – none of the key world leaders were present: Not President Putin (he was most likely not invited), not President Xi (he may have declined either out of solidarity with the Russian leader, or because of “covid” and the zero-covid policy China defends, or both); and not even Joe Biden, the chief globalist himself, was present. Maybe he confused the dates with his trip to Asia. The absence of the three world leaders clearly shaded the WEF’s lustre – as well as the pretence of globalization and Global Governance, the ultimate objective of The Great Reset.


Instead, Biden went to South Korea and Japan, to threaten North Korea with additional sanctions – which the UN Security Council rejected; and in Japan to gather two-fold support, for his aggressive threat on China, that the US would go to war to defend Taiwan from an attack of the mainland. Biden’s brain must have forgotten that Taiwan was declared by the UN already in 1971 as an integral part of China, what it historically is. Maybe this faux pas was also part of the chess game to fool us once more and to plant more confusion.


And, second, to seek Japan’s support for the WHO “Pandemic Treaty” which he, Biden, initiated and proposed, and which is currently being discussed by the ongoing World Health Assembly. If approved, it would transfer WHO into WHT – for World Health Tyranny.


Remember, it is no coincidence that the WEF and the World Health Assembly or the “Pandemic Treaty” take place in parallel. The Pandemic Treaty is an integral part of the WEF’s Great Reset. All is connected.


WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty” on hold

Here are the good news. At least the first attempt to push this two-fold treaty through seems to be blocked by the African States. That’s a good omen for the world, being 
rescued by Africa. This would be a clear move away from globalization towards individual countries’ sovereignty. Granted, at this stage it would be just winning a battle in what could become a long war of the People against a tyrant health governance of our globe – our humanity; and wars against more tyranny imposed by the globalists. Is this African move perhaps also just a ruse, orchestrated to make us believe, “not all is lost”, so that we gain back a bit confidence in the system, a bit of respite? Hurray, its working!


Are we fooled again? Further down the road we may be told that Africans have been convinced of the “good” of this Biden proposal, for the good of humanity, the “Pandemic Treaty” is needed to preventing future pandemics.


All is possible. Remember, nothing is coincidence, and all is connected – and in this total chaos – what it seems – we are hopelessly lost, and believe what we are told, even if evidence and logic may tell us something different or the contrary. We can’t cope anymore. We just believe what we are told to believe. Its cognitive dissonance on steroids.


Let me interject here a personal note. We, The People, Shall Win. Not just the battle, but also the war. The sun, the LIGHT, is on our side.



This year, the WEF – the eternal globalist agenda pusher – played out in a pre-summer Davos, no snow, no snow-covered roofs with white-uniformed, hazmat-looking, machine-gun toting face-covered police and military. Much less impressive without snow. But, all the same, the police and military were everywhere, many hidden, plain-clothed, but all wearing a discrete armband indicating that they were the custodians of WEF-protection.


Ever-so-often they harassed a journalist, who was known to be critical – not mainstream, of course – just for show, and possibly “fear-making” — à la “beware of misbehavior, you are in the city of the WEF”. Well, yeah, at least for these 6 days, including the two days of the luminaries’ arrival last weekend.


That the world is rather moving away from the globalization craze – the WEF’s flagship – could be seen on various fronts. Or is it just wishful thinking? Deception in disguise? – Nothing is what it seems and nothing is coincidence.



Other than no Peace suggestion by the WEF, there was of course also Climate Change on the agenda. It’s a must on every world event. There are some thousand or more scientists trained and available to defend this horrifying climate change theory – man-made climate change. A money-making green capitalist agenda, against which very few intellectuals and scientists dare to argue. How dare you!!!


Now, the Climate Change talk is presented in a new dress. It shifted from man-made CO2 to the Oceans which absorb CO2 and give off CO2 – to keep the world in balance. A perfect system that has worked for millions and millions of years. As if science didn’t know that before. NASA has been studying this phenomenon for over thirty years in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.


Now the new twist is, because of man’s abuse in producing CO2, perhaps the Ocean’s capacity is no longer sufficient to absorb it all. After all the years of a completely other climate change narrative, we are suddenly presented with this astounding fact – mea culpa – we simple humans, are responsible for releasing and producing so much CO2 and other climate pollution, that the Oceans can no longer absorb it – can no longer keep Mother Earth in balance – what the Oceans have been doing, since Mother Earth exists.


Some two or three decades ago, an Australian scientist said, based on ample studies, that not only does the climate change all the time – nothing is stagnant in the universe – but that by far the principal influence on Mother Earth’s climate is the sun, different phases of sun movements. Man had practically zero influence in the earth’s weather / climate pattern.


There have been long periods of no sun movements that resulted in what is called “Snowball Earth” some 700 million years ago. This is what google has to say: “These dramatic “Snowball Earth” events occurred in quick succession, somewhere around 700 million years ago, and evidence suggests that the consecutive global ice ages set the stage for the subsequent explosion of complex, multicellular life on Earth.”


Be it as it may – this scientific evidence doesn’t fit the globalist agenda. It is not even mentioned to be argued about. The Global Warming narrative, that indeed started some three decades ago absorbing everything “environment”, was later converted into “Climate Change”. There was a time, when the entire Environment Department of the World Bank focused only on Climate Change. It was the narrative the world had to believe – and still has to be indoctrinated with it.


Any idea why? When mankind is presented with its guilt, a guilt that can realistically not be changed, because the guilt is not real, so, whether true or false, we must believe it, to become vulnerable for manipulation — and the entire Climate Change panorama offers itself for a new GREEN style of capitalism cum neoliberalism, as those who can still see straight will have observed.


But hardly anybody seems to notice this absurd controversy between the elite’s climate sermon, and their flocking to Davos, in hundreds of private jets, clogging the Zurich airport, then many take a helicopter to get to Davos in 20 minutes instead of the two-hour train ride. These billionaires or wannabe billionaires, certainly couldn’t give a flying sh*t about CO2 and “man-made climate change”. It’s one of those flying-in-our-face lies, that we so gallantly ignore.



Now that we are totally confused about what’s what and what to believe – and our brains are running crazy, wanting to rest – that’s when the Great Reset comes in, with the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We can’t believe what’s presented, so we laugh and shrug it off as impossible and untrue.


To make the point even stronger, Klaus Schwab hired the Israeli “futurist scientist” Yuval Noah Hariri, apparently Klaus Schwab’s closest advisor, as far as his dream world “The 4th Industrial Revolution” goes, an all-digitized world. Hariri produces videos galore to convince the people that they are mere “hackable” animals, and eventually will be subjected to brain manipulation, either by implanted chips or directly by 5G ultra-short-waves.


It’s part of scare-mongering, but also part of truth-telling about their intention. This dark cult must divulge their intention in whatever convoluted way – so that their plans may come through. That’s part of the cult’s rule. And because our brains are vulnerable and can be chipped or otherwise manipulated, The Reset’s final doctrine, “You own nothing but will be happy” – may also be true.


This reminds me of a recent article by The Cogent – “Revelation of the Method”. It is a brilliant masterpiece in describing how we are being deceived in plain sight, know it, and still believe in the deception. We are hopelessly addicted to misinformation to justify our own behaviour – there is no escaping, unless we have a shock break-through – and jump the fence of the matrix. Within the matrix many of us, totally off-mainstream, believe we are chewing the red pill; in reality we are sucking on the blue pill. Only once we jump the matrix’s fence are we in a position to chew and swallow the red pill.


It will be a big loneliness. Only a drastic jump in consciousness to the level of Fifth Dimension, where the light will be on our side, will make us resistant, red pill-capable. It is not impossible, but it takes a sea-change in peoples’ thinking and reasoning, especially in the highly educated, a.k.a., indoctrinated, and comfortable western world. But we shall not give up. See this for more details. May I suggest you read this relatively short explanation on the sophisticated psychological war game that, we the People, are being exposed to.



This is my non-conclusive WEF-2022 conclusion. Are they on the winning side, with a well working deceptive program, keeping us confused, and eventually believing in lies, instead of the truth – both of which are presented to Us, The People, simultaneously, and / or sequentially? Just follow he Climate Change Agenda; the Vaxx-Agenda; or the fully orchestrated vaxx-propaganda dialogue between Klaus Schwab and Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s CEO – and the Schwab-invited “standing ovations”.


In the end, we humanity must and will win this existential war, a war between the dark cult, led by off-humans – and Us, The People. Our entire Civilization is at stake. It is as serious as that.


Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. After working for over 30 years with the World Bank, he penned Implosion, an economic thriller, based on his first-hand experience. Exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” Courtesy

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