The Decline and Fall of the Western Empire
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Sometime in the future a learned academic will be writing a weighty tome with the title The Decline and Fall of the Western Empire. Perhaps the Contents Page will include, among others, twelve chapters with titles something like this: World War One. World War Two. Korea. Vietnam. Palestine. Iran. Nicaragua. Afghanistan. Iraq. Syria. Ukraine. Taiwan.


Indeed, Karin Kneissel, the former Austrian Foreign Minister, is at present writing a book with the working title A Requiem for Europe. In an interview with Asia Times on 31 July she declared that ‘European countries are growing ever weaker on the international stage and their places are being taken by Asian countries’. She said that the Europe ‘where she was born and grew up and to which she was devoted no longer exists’. ‘European leaders, through ignorance and arrogance, are neglecting the existing geopolitical realities and basic principles of diplomacy and this has created a dangerous situation’.


She added: ‘This is connected with Eurocentrism. We believe that we are so great that nobody can do without us… It seems to me that Europe needs Russia more than Russia needs Europe. If I am right, then is it really in the interests of the Old World to treat Moscow as an enemy, inclining Moscow to Beijing? Today Europeans are more and more disillusioned and desperate and this may cause mass disorder and anti-government violence’.


Kneissel, who is from Central Europe, makes it sound as if Europe is living in the past, before 1914, when it was politically central to the world, instead of being a more or less irrelevant political backwater as it is in 2022. What is certain is that the physical fall of an empire is always preceded by its spiritual fall. What did this spiritual fall consist of?


Firstly, there were two generations of Euro-American (‘World’) Wars with their genocidal and sadistic human sacrifices of tens of millions of young people, especially young Russian and Chinese. This led to the breakdown of nation states and national identities, at least in Western Europe. Secondly, there were two generations of Cultural Wars designed to break down family life.


The first began in the 1960s. Then ‘single parents’ became the norm, no longer biological father, biological mother and biological children, the basic building block of all societies and nation-states. After only one generation of this War, with the appearance of stepfathers, stepmothers and stepchildren, with no biological links between them, a revolting and long suppressed disease came to the fore once more. It is called paedophilia.


Thirdly, this breakdown of family life continued over two generations has in the last decade caused a Gender War. There are no longer any father, mother, son or daughter because family breakdown means that children have no father/mother role models, with the result that few know who they are any more or how to behave and relate. And so we see the great confusion, the invention of Parent One and Parent Two, of legalised same-sex ‘marriage’ almost everywhere in Western Europe, promoted by increasing numbers of homosexual politicians, and the adoption of children by same-sex couples.


In the Ukraine, under pressure from its Transatlantic and Western European sponsors, it is proposed to introduce this same-sex ‘marriage’. Here is the price that Ukrainians have to pay for the billions of dollars of suicidal arms it receives for promoting ‘Western values’. Usually if you sell something, you receive something in return. But if you sell your soul to Satan, you not only receive nothing in return, but you even have to pay for the sale. Spiritual fall always precedes the fall of the State. In the Ukraine many have noticed the satanic tattoos and pentagrams on the bodies of the Neo-Nazi thugs who formed the elite of the Kiev regime armed forces and many have seen videos showing their satanic rituals.


All of this is in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘human rights’. This is the end of the Roman Empire, which is today called the Western world. This is ending ignominiously in the US-provoked war in the Ukraine, into whose hellish fires of sulphur and brimstone all Europe is casting itself. As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so it is today in the days of Eurosodom and Gomerica.


The extraordinary thing is the self-justification of the Western world for its own suicide and its refusal to admit that anything is wrong with it. On the contrary, only its ‘values’ of ‘freedom, democracy and human rights’ are correct and must therefore be spread throughout the ‘free world’. All who do not accept its ‘values’, which in fact are anti-values because they are destructive, not constructive like real values, must be mocked, slandered and, if necessary, bombed into submission.


Today’s Western world is visibly coming to resemble medieval frescoes showing the torments of hell, which are what spiritual death is. The Western world has been demonised, the demons have been called up from the bowels of hell to occupy it and visibly and mockingly inflict its ‘Western values’.


Just over fifty years ago, in 1971, a popular American singer called Don McLean, almost prophetically, sang of these torments, that is, of spiritual death, in a song called ‘American Pie’. Describing how America had lost its faith in the previous decade of the 1960s, he sang that ‘for ten years we’ve been on our own’ and how he saw ‘Satan laughing with delight’, and that ‘the church bells all were broken / And the three men I admire most / The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost / They caught the last train for the coast… / Singin’, this’ll be the day that I die’.


The trouble with the Western world is that it does not want to listen. Indeed, in the same year, McLean, who was brought up a Catholic, wrote another song called ‘Vincent’. His words there echo, perhaps even more prophetically in relation to the current refusal of the West, bound by the shackles of its narcissistic self-obsession, to listen. It listens not just to Russia, but to any voices of common sense and universal tradition anywhere in the world, even from within its own midst:


They would not listen, they did not know how,…

They would not listen, they’re not listening still,

Perhaps they never will.


Courtesy The Saker 

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