American Roulette
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Introduction: America’s Death-Wish


‘Russian roulette’ is a most peculiar expression. At least for any Russian. For the simple reason that he has never heard of it. In fact, it does not exist in Russian, neither the expression, nor the reality. It is something we learn about with astonishment when we learn English. The expression is an American invention and only an American with a death-wish could have thought up such a thing, in 1937, in fact (


And so it is that only an American with a death-wish could have thought up the present situation. He has poked the bear so much and so often for over thirty years that the bear has had a lot of time to plan exactly what he would do. Now he is doing it. Why are you surprised? You loaded the gun and pointed it at your own head, now expect the bullet to come out.


Where we came from


The Special Military Operation (SMO) in the Ukraine could have been over as early as April 2022, or at latest in August when most of the old Soviet weapons of the Kiev regime forces, augmented by supplies from ex-Warsaw Pact countries, had been destroyed. However, ignoring the Ukrainian people, since they are mere cannon fodder, the West intervened and escalated the conflict into a full-scale war by supplying its weaponry, technology and manpower at the bidding of the Westernised Ukrainian oligarchate. (Just as in February 1917, when the West created the ‘Russian Revolution’ at the bidding of the Westernised Russian oligarchate, also ignoring the people). Thus, the Ukraine has become merely the battleground for the real War, that between Russia and the USA.


The Russian response to Western escalation and aggression is partial mobilisation. The limited SMO will need more manpower to defeat the doomed NATO-supplied Nazis, whose numbers have been much increased by the arrival of NATO troops in Ukrainian uniform as well as by mercenaries. President Putin was accused by the Western ruling class through their State-controlled media mouthpieces of threatening them with nuclear attack. This was not the case. He had simply answered Truss, who had threatened Russia with nuclear attack, replying that any such aggression would be met by Russia with the same.


President Putin now awaits the winter in order to give the peoples of Western Europe opportunities to reflect and then force their spineless leaders to reject American tyranny. Since 2014 President Putin has become determined to remove the American threat to his Western borders and so to Western and Central Europe once and for all. Only then will the North-Western peninsula of the Eurasian continent at last become free. In order to do this, he has built up relationships with China, India and others in Asia, as well as with many countries in Africa and Latin America. Thus, in recent months he has rapidly gathered influence all over Eurasia.


Where we are now


As the Soviet Union between 1989 and 1991, so the European Union between 2022 and 2024. Now is not the time for top-down Unions –in the last two generations since 1989 they have been collapsing in favour of international co-operation between sovereign nations, as is needed by the grassroots. Demonstrations have taken place in the Czech Lands, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, all calling on Kiev to start negotiating with Russia, and on the EU Commissars to stop behaving like vassals of the US feudal magnates. Germany is very nervous, it risks its industry shutting down. And German winters can be very cold. Now the two undersea Nordstream pipelines for Russian gas to Germany, have exploded. Of course, it is sabotage.


The USA has successfully cut off German industry, and much of Europe, from the Russian gas that could have powered it up again, had the EU wanted to be free of dependence on the US. The Hungarian government also wants Kiev to negotiate – it has Hungarian citizens across the border in Zakarpattia. And there are those in Romania who think the same about the province of Romanian Chernivtsi across the border, though those who think that are not allowed to be part of the present US-puppet government. Poland also wants its territory back, perhaps all five provinces of the far western Ukraine: Volyn, Rivne, Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk. Meanwhile, Italy is about to get a new, anti-Brussels nationalist government, much to the dislike of the unelected EU elite.


The euro has already collapsed against the dollar. Now it is the turn of the pound sterling. The pound sterling has lost 20% of its value against the dollar since MissTrust came to power. The UK, stabbed in the back by the US for its anti-EU policy on Northern Ireland, has an economy which is not emerging from covid, but submerging after covid. The UK Establishment media trumpet that the UK State Health Service’s waiting lists are now down to only (sic) two years for most people (if you don’t die before that). Over 10% of UK citizens, 7 million people, are now waiting for treatment. Some are in great pain. In any other country in the world, there would be a revolution if waiting lists for health treatment were longer than two months. Some UK citizens are even going to the Ukraine to get proper health treatment.


The UK’s infrastructure, utilities, roads, railways, education and healthcare, has in many places reached what used to be called ‘Third World’ levels. The UK currency crisis has come about because of the UK government’s need to borrow huge amounts of money – this was MissTrust’s ‘bold plan’. After all, the UK Establishment follows to the letter US orders and has had to refuse Russia’s riches and subsidise the bankrupt Ukraine. The UK level of debt is now approaching that of the USA and catching up with that of Italy, whom it used to mock as a ‘basket case’. As they say: ‘What goes round, comes round’.


Where we are going


How will all this end? From the start I have believed that this will all end with the Russian victory. This means:


1. Another Ukraine

There will always be an East Slav-speaking country between south-eastern Poland and south-western Russia, whatever it will be called. However, in the future it will be a country within its natural borders, occupied only by those who voluntarily identify with the government and culture in their capital of Kiev. Moreover, deNazified, it will present no military, biological or nuclear threat to its neighbours and will be independent of geopoliticians in Washington and Brussels.


2. Another Russia

As a result of the War against NATO, Russia will be freed of the froth of Westernised sycophants formed in the 1990s, the liberal chattering classes, called in Russian ‘the creative class’. The 5% who are enserfed to the West and its overpriced consumer baubles are only repeating the treason of the Westernised ruling class and traitors from before 1917 who also wasted their fortunes on overpriced Western consumer baubles. Those who will continue to behave like chimpanzees with regard to their Western lords and masters should go and live in the West, if they have not already fled Russian justice for Finland, Georgia or elsewhere. Russia at war against NATO (= the US) is a land that needs patriots, not traitors.


3. Another Europe

At the present time Central and Western Europe risk ‘Donbassisation’ as a result of US demands for absolute obedience to their anti-Russian tyranny, known as ‘sanctions’. This means that NATO-ised Central and Western Europe will become deindustrialised, impoverished, cold, hungry and also left defenceless, as their arms will have been destroyed in the Ukraine. However, it is only at that low point that they will begin to understand that their future is not across the Atlantic, but next door, with Eastern Europe and Eurasia, the gateway to Asian growth and prosperity.


4. Another World

Seven billion of the eight billion people of the world, 87.5% of the planet, await the day of freedom from Western imperialism, exploitation and nuclear threats, aspiring to humanity, truth, justice and prosperity. Their only hope is the coming Russian victory over the US. Once that is here, much will fall back into its natural place. Asia with China and India, Africa, Latin America and all the Western peoples (basically, Western and Central Europe, North America and Oceania), so long oppressed by the gloomy darkness of the feudal Western elite, will be able to follow in Russian footsteps and walk, at first dazzled, into the bright daylight of freedom.




In 1939, quite infamously, Winston Churchill expressed his extraordinary ethnocentric ignorance by calling Russia ‘a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’. Like many ignorant people, he was of course talking about himself. When you cannot be bothered to understand someone else’s viewpoint, just call it ‘a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’. You will then have successfully defined yourself as a blinkered and selfish narcissist.


The only thing is, when you depend on that someone else for vital gas, oil, fertiliser, wheat, paper, titanium etc, maybe you really should after all make an effort to understand their viewpoint. Otherwise, they will definitely consider your death-wish, the totally suicidal behaviour of your American Roulette as, ‘a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’.


Courtesy The Saker 

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