US Aid for Gaza: A Tool of Divergence
by Abbas Hashemite on 27 Mar 2024 2 Comments

After five months of compliance with Israel’s genocidal onslaughts in Gaza, the United States airdropped 38000 meals for the first time in March 2024. This move has largely been criticized by aid groups and observers around the world due to its inefficacy and the United States’ paradoxical role in this war. Skepticism looms large over this aid program launched by the Biden administration, as it is perceived as a divergence tactic to tranquilize the burgeoning criticism at home and abroad. The Biden administration has played a pivotal role in precluding any peaceful settlement of the issue. The United States has vetoed the UN resolutions asking for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza three times.


The US has been the key supporter of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. It provided $318 billion in aid, the largest US aid to any country since World War 2, to Israel since the latter’s inception, while the aid to Palestinian authorities since then only amounts to $11 billion. The country even intensified its military and financial aid to Israel during its persistent massacre in Gaza.


US President Joe Biden even requested Congress twice since October 7, 2023, for approval of emergency weapons sales to Israel. The US Congress has ratified the sales of more than 100 weapons to Israel since the start of the Israel-Hamas war. Moreover, the US Congress approved a $14.5 billion assistance package for Israel within a month after the commencement of the war. The US already provides an annual aid of around $3.8 billion to Israel under a plan that was inaugurated in 2016.


Recently, Biden, once again, requested Congress for approval of $106 billion emergency assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Some of the US legislatures even sought approval of a $17.6 billion additional military aid to Israel in February 2024. However, this bill was rejected by the legislature. The United States is aptly seen as an accomplice in sustained Israeli genocide and indiscriminate bombing in Gaza. More than 31000 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli Defense Forces since October 7. Although the United States and Israel blame Hamas for this war, many hold that the West has some economic interests behind the ethnic cleansing of Gazans. The people of Gaza are subject to starvation and famine.


Reports suggest that over 500000 Palestinians are encountering the threat of an imminent famine. More than 2.3 million Gazans lack access to sufficient amounts of food. According to a United Nations report, Israel is intentionally using starvation as a tool for war. Hundreds of aid trucks are stranded at Kerem Shalom and Rafah crossings, awaiting approval of the Israeli government for entry into the Gaza Strip. According to estimates, 21000 metric tons of food supplies for the people of Gaza are also sitting in the United Nations’ warehouses. Less than 1000 aid trucks, far less than the 500 required daily, have entered Gaza between February 24 to March 3, 2024, according to a UN official.


The World Health Organization highlights in its report that scarce access to food and safe water is resulting in malnutrition among people, especially children. An appalling report from the UN stating that no more normal-sized babies are taking birth in Gaza demonstrates the miserable plight of the people of Gaza. What’s more distressing is the majority of the Israeli population is supporting the war crimes being committed by the Israeli Defense Forces. Zionists in Israel are blatantly eulogizing the criminal acts of their forces in Gaza. A recent poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute shows that the majority of the Jewish Israeli population supports the blockage of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.


Amongst all such atrocities by the Israeli forces and its military and economic assistance by the United States is nothing more than just a farce. Many around the world hold that this aid program launched by the Biden administration is just a divergence tactic to mollify the angry democrat voters. Biden has recently lost and faced a severe backlash in the Democratic preliminaries. Almost, 400000 Democrat voters have chosen to stay uncommitted in protest against Biden’s support of Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. Surveys show that almost 57 per cent of Americans are dissatisfied with Biden’s management of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Another poll shows that 62 per cent of the people who voted for Biden in previous elections are against Israel’s assistance until the war ends.


People within his own party are against Biden’s policies related to the Israel-Hamas war. The magnitude of Americans’ disapproval of support for Israel in this war could be gauged by a wave of protest in different states of the country. People of the United States accuse the Biden administration of using their taxes to support genocide in Gaza. Even Jewish groups in Gaza have protested for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. Biden holds the ability to coerce Israel for a peaceful resolution of the war by cutting off the financial and military aid. However, the US, under his administration, has vetoed all the resolutions calling for a humanitarian ceasefire.


The United States and Israel have been falsely accusing Hamas of being an impediment to a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Hamas has long been demanding a permanent ceasefire. However, the economic ambitions of Israel and its allies have been the true deterrent to a peaceful resolution to this conflict.


The launch of a recent aid program by the US is nothing more than a divergence by the Biden administration to gain political leverage at home. The move has been largely criticized by many due to numerous reasons. Analysts and different aid organizations around the world have criticized this plan and have declared it absurd. If the Biden administration is serious about helping the Palestinian people, it should coerce the Israeli government to authorize aid to Gaza by roads. Biden has also been unable to hamper Israel from attacking hospitals, churches, mosques, and refugee camps.


The Biden administration has also been using delaying tactics about the resettlement of the refugees in Northern Gaza. Overall, the White House, under the Presidency of Joe Biden, has conducted a policy contrary to the will of the American citizens. Biden seeks to soothe his voters through this small amount of aid. However, the sentiment amongst the American citizens shows that Biden’s policies have failed to resonate with the will of the people, and he will have to pay a heavy price in the upcoming elections, as evident by the recent preliminary election results.


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