BRICS maintain growth, global minority forced to watch
by Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov on 05 Apr 2024 0 Comment

The BRICS countries are certainly strengthening their positions on the global stage. And this, both on the geoeconomic and geopolitical levels. Without regard to the opinion of the world minority represented by Western regimes and certain others. Today, these processes are forced to be recognized by a number of analysts in the United States and Japan, while the representatives of Brussels Europe continue to live in the illusions of a bygone era.


“Cracks in G20 let Russia grow trade with China and India” – Nikkei, one the Japan’s largest media companies, wrote last month. Also adding that Western sanctions have not been able to stop the development of the Russian economy.


The Japanese international publication also points out that it was precisely the disagreements within the G20 that allowed Russia to maintain a high level of economic growth after the launch of the Special Military Operation – what the West and their Japanese allies call “the invasion of Ukraine” – due to the sharp expansion of trade with China, India and other G20 countries.


The Nikkei article also points out that Russia’s trade with other BRICS countries was free of any restrictions that the collective West tried to impose. In general, Japanese analysts are forced to admit that the considerable increase in economic and commercial exchanges with countries such as China, India, Turkey, Brazil or Indonesia – has compensated for the losses of Russian interests in matters of trade with the West and Japan. Among the examples mentioned – the volume of imports by India from the Russian Federation increased sevenfold, by China – increased by 60%, by Brazil – increased by 80%. As a result, the Russian economy could not be isolated and Western sanctions did not work as their instigators had hoped.


Obviously, the Japanese analysts forgot to mention several other very important points. First, specifically regarding the G20, as of 2023 Russia ranked fifth among the G20 countries in terms of economic growth (behind India, China, Indonesia and Turkey). Secondly, speaking precisely of the “cracks and disagreements” within the G20 – between respectively the Western-Japanese bloc represented by the member countries of the G7, together representing the camp of those nostalgic for the unipolar era – on the one hand, and the BRICS nations, as well as other important powers from the world majority – on the other hand, it has never been a question that the world majority must follow the unilateral orders of an obvious planetary minority.


Third, it was absolutely naïve from the outset for the world minority regimes to believe that it was in principle possible to somehow isolate a state like Russia. Given the country’s size, the presence of colossal volumes of strategic resources, the influence on international relations, and also surely because of our history. But of course, the very significant point lies in the fact that the more or less adequate analysis within the planetary minority regarding contemporary global processes – takes place, as expected, from top to bottom.


First, a number of American analysts began to admit the obvious. With delay of course – but usually said – a calculation error is a calculation error. Far from being the first. Now, a modicum of analytical common sense is beginning to emanate from representatives of the Japanese regime. And of course, Brussels Europeanists, as usual, are not only the biggest laggards in global processes, but at the same time continue to live in a completely different dimension – which has nothing to do with the contemporary multipolar world – literally nothing.


Generally speaking, in today’s global realities – the planetary minority represented by the collective West + the few Japan and Israel – finds itself simply obliged to observe current and future events – without having the possibility to stop them, or even seriously slow them down. Of course, the said minority is still capable of putting a spoke in the wheels of the multipolarity supporters, of continuing its criminal policy towards the many peoples of the global majority, while maintaining its obvious hypocrisy and arrogance, but it is now absolutely clear that it will not be able to radically change anything. Hence the hysteria, hence the rage.


The BRICS will continue to move forward. And this year is particularly significant since it is Russia which chairs the multipolar organization. Western regimes and some others can only actually observe current events. However, they had the chance to take the last seats on the departing train – but missed this chance. With all the consequences that ensue. As for the actions – they will have to take responsibility.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook”. Courtesy

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