Iran’s hypersonic missiles generate deterrence through terror, says Scott Ritter
by Alfredo Jalife-Rahme on 26 Apr 2024 0 Comment

Despite the Israeli propaganda campaign to persuade Western media that the Iranian response didn’t cause any damage, the truth is emerging. Tehran did not seek to attack the Israeli civilian population, but to test the IDF defenses. For the first time, it used hypersonic missiles that neither Israel’s allies nor its own army were able to intercept.


The anticipated Iranian retaliation had been widely announced 72 hours in advance and even calibrated, according to the Financial Times, for fear of soaring oil prices. Larry Johnson, a former CIA agent, noted that despite the West’s trumpeting about Iran’s failure - the song of Western lackeys, whose multimedia is largely controlled by the “Israeli lobby” - Iran carried out precisely what it planned to do in Israel and demonstrated a remarkably sophisticated capability, using manoeuvrable warheads [1].


Israel’s most popular newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, slammed Israel’s strategic failure, while The Washington Times denounced the Biden administration’s “deterrence failure” in preventing conflict between Iran and Israel [2]. Hayman Tamir, director of the Israeli think tank Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), said Iran was able to inflict damage on Israel without the United States engaging in a counterattack - something which Prime Minister Netanyahu would have wanted US, [3].


Ilya Tsukanov of Sputnik – media outlet from Russia, one of the two superpowers in terms of hypersonic missiles, in tandem with China – reports that Iranian multimedia confirmed the use of undetectable hypersonic missiles.


As for Iranian channel PressTV, it showed, with supporting video, that all the hypersonic missiles deployed successfully reached their targets: namely, the highly strategic air base of Nevatim, which hosts the F-35s, and that of Ramon, located very close to the clandestine nuclear power plant of Dimona [4].


Moreover, PressTV claims that Iran is among the few countries that possess the technology to produce hypersonic missiles capable of travelling at astonishing speed and hitting their targets with great precision [5]. According to other Iranian sources, Iran’s hypersonic missiles (Fattah 2) hit a secret Mossad military base in the Syrian Golan Heights, which belongs to Syria and was annexed by Israel - reportedly costing the lives of 44 (sic) spies - and even hit a Mossad building in Tel Aviv.


Beyond the propaganda war dominated by the “Israeli lobby” in the West, which extols Israel’s prowess - backed by the United States, the United Kingdom, France and even Jordan - of having destroyed 99% (sic) of Iran’s fleet of drones /cruise missiles /ballistic missiles, former US Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter - who famously debunked Baby Bush’s gibberish about Saddam Hussein’s inexistent weapons of mass destruction - asserts that “Iran has reestablished deterrence” (from the Latin deterrere, to dissuade through terror) so as to henceforth keep Israel and the United States in check, while Israel thought it could launch an attack on Iran without having to suffer the consequences. This has now been achieved, even though Iran intentionally chose not to take excessively lethal action against Israel [6]. It was a message of deterrence, not an attack!


Famous Russian military analyst Andrey Martyanov [7] explained that Israel was a paper tiger in the face of the immense strategic triumph scored by Iran, which is now the main leader of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims. I would qualify that, however, considering Iran does not have nuclear bombs, which is an invention incessantly repeated by Israel, which stocks more than 300 clandestine nuclear bombs in Dimona (according to former President Carter).


On April 14, the Middle East woke up to a new geopolitical equation with Iran bursting in with a launch of nine launched hypersonic missiles, which it had kept secret, while it has yet to deploy its technologically advanced arsenal.


Iran is keeping its real economic weapon in reserve: the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, which would cause a global crisis, triggering an irrepressible rise in oil prices. As Israel dwells upon its “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” mantra, Colonel Douglas McGregor is afraid that Prime Minister Netanyahu will launch his nuclear bombs against Iran [8].



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Courtesy Voltaire Network 

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