Non-Semite (sic) Khazar Netanyahu calls US anti-genocidal academics “anti-Semites” (sic)
by Alfredo Jalife-Rahme on 15 May 2024 1 Comment

The term “Semite”, which originally applied to Arabs, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim now refers to Jews, whether Semitic (Sephardic) or European (Ashkenazi). Alfredo Jalife-Rahme, mocking this semantic shift, criticizes Benjamin Netanyahu’s propaganda tricks.


The police crackdown on pro-Palestinian genocide protesters on campuses [1] in a dozen major U.S. academic institutions, including the prestigious Ivy League, is disturbing. In 1968, the emblematic private (sic) Columbia University (New York) was the epicenter of demonstrations against the Vietnam War, which resulted in the police arrest of over 700 students and professors.


Today, 56 years later, the same iconic university, with a total of 30,000 students, which subsumes the collective psyche of the future (as made visible by the present) of the United States, is protesting against Israeli genocide in Gaza, and has to its credit 100 students and professors arrested by barbaric police repression [2]. The astonishing university protests have spread not only to Texas and Southern California, but also to the emblematic Faculté des Sciences Politiques in Paris [3].


The famous Lexington column of the globalist neoliberal monarchy’s magazine The Economist reminds us that, as in 1968, Democrat Joe Biden risks being the candidate of chaos and war, while today pro-Palestinian students are rising up on American campuses [4]. Even the Financial Times [5] and Bloomberg [6], controlled by Israeli theologians, cannot hide the votive flame of protest by Columbia University students and professors against Israeli genocide in Gaza.


Committing a blatant act of interference in what remains of American sovereignty (sic) – strangely swept under the carpet by both parties in Congress – Prime Minister Netanyahu extra-territorially admonished pro-Palestinian American students against genocide and branded them anti-Semitic (sic): “What’s happening on American campuses is horrible. Anti-Semitic (sic) hordes (re-sic) have taken over major universities. They call for the annihilation of Israel. They attack Jewish students. They attack Jewish professors.”


As usual, Khazar Prime Minister Netanyahu [7], who is of non-Semitic Polish descent, describes the protesters at American universities as anti-Semitic hordes (mega sic!) who are “attacking the Jewish faculty” (sic). What could this underground Jewish faculty possibly be?


In his thread of delirious messages on X, Netanyahu comments: “This is reminiscent of what happened in German universities in the 1930s. It must be stopped [8],” and he glorifies police repression at various universities.


Today, the U.S. is moving between McCarthyite totalitarianism and its new Civil War, as Alex Garland’s new film Civil War [9] shows my interview seen by over 2.5 million people on Radio La Raza Los Angeles, which has the largest Mexican and Latino audience in the U.S. [10].


Israel has not found a convincing discourse between the emblematic October 7 (the staggering irruption of the Sunni Palestinian guerrilla group Hamas) and April 14 – when “Israel exacerbates its financial deterrence in the face of Iran’s new strategic deterrence [11]” – in unison with its genocide in Gaza and its apartheid policy against the original inhabitants of Palestine who are true Semites, who rise up against the Khazar invaders who are “fake Semites”.


The omnipotent black propaganda based on the triad of anti-Semitism /terrorism /hate via the “Hasbara technique [12]” finds itself semiotically overtaken by the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza.


Netanyahu would do well to educate himself by reading the eminent Israeli historian Shlomo Sands in his two classic books (from 2008 and 2014) The Invention of the Jewish People [13], Shlomo Sand, Verso (2010), and How the Land of Israel was Invented [14] “which dismantle the entire false ideology/theology stemming from Hasbara Zionism”.



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Courtesy Alfredo Jalife-Rahme; Translation Roger Lagassé 

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