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by Ma. Mohan Bhagwat on 28 Sep 2009 12 Comments

[This is the abstract of the Vijayadashami Mahotsva speech delivered at Nagpur annually by RSS Sarsanghachalak on 27 September 2009, Yugabda 5111. The speech is traditionally delivered in Hindi; this is a ready translation by his aides - Editor]

The path-breaking work of the RSS to organise ‘Hindu Society’' was launched on this very date (27 September) eighty-four years back. It is needless to emphasise that organising ‘Hindu Society’ is an imperative national duty. It is immaterial whether or not one uses the word ‘Hindu’ or ‘Hindutva;’ deep inside the core of every ‘Hindustani’ heart this feeling exists in either a dormant state or in conscious but unrevealed form, or in an expressed form, and knowingly or unwittingly it gets manifested instinctively as the ‘Truth’ that always stands out.

The word ‘Hindu’ does not symbolise any particular way of worship, language, province, creed or religion. Actually it signifies an ancient culture, a way of life that has come down to us through ages. It is a way of life that believes in everyone living together in harmony by respecting and accepting all religions, sects, languages, provinces, and parties.

‘Hindutva’ is this ancient culture of Bharat that teaches us a method of connecting and accommodating every one. Even the Supreme Court of India has emphasised on this meaning of ‘Hindutva’. This is the only ‘philosophy’ and ‘culture’ that inspires us to comprehend the inherent unity in apparent diversity and motivates us to take together everybody in harmony to make this planet a paradise of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Today the world is in dire need of this view and way of life. The experiments based on the ‘reductionist’ and ‘exclusivist’ approach have failed. If the basic viewpoint is flawed, though the purpose be noble and efforts genuine, the outcome will not be as desired. That is why thinkers and visionary leaders around the globe are looking forward with high hopes towards ‘Bharat’ for its integral and holistic vision.

The ‘Bharat’ that is capable of successfully dispensing its divine responsibility to the world of imparting ‘Dharma’ that beholds the balance and harmony in Creation, and the ‘Bharat’ that will educate the world by its own living example, is the necessity of today’s world. However, looking at our present situation, our psyche and our policies, our abilities and speed to raise our nation to the pedestal of ‘Vishwaguru’ is questionable.

When common people think (beyond their routine livelihood issues) about our country, the first issue that worries their mind is that of national security. We are well-acquainted with the behaviour and ultimate motives of Pakistan and China towards us. Bangladesh has also been creating problems for us. USA still continues to play its double game openly as well as clandestinely, to protect its self-interest in the Asian sub-continent. Earnest attempts are going on to bring countries like Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka under its fold.

Our Parliament has resolved to bring back every inch of our land in Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh occupied by China during its aggression in 1962. China has almost cordoned Bharat by creating its influence in the neighbouring countries surrounding us. Though frequent wars and border infringements imposed on us after the independence have made us somewhat less complacent regarding our defense preparedness, we are still less prepared for any potential war as compared to China, and it is necessary to make more potent arrangement to secure our borders.

Immediate and severe steps need to be taken to curb continuous infiltration into our land from our porous borders. The infiltrators already inside our land should be weeded out without delay following the policy of detect, delete and deport. As regards international diplomacy, we have failed to take steps towards the realisation of the clearly defined long term goals of our country. We have not yet formulated any such vision, and that is why, in spite of having been betrayed once by China and repeatedly by Pakistan, increasing incidents remind us of the absolute naiveté, immaturity, carelessness and lack of foresight of our political establishment.

Far from taking more initiative and active part to befriend all the south Asian nations and leading an ambitious plan in international politics towards providing a transparent, honest and supportive leadership to not only the Third World countries but to the whole world, it seems that we have to be contended if we can even understand and frustrate the covert machinations of foreign powers on our own soil.

Years have elapsed since a national opinion was expressed by a unanimously passed resolution in Parliament that, “The only problem remaining now is to liberate the POK and integrate it with the inseparable Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.” But the problems are increasingly being made knotty and we are missing opportunities. Instead of strengthening the indivisible and integrated national voice awakened by the Amarnath movement, the counter policies of the state government and administration are being supported.

The fact that the legitimate rights of the people of Jammu and Ladakh are acquired not by the governments at centre or state, but only by the resolve, efforts and unity of the people is not a healthy state of affairs. The patriotic forces in the Kashmir Valley need to be strengthened. In view of this, an arrangement for the return of displaced Hindus is mandated. This will help to restore the demographic balance of the valley. Mere chimerical proclamations of a favourable environment for return are not adequate. The legitimate demand of Kashmiri Hindus for a permanent and honourable return to their homeland as patriotic citizens of Bharat and followers of Hindutva – well-equipped to defend themselves and pledged by the government - needs to be fulfilled immediately.

In the meantime, those who are forced to live a displaced life in our own country on account of their Bharat-bhakti and adherence to Hindutva should be informed about the various relief policies and schemes available for them. Besides this, they should always be taken into confidence regarding all talks and discussions about the valley.

Anti-national elements are having a field day in the north-east. In spite of various court decrees and confirmatory reports of intelligence agencies, there is no evidence of a tough policy adopted to curb the infiltration of Bangladeshis in either the north-east or rest of the country. How much more humiliation and damage in terms of life, property and prestige do we need to suffer before realising the cost of neglecting national interests under the influence of votebank politics? The terrorists, separatists, foreign-funded proselytizing forces which were responsible for the recent bloody inhuman massacre to create enmity amongst the brotherly Jemi Naga and Dimasa tribes of North Kachar region, gain shelter from vote-mongers.

The government has irrefutable information that the joint association of ISI and many different foreign mercenary agencies, in tandem with anti-national elements, is not only behind the so-called home-grown  Maoist extremism in the interior regions of the country and the Jehadi terror, but is also active in fomenting the terrorism on both sides of the border. But there is no evidence anywhere, except probably in speeches and declarations, of any policy having been put in place to immediately and effectively counter the menace. It is therefore, urgently required to implement well-thought out plans to provide for a ‘five pronged’ approach as brought out below:

- Elimination of terrorist activities through simultaneous tough action by the government and administration

- Strengthening the security forces - modernisation and empowerment

- Capability enhancement of intelligence gathering and intelligence agencies

- Cover the entire population through extensive training and awareness programmes on security of 
the individual and the society

- Early deliverance of society from unemployment, exploitation and corruption

The fifth relates to the issue of development. Bharat is one of the countries in the world that can attain fast development and become an economic superpower. Everyone is aware of the mettle displayed by our industrialists, agriculturists, scientists and skilled workers. However, where the Western model and methods of development have taken the West is evident by the discussions of Western thinkers themselves. From the state of ‘industrialise or perish’ they have reached to a state of ‘industrialise and perish’.

We must learn and save ourselves from their mistakes. We shall have to devise a Bharat-specific concept, goals and road map of development, based on our integral, holistic, human-centric view of life. Bharat is still an agrarian country. What share of budget is spent on agriculture?  60% of the farmers cultivate on semi-irrigated or non- irrigated land. How many facilities such as subsidies are available for them? Majority of the farmers are either small or medium sized landowners. How many schemes are devised for them? Why is the farmer, who feed the world, compelled to commit suicide?

All studies conclude that agriculture has become expensive. Mixed farming along with ‘Gopalan’ and ‘Gosamvardhan’ has become near extinct. Prices of agricultural produce are not decided on the basis of cost of production. Government and bank loans trap farmers in a manner worse than old Sahukar system. Urban-centric development has deprived us of security available in the integral family system.

We need to change the concept and path of development. We will have to come out of the vicious circle of discriminatory policies of World Trade Organisation. We have to renounce the policies that needlessly invite multinational seed companies and endanger our foodgrain safety. Agriculture technology that renders fertile agricultural land into unproductive one must be done away with. We should save cultivable lands from SEZ or save ourselves from SEZ itself.

Our traditional agricultural techniques have proved true to the test of modern science and are brought into practice in many countries. Nourishing and medicinal properties of cow-based agriculture and cow-based products have already been proved. We must invent and propagate technology that is contemporary, appropriate and at the same time based on our traditional knowledge.

Education must be self-awakening, that would boost self-esteem and self-confidence. Education should be governed by our own people. Commercialisation of education has made education exorbitant and hollow. Education that would unite the nation and connect us with the nation is completely missing from the texts; rather it is doing the reverse. The defense, economy and education policies centered to the National-Self only can help our nation emerge an eternally affluent nation. But this concept of National-Self must be elaborated and clearly stated in a lucid manner.

However, the political leaders who should care for this are nourishing votebank politics and are instead found to be counteracting. They are not expected to proliferate divisions on the basis of languages and provinces in the lure of votes. Our political leaders are supposed to set healthy examples like the commendable initiative of Karnataka Chief Minister, who together with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, planned to erect statues of a great saint and Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar in Bangalore, and that of a great saint and Kannada poet Sarvajnya in Chennai.

For political leaders to accomplish this, the need to revolutionise our election system that will create a proper democratic set up is felt by one and all. This expectation has been clearly voiced in the three-day discussion during the parliamentary session held on the completion of 50 years of independence. The same sentiments were also clearly expressed on many other occasions. We should act upon them. National-Self, righteousness and culture are well protected in the actions and the behaviour of society. The leaders are expected to exhibit behaviour and adopt policies that will protect and nourish unity, fellow feeling, harmony and self-esteem in society.

The basic nature of Hindu society is tolerant because ‘Hindutva’ accepts everybody and opposes none. However, the culture that teaches ultimate inclusiveness, non-violence and love - its deities and traditions are assaulted and chastised by fanatics and the monopoly-minded. Efforts are on to fragment and weaken Hindu society by way of guile, deceit, force and enticement. Political leaders who are part of the government dare to chastise ‘Hindutva’ and ‘Hindu society” just out of their greed for votes and do not hesitate to play into the hands of anti-national forces. Our politics, politicians and political system should not play with the identity, security and integrity of our nation. They should not become mere witnesses to anti-national forces and need to be honest and sensitive to the needs and miseries of the last person in society.

In a democracy, an organised society that eventually emulates the sagacious powers will have to take the onus of this job. Hence it is necessary to awaken patriotism, honesty, discipline and unity in every heart. It is necessary for every individual to be alert and active round the clock for the sake of the nation. Sangha has developed this technique in the form of ‘shakha’. This is the only way to triumph over the present situation and to triumph over the situation is our desire, requirement of the world and the prerequisite for the existence of Bharat. On the occasion of today’s festival of the triumph of humanity and divinity over demonic forces, let us have a resolve to follow this path.

The author is Sarsanghachalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

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