Electronic Media and Hindu Sentiments – 3
by Thamizhchelvan on 28 Oct 2009 18 Comments

Media's Hindu hatred 
Denigration of Hindu culture, demeaning Hindu traditional rituals, hurting religious sentiments of Hindus, ridiculing their beliefs as blind superstition, have all been perpetrated for years by a major section of the mainstream media, both print and electronic. Most maintain an anti-Hindu stance and work on a common principle of ‘Hindu hatred.’ While the print media publishes news and articles insulting Hindus, the electronic media telecasts programmes belittling them. 

Most media houses are subservient to alien forces, as they are allegedly funded by them and act as per their instructions, which are seemingly hostile to our national interests. Another pertinent aspect is that most employees of these media houses are Christians, Marxists, Muslims, secularists and Dravidian racists (Tamil Nadu) and hence don’t have any qualms in being subservient to their masters and acting against the Hindu majority. Although some Hindus also serve as employees in such places, they are helpless.  

Vijay TV telecasts a programme “Nadanthathu Enna?” (What happened?), which has stiff competition from “Nijam” (Truth) of SUN TV and “Nambinaal Nambungal” (Believe it or not) of Zee-Tamil. All three channels compete in denigrating Hindu culture, tradition and beliefs thereby hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. The programmes focus on Hindu festivals in villages and tribal areas and belittle their rituals and traditional practices. 

The ruling DMK’s “Kalaignar TV” is catching up with others in denigrating Hindus. When other channels present special programmes on Hindu festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Vijaya Dashmi, Kalaignar TV would present the programmes as ‘Holiday Special’! Despite the fact that majority of the viewers are Hindus, the channel would not mind insulting them. 

PMK’s “Makkal TV” (Peoples’ TV), which claims to be serving the cause of ‘Tamil’ – it is true it has never used a single English word so far – is blatantly anti-Hindu. It distorts ‘Hindu culture’ and sells it to the viewers as ‘Tamil culture’ in an attempt to alienate Tamils from the Hindu fold. The anti-Brahmin slant is visible and in the guise of hurting Brahmin sentiments, it actually hurts Hindu sentiments. One Prof. Nannan from the Dravidian school of thought has been teaching the Tamil language through his programmes wherein he denigrates Hindu culture and religion at will. 

The Hindu hatred of these channels is more visible in ‘Mega Serials’, as most serials are produced and directed by Christians, Muslims, Leftist intellectuals and Dravidian racists. Temples are shown as places of conspiracies, family feuds and lovers’ parks, while Churches are shown as places of holy love, Mosques as places of peace and tranquility. Hindu Swamis will be shown as evil men, Padris and Maulvis as men of love, peace and goodness. Brahmin priests are shown as jokers in many serials and all serials will have at least one Brahmin family specifically included to insult the community. Hindu women sit before these idiot boxes watching all serials from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. with total addiction. 

The support to Christians and Muslims is blatantly visible in almost all channels. Not even a single channel is without propagation of Christianity and Islam. Even the State-owned Doordarshan allows propagation of Christianity and Islam in the name of ‘secularism’. Telecasting religious festivals is different from telecasting religious propagation. But all channels including Doordarshan allow propagation of Islam and Christianity, which is against secularism and violates the Constitution. 

The 24x7 English Channels are equally bad when it comes to denigration of Hindus. They openly exhibit their anti-Hindu stance in news presentation and debates. At every opportune moment, they successfully create a bad impression about the Hindu ethos by choosing people who hate Hinduism as panelists during discussions connected with Hinduism. The Ice Lingam at Amarnath Shrine, Makara Jyoti of Sabarimala, Kumbh Mela at Prayag, Mahaprasad of Puri Jagannath, dress code in Guruvayur and no-entry for women in Sabarimala, are some of the subjects chosen by these channels for debate, utilizing them to the hilt to denigrate Hindu traditions. 

An analysis of all these and many other programmes would confirm that the mainstream media in India is indeed anti-Hindu. All channels create a sort of suspicion and distrust about Hinduism in the minds of people, particularly youngsters, misleading them and making them hate Hindu culture and tradition.   

Suggestions from Hindus 

This writer received more than a dozen calls on 12 and 13 October, complaining about this particular programme aired by Vijay TV. Other activists and organizations also received calls. Parameswaran of Hindu Munnani was told of the confused state of mind of women in rural areas as they saw urban women removing the Mangalsutra on the screen. Many Hindus questioned the motive of the channel and demanded if it would telecast programmes debating Christian and Islam oriented topics, as suggested below:

- Is it necessary for Muslim women to wear burqa and cover their faces? 

- What is the need for circumcision of Muslim children? 

- Why do Muslims beat their chests during Moharram? 

- What is the benefit of Ramadan fasting? 

- Why should Christian Padris wear long white robes? 

- Why should Christian couples wear their respective rings even after their wedding? 

- Why are Dalit Christians not allowed to become Bishops? 

- Why are Dalit Christians allotted separate places in Churches and given separate burying spots in the cemetery? 

- Why are Dalit Christians not allowed inside the Churches of upper caste Christians? 

- Why are Muslim women not allowed inside Mosques? 

- Why has Jesus, who was believed to have resurrected and is expected to come back to earth, not come even after 2000 years? 

- Christians, who ridicule Hindu Gods as ‘Satans’ and demean Hindu culture and rituals as blind beliefs and superstitions, are yet adopting the strategy of ‘inculturation’, why? 

- Is it right for Mosques to run without ‘Tamil’ worship? Why are Tamil Muslims and Muslim converts who do not know Urdu or Arabic not allowed to pray in Tamil? 

Many such topics can be suggested for the benefit of the media. Will TV Channels come forward to telecast debates on these topics? Will newspapers and magazines have the guts to publish articles on these topics? These topics have been proposed, not to hurt the sentiments of Christians and Muslims, but to expose the cowardice, arrogance, malicious intentions and Machiavellian agenda of print and electronic media, and to make readers and viewers understand the pain and trauma of the Hindu majority. 

Responsibility of Government  

The media’s irresponsible conduct will harm society and prove detrimental to peace and harmony. As this evil had not been nipped in the bud, it had grown manifold. The government cannot afford to remain silent. If the media continues to function in a biased manner with hatred towards a particular community, the Police must take immediate action and ensure that the perpetrators are punished as per the law of the land. The government should take steps to control and regulate the media in the interests of peace and harmony. 

The authorities must take immediate and necessary action against Vijay TV and Mercury Creations to serve as a salutary lesson to the rest of the media. Only then will they understand their social and moral responsibility.



Hindus must realize that the maintenance and protection of their culture and tradition is more important than showing their faces on TV and act accordingly. They should boycott media houses which denigrate their cultural heritage and religious tradition and hurt their religious sentiments. 

I urge readers to kindly contact Mercury Creations (Mr. Antony-CEO) at 0-9840712192 and Vijay TV (Mr. Sriram-CEO) at 044-28224696 and 044-28214201 and record your protest and condemnation and demand a public apology. Readers can send letters to Vijay TV, 15 Jagannathan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034. 
Readers can also send protest letters by e-mail at 
ceo@starnews.co.in and
to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry at
osd.inb@nic.in and mib.inb@sb.nic.in

The writer is a freelancer

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