Brown out of his depth on Pakistan
by Peter Eyre on 03 Dec 2009 1 Comment

Today we see yet again a Prime Minster putting pressure on Pakistan when he doesn’t even have the ability to plan his own Afghanistan campaign. Is Brown trying to extend his authority in order to buttress his image prior to the next election or does he have some hidden agenda to make us think that Pakistan has lost the plot and Britain may go in with the US and take matters into their own hands? So what’s new?


These were the headlines on 29 November: “Brown urges Pakistan to step up against al Qaeda. The Reuters report said Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on Pakistan to take tougher action against al Qaeda and step up efforts to track down the group’s leader Osama bin Laden. How many more of these diversionary tactics are we to endure and does this group really exist, and even if they do we are talking about 100 in Afghanistan and 300 maximum in Pakistan… so I ask how many more thousands of troops are required to remove 400 so called terrorists and why isn’t Brown putting troops on the other side of the border to back up the Pakistan operation?


We have seen two urgent requests come out of Pakistan by the respective commanders in the field and the US, UK and NATO have so far totally ignored these requests. If Obama and Brown are truly after these very mysterious small groups of terrorists, why aren’t they listening to the only army that is apparently fighting them, that of the Pakistan? 


The same report went on to say: Brown said the efforts of British and coalition forces in Afghanistan to tackle the Taliban insurgency needed to be matched by more effective action by the Pakistan government and forces on their side of the border. It further reported: “Al Qaeda has a base in Pakistan, that base is still there, they are able to recruit from abroad,” he said. “The Pakistan authorities must convince us that they are taking all the action that is necessary to deal with that threat.” Again one could ask the same question of Brown when he was in Afghanistan… Why did this huge NATO force of sophisticated troops with high tech weaponry, aircraft and spy satellites not have the ability to do the same?


But let’s now be fooled by the wording of this statement… coalition forces main thrust is in the South of Afghanistan which is along the proposed TAPI pipeline and the “Poppy Fields.” They are not fighting terrorists, but fighting an army that they themselves helped establish during the Russian invasion. The Taliban have never carried out an attack in the US, UK or EU so I repeat, this action is purely a commercial venture to enhance their own economic greed to get this pipeline underway in 2010.


If 9/11 was the action of Al Qaeda (if they really exist!) and if such a group is confirmed to be in existence according to the Pakistan Army, then they know where they are, but only this army is in pursuit of them.


How many times does one have to repeat the true situation in Afghanistan and when will the general public understand that this is all one big con! These were the headlines some time ago: “Pakistan launches risky offensive into Taliban-Al Qaeda stronghold”. The report said: The move by Pakistan’s military into the Taliban and Al Qaeda stronghold of South Waziristan on Saturday launched a risky offensive widely seen as the key to crushing a militancy that has destabilized the nuclear-armed nation. The military will face unforgiving terrain along the Afghan border that has long been viewed as a possible hide-out for Osama bin Laden, as well as a battle-hardened enemy likely to respond by stepping up bloody attacks across the country. The government believes that more than 80% of the terrorism inflicted on Pakistan originates in the region.” I again ask where are US/UK/NATO troops? Why didn’t the coalition forces respond to the Pakistan Army request to position on the other side of the Pakistan border (in Afghanistan) and carry out a back up operation to stop them crossing back into Afghanistan?


In recent months, the US has pushed the Pakistani government to forge ahead with an offensive in Waziristan. President Obama now is considering a shift in focus of the war in Afghanistan to emphasize Al Qaeda rather than the Taliban as the biggest threat to American security.   


Confused? You certainly should be because the area on the opposite side of the Pakistan border is totally void of coalition troops… one such area only had a two day visit by special forces after an absence of three years. What we are therefore seeing is that the Pakistan Army is the sacrificial lamb, pushing this so called enemy back towards the Afghanistan border and no one is on the other side to stop them crossing over… this therefore allows the whole process to start again with this alleged enemy back inside Afghanistan.


Let’s ask ourselves three very important questions. Who really carried out 9/11 and was it an internal conspiracy, as implied by Nicholas Rockefeller? Do Al Qaeda and Bin Laden really exist or are we looking in caves for a non-existent group, as implied by Nicholas Rockefeller?


Is it the plan of the fabricators of 9/11 and Al Queda/Bin Laden to keep this war against terrorism going forever so as to allow the US, UK and EU countries to continue their venture to control the world’s natural resources and continue to build oil/gas pipelines to secure their share of the energy market, as implied by Nicholas Rockefeller.


It is so important for everyone to watch the interview with Aaron Russo on the following link  and come to one’s own conclusions. The poor man was very sick with cancer and lost his fight some years ago, so he had nothing to loose. Believe it or not it is very convincing and if correct then the people of the US should demand an urgent enquiry into the whole 9/11 scenario - everything else appears to be correct, so why not this aspect?


All conflicts to date have been over the West’s greed for oil and gas - in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, and believe it or not in Gaza. It’s time we all keep asking questions and get to the bottom of where is the true “Axis of Evil”. Its here in our own backyard in the US, UK and EU. It has strong connections with Wall Street and the City of London; stop looking for these so called terrorists that are an apparent threat to the US, UK and EU and look for the real rot that concocts such pathetic stories!


Once we find them, once we have withdrawn from all occupied countries, once all bases in the Middle East are closed down, only then will we see terrorism cease and stability return. The other very important factor is that we will all save trillions of dollars to care for our own populations that have lost their jobs, their homes, and are now bordering on poverty. Isn’t it amazing that there is always money for war, but not for people?


Mr Brown, the Pakistan Government has put over 30,000 troops in their patch, how many have you put in yours? How many people have so far died for oil in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Gaza? This conspiracy will one day be proven and will hopefully convict many more current figures for war crimes. Global Warming is another conspiracy; keep watching this space!


Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph

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